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Undersea Archaeologists discover mysterious metal linked to lost

Undersea Archaeologists discover mysterious metal linked to lost


undersea Archaeologists discover mysterious metal linked to lost city of Atlantis

Mysterious 19th-century shipwreck discovered by accident in the Gulf of Mexico

Archaeologists examine the remains of an ancient fortress off the coast of Dor Beach, Israel

Underwater-city AFP. DISCOVERY: Archaeologists have discovered an underwater ...

Stunning Discovery Of Ancient Underwater Road In The Adriatic Sea - Traces Of A Lost Civilization

A representation of what the lost city of Atlantis may look like

Underwater City, Underwater Photos, Ancient Ruins, Ancient Mysteries, Ancient History, Mysterious

Most Mysterious Underwater Discoveries Recently Found

The ...

A joint Tunisian-Italian archaeological mission has been looking for evidence of Neapolis since 2010 – Credit : National Heritage Institute ...

Here Are 11 of the Most Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries Ever Made

Students from Gwalior, Lucknow, Pune, Vadodara,Varanasi and Bikaner joined in to help the ASI archaeologists.

As teams of expert divers fanned out from the south coast of Okinawa using grid-search patterns, they found five sub surface archaeological sites near three ...

Some artists, possibly compelled by this “existential stimulation”, are even creating works of art to be installed underwater, a lasting testament to ...

Maritime Archaeology

Underwater Archaeologists Discover Submerged Ruins off the Coast of Naples

The city's acropolis is barely visible during a cloudy day on the Thessalian plains (SIA

The 3,600-year-old shipwreck found in the Aegean Sea.

Underwater Archaeologists Find Surprising Artifacts from Major Roman Naval Battle

An archaeologist inspects the keel of a shipwreck discovered in the waters around the sunken port

Top 15 mysterious underwater discoveries


Students from Gwalior, Lucknow, Pune, Vadodara,Varanasi and Bikaner joined in to help the ASI archaeologists.

Yonaguni Underwater Japan

Mysterious Underwater Objects In The Bermuda Triangle Remain Unexplained. Credit: Discovery Channel. “

Underwater archaeology

Dwarka Mythical City Found Under Water

Ancient shipwreck Atlantis theory

Statue of the Ninfeo in the underwater ancient Roman town in Baia. (Credit:

The Most Incredible Undersea Treasures Ever Found

'Mysterious' Baltic Sea Object Is a Glacial Deposit

Long-Lost Trojan City Found in Greece

13 Creepiest Things You Can Find at the Bottom of the Ocean

Mysterious ancient cities found after being lost underwater (7 Photos)

New Artifacts Found in Greek Shipwreck That Yielded Antikythera Mechanism

'8.5-mile pyramid' discovered at bottom of the ocean | Weird | News | Express.co.uk

The Hailong 11000 is the first ultra-deep sea remotely operated vehicle designed and made

Underwater Archaeology


Diver lifting amphora that possibly contained wine or perfume from Antikythera wreck Brett Seymour

Mysterious Underwater Ruins in Turkish Lake Found To Be A 1,600-Year-Old Basilica

Greece's Top 2018 Archaeological Finds: Lost City, Tombs, Homer's Tablet

Archaeologists Make Mysterious Find in Gulf of Mexico

Discovering the Truth...Atlantis Marine Archaeology, Underwater City, Underwater Photos,


Ancient ship graveyard discovered in treacherous waters

Abu Qir Bay, Augustus Caesar Octavian, Ministry of Antiquities Underwater Archaeology Department, European


A 3,000-year-old world has been unearthed in England's Fenlands - CNN Style

Egypt: How archaeologists made 'INCREDIBLE' underwater discovery near Great Pyramid

Lost cities #6: how Thonis-Heracleion resurfaced after 1,000 years under water | Cities | The Guardian

13 Creepiest Things You Can Find at the Bottom of the Ocean

Atlantis Found (Again)! And Exasperated Scientists (Again) Raise Their Eyebrows

Lost cities #6: how Thonis-Heracleion resurfaced after 1,000 years under water | Cities | The Guardian

12 Unusual Underwater Discoveries

Ancient History Facts: Orichalcum: Mysterious metal linked to legendary Atlantis has been found in

Apollo 11 engines discovered underwater

atlantis ruins Legendary Lost City of Atlantis Found in Southern Spain, Archeologists Claim

Conducting the photogrammetry survey of M24, using underwater lights. Image: Steve Trewavas.

Traces of a civilization twice as old as the Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids have been

Physicists and Archaeologists Tussle Over Long-Lost Lead | Inside Science

Mysterious shipwrecks

He stood for centuries at the very edge of ancient Egypt, gazing down imperiously upon the trading ships as they blew in from the Mediterranean.

Over the past few decades, amazing stories of underwater archaeology have made their way to mainstream media. We hear of a vast underground river system in ...


7 Mysterious Underwater Cities You Can Visit

Hints of mysterious religion discovered in world's highest lake

Enlarge Image CEN

Unearthed! in 2018! Part 1

The construct's 250-foot base lies 100 feet below the ocean's surface and rises to a height of 80 feet. The Monument consists of medium to very fine ...

After spending the last month at the historic wreck site, the <a href

Our oceans are full of mysterious things which are actually hard to believe that they exist underwater, somewhere deep into the water lies the marvelous and ...

Three autonomous underwater vehicles searched for wrecks last year at Marzamemi, off the Sicilian coast. Photograph: Salvo Emma/Courtesy of Sunrise

A member of an underwater archaeology team inspects a sphinx that is at least 3,000 years old. (Stéphane Compoint)

8) The Underwater Sculpture Park, Molinere

The numbers “2109” are visible on the trailing edge of the shipwreck's rudder.

ChinaTourAdvisors.com China's "Atlantis" is the mysterious Lion City under Qiandao Lake.


... Greek island of Zakynthos discovered structures shaped like disks and doughnuts, rumors spread about the ruins of an ancient lost city on the seafloor.

Mysterious Caribbean Shipwreck Identified. Underwater archaeologists ...

8 Legendary Shipwrecks Still Waiting to Be Discovered

A sunken statue discovered underwater outside of Egypt. © Franck Goddio/Hilti Foundation,

Apollo 11 engines, lost city of Alexandria: Weirdest things found underwater