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Sacredtime Although the chapel isnt currently hosting a service it

Sacredtime Although the chapel isnt currently hosting a service it


Pin by Jenna Klaidman on Chapel_Spring 2019_Scavenger Hunt | Meditation rooms, Flat screen, Electronics

Pin by Jenna Klaidman on Chapel_Spring 2019_Scavenger Hunt | Candles, Hunting, Spring


Chapel at the Cathedral of St John, Albuquerque, to which Interim Dean Rev. Dan Webster, former EPF NEC member, can trace his call to the priesthood. Now ...

Decorating for Christmas services.

... will come now that foundation for a social justice community has been established. Y'all keep up the good work, and don't let nobody turn you around!

Emily M. DeArdo

People are invited to attend Good Friday services at Catholic churches across the area.

St. Marks' is a gift of grace to me. Rulers and authorities would be wise to take note.

This week we pass through the most sacred time of the Christian calendar. In a culture that can set aside scarcely any time to celebrate anything other than ...

A Message from the Interim Pastor

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First Parish in Lincoln, ...

Sunday in Dublin and Monooth

Look scary? Could you picture yourself up on top of this? Sitting right on the top step of the ladder that I'm pretty sure reads: “This is not a step”?

Not saying it was the candles, but they sure do have a lot of candles.

Ed Boston Podcast

Letters to Father Doyle

St. Mark's Church in Peoria, Illinois, 1970's. Notice the removal of the high altar, communion rails, sacred artwork.

St. Mark's Church, Peoria, Illinois, 2019 — now restored to true beauty. Tradition is for the young, folks.

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St. barnabas by pam meyer

The Messenger


The War on Beth Moore: What Really Shapes Our View of Women Bible Teachers?


These windows, as some know, are inspired by the Hebrew prophet Micah: "He has shown you, o man, what is good, and what the Eternal requires of you: to do ...

Bishop Benhase at the dedication of the Diocesan House chapel.

My heart and mind are full of thoughts since our move to Bethel last week. I look back on this past year and rejoice in everything God led us through.

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Here's Mike's original photo of the gold cross that survived the fire.

Fotka Bishop Charles Drennan.

Evensong had passed, and Father Brian had decided to take us to The Mitre (a 17th century pub on the High Street frequented by the Inklings).

Labyrinth: Wandering through San Francisco with no destination in mind but, as always,

There are many thoughts regarding the future of the Catholic Church in the wake of the many scandals plaguing the clergy. These scandals have demoralized ...

Oregon House of Representatives

Inside Holy Redeemer Church with an international congregation

Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

Preparing for Holy Week - With Palm Sunday only days away, we are quickly approaching


FRANCE POPE_1555352771156

Amoris laetitia footnote 329: on the moral necessity of adultery


Why do Catholics cover crucifixes and statues during Lent?

This Easter at St. Michael's

The original Oppy Wood Memorial Cross obtained for the church by Canon Macken.

The Apostle John, inspired by the Holy Spirit, defines worldliness as something that exists within us. Often times we try to focus on what is going on ...

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... in Swaziland began with Dr. Elizabeth's father, Dr. Samuel Hynd, who was the first to provide donations towards its restoration and now it is declared ...

It Is Dangerous to Trade with Chinese God-Haters, by John Horvat II

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33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – Week of Nov. 18, 2018

Feb 22: The Feast of the Chair of Peter. Pope Francis and the leadership lessons of Lincoln

Sacred Time Ceremony


st jos medal mz 4799 900x600 web

Church in the Sky celebrates World Communications Sunday

Notre Dame Cathedral before the fire, left, and then after.

Church windows

JACKSON – Bishop Joseph Kopacz spoke with students at St. Thea Bowman school before a


Part II - Culture, Place, and Practice

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A Remembered Celtic Consciousness

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry at Charlottesville statue of Lee


This is a sacred time of reflection and contemplation of our connection to the source of life and all of creation and the expression of love that we are ...

A view from the choir looking toward the sanctuary at Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Rome. Columns and entablature atop the low wall,

John begins his Gospel with this very idea: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The church isn't even biblical, is it?

Miraculously Preserved Eucharist on display in Siena, Italy


Christmas at the Advent

St. Paul's Memorial Church

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International Calvary Academy

Moving Past Retribution in the Clergy Abuse Crisis

To reach out in the midst of the darkness and busy-ness, and invite Jesus to walk with us.

McGill Chapel

Bishop Kopacz leads the applause for the recipients of the Bishop Chanche Medal and youth awards

While inviting you to read the remainder there, I cannot resist showing you this image, which Dino shares later on in his article, of the beautiful Church ...

There is lots of discussion today about the loss of community and how our parishes, even those that seem well attended, don't seem to be the beating heart ...

Intake, which is FMC's time of formational training, includes a very special celebration during which the new missionaries are officially recognized and ...

Aspen Chapel

Here ...

I have been in settings before where I was one of the few white people in the room and I have been wondering about my role and responsibility in this ...