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Missing him was dark grey all alone by queenrowan liked on

Missing him was dark grey all alone by queenrowan liked on


"missing him was dark grey all alone" by queenrowan ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring

My friend and I had a conversation imagining that Feyre was pregnant with Rhysand's child, but Tamlin thought it was his and tried to steal it back.

KINGDOM OF ASH SPOILER: Did Rhys just save Aelin? OMG. #kingdomofash #aelingalathynius #rhysand #feyre

╰☆╮ÐarKηᏋ§§╰☆╮I lost myself somewhere in the darkness

Whatever the reasoning may be, it's evident that the Dalish do in fact, honour Fen'Harel like any other of the elven pantheon.

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Repost from @thewhitethorn on Instagram. Nesyrn and Sartaq Tower of Dawn

Too little space to re-write from Tumblr-- essentially, let me know if there's an animal you would like drawn as comfort today, and I'll do my ...

TOG Theories! Throne of Glass, EoS (Empire of Storms), Aelin, Rowan, Dorian, Manon, tog6

How Many Pages In The Hobbit Ebook

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Like Fenris, this is what made Sebastian unique to the party, and he used all of these to good effect without my having to tell him to.

"Open Icon| Sydney" by tips-made-for-u ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring art and Sydneyicons | Character Outfits | Pinterest | Character outfits, ...

I went ahead with this tree for shield use, but I'm not sure if others might not be more effective. This remains to be tested by me, personally, ...

King of Thorns

DARPG STUFF: Characters, Creatures, Optional Rules, etc. NEW: Spell Combinations!

Beautiful witch - Pidge, Very loud princess - Lance, Clumsy thief - Hunk, Fairy that likes to set things on Fire - Keith

Here's my October wrap up like 4 days late, oops sorry! I read quite

It is not all sunshine and roses. There is racism, oppression and bloody violence. It is utterly dark, and quite unique to see ...

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Happy End of the Month!!! Here is part of my Book Haul for

Rowan climbed the internal staircase and reached the upper chamber, dimly illuminated with floating tapers. A tall, angular figure detached itself from the ...

The Lost Lenore

What shocked me more than anything was how many readers are there. Dead Politician Society has over 500,000 reads so far. (Spread over 83 chapters, ...

I like it when they include short films of James Bond starring Daniel Craig and The Queen. Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean.

This screenshot is from the Awakenings codex, but the one for Origins says pretty much the same thing - Alistair was raised at Redcliffe to hide him from ...

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I've been using FF.net since 2008.

Stanley stepped out in to Hob's Lane, closing and locking the door behind him. He saw the curtain twitch out of the corner of his eye and frowned pensively.

"it was like being inside a story and writing it all around you. "

Leliana: I'm just surprised that pervy dwarf didn't show up. Zevran: Oh he did. I offered to give him a massage but he ran away. Warden: So, is that it ...

Loghain you should protect your king not betray him.... (has she already forseen the events of #dragonageorigins ?)

Reading and coffee great way to spend the morning. #read #coffee #wordbreakfast #thestolenthrone

Throne of Glass - Oneshots/Headcanons

For the Grey Warden? Little to none.

Image about girl in Music by Isabela Kovalski Cabral

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Grand Cleric: No, we will not let him go. Warden: Oh good. We'll be off then. Grand Cleric: Oh alright, here is the key. Warden: muttermuttermutter


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SMARTABLE 91pcs BIONICLE series ICE action figure

"We cling to our fairy tales until the price for believing in them becomes too. "

"I'm done with boys" by elysabet ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring beauty

These two trees are very important in my group because that was the main thing I kept him around for – to heal. Healing is fine as a 1 shot and Panacea ...

Putting it in his mouth. Tasting it and said it tastes like KFC. Its really hot you know. He got Kingjiat and Xuan to the stage to help him also! Haha.



Trilogia dos espinhos vol 2 king of thorns mark lawrence by Elenisio Rodrigues - issuu

Sophia drops a hell of a lot of stuff, once you beat it out of her cold, dead, hands. Of course, it's all too heavy for Urist, but Alistair can make use ...

Halfway through this book and it's quite good! Little different chapter layout at the start


October Book Haul- wow, I bought so many books this month- I didn

❝You could rattle the stars," she whispered. "You could do anything

You fight mages right and left in this game, many of them powerful. I went Templar on them for that reason. Cleanse worked fairly well, but it didn't kill a ...

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Never once while reading that scene I thought “oh no, that's abusive”,

Fold it all til you reach the end of your yardage!

With Rowan not alone, For he had brought with him, The renowned Doctor Stone.

9:37 Dragon - Danarius arrives in Kirkwall, and is either killed by Hawke, or given custody of Fenris after his escape attempt. Potential death of Varania.

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like this is funny as fuck but people need to stop treating Elide like she's a

(1/9) “My father was well respected in the community. He was a university lecturer and a choir member. But he was always working, so my mother was primarily ...

And not as happy.

For others, there's a light in the darkness where adventure, prosperity, and new beginnings can be found.

Happy Halloween! 🎃 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀

I find that sodding fool, I'll have him in the Legion.

🎃October Wrap Up 🎃 Okay, so my wrap up is a couple days late

As well as with the skeletons of former Grey Wardens.

Seranni by milulya #dragonage #dao #da #dai #da2 #thestolenthrone #queen # queenrowan #rowan #loghainmactir #loghain #ferelden #orlesan #empire #blight ...

Rowan Blanchard, Girl Meets World, Crushes

Entrance/physical birth of Cole at The White Spire Mage Circle. ▫ The Warden-Commander of Ferelden confronts Morrigan in the Dragonbone Wastes; ...

... #StillHere · ✨🌌☄ #RowanBlanchard #RileyMatthews #GirlMeetsWorld #VeronicaKiley #AWrinkleInTime #StillHere

Ayesha rose from the floor, her anger gaining tangible form as shadows gathered about her. She stepped forward, joining Rowan to face the vengeful ...

Well, my sis started giving me bitchy glare, cari pasal in everything. Like some table and mirrors, the lights, the doors also included, I mean come on, ...

Hello people of the world, thank you for looking at my profile page.

However, the show has fudged the timeline a bit to provide some extra drama in their relationship.


29. Favorite Fictional Feline ⠀⠀ “'But I don't want to

I know what I looke like. So what 👻😈👻 Wraith - a monster

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Sadia de Montefort

Mother, I don't want to be like her! She--

She stopped like she wanted to ask something else, checked herself with a little grin which made him want to move the Frostbacks for her, and put herself ...

I got an email tonight from an Air Force reservist assigned to Vandenberg AFB. It's about 3.5 hours north of here on the coast.

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the sky is blue, like me and you. but soon we'll turn to grey, and then you'll walk away//

So there you have it! That's the super anti-climactic story of how I got lost in La Pine national forest for a whole two hours!

I did the far right where the light is hitting the most and the far left where the cylinder would be picking up the reflected light from underneath.

I miss Sietyen ma de. She's coming back soon! Qiyao kept saying he misses her like mad. Oh well, all of us do. It feels weird without someone there.

Alistair: It's just that everyone who's ever known has treated me differently because of it and I wanted you to like me for ...