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Cabbages that I wouldnt eat because theyre beautiful gardening

Cabbages that I wouldnt eat because theyre beautiful gardening


Formal vegetable garden in St. Paul is beautiful, productive

Move Over, Kale, for Yellow Cabbage Collard

The giant cabbage grown by Rosemary Norwood


use tulle netting to cover my cabbages/works great/light weight/ cheap/has tiny holes. Rain gets in just fine, as does the sun. can get it at fabric stores ...

ABC's of Home Gardening for the Vegetable Gardener

The up-and-coming purple sprouting broccoli that I'd sowed in early March for spring-into-summer eating.

homemade organic pest control spray recipe

What to Plant in a Fall Vegetable Garden

Quick and easy fix to keep Peter Rabbit from eating your cabbages

They're purple and pretty and will add a nice pop of colour in the potager garden out front. And did I mention I love cabbage?

#gardening #allotment

One shows four simple raised garden beds, and the other half of

If vegetable gardens had beauty pageants they'd be held in July. Every plant is young, full bodied and free of disease. All well known requirements for any ...

Cabbage, Earliana, , large

From fork to fork: five cooks and their kitchen gardens | Food | The Guardian

Cool crops: Winter planting and harvesting

It's a loose-leaf napa cabbage. It's beautiful. I don't think the pictures do it justice. Whenever I need some I can pick the outer leaves instead ...

How to make large cabbage row covers to protect your cabbage, broccoli, kale and cauliflower from cabbage worms - Andie's Way. #cabbage

American Classic

Picking Brussels sprouts should begin when the sprouts are 1 inch in diameter. Harvesting Brussels sprouts is best done when maturity occurs in cooler ...

Napa cabbage with outer leaves harvested

I snapped this photo after I had walked through my garden. It's just that wet

Young Runner Beans in the Author's Garden with spring cabbage, and the flowers Cineraria (right rear) and Malcolmia maritima (in front).

As School Gardens Grow, So Do the Students – and Teachers – Who Tend Them

The first thing I want to say to anyone who is thinking of creating a vegetable garden or changing the one they already have is, just because it's a garden ...

SOMEONE'S SUDDENLY EATING HOLES in my Brussels sprouts plants, and it isn't the usual earlier-in-the-season suspects—those fuzzy green cabbage worms I've ...

A Deer Resistant Garden

shopping the seed catalogs, with chanticleer's david mattern

Your June Veggie Garden Report

a collage of a closeup of orange and pink bougainvillea flowers Bougainvillea rosenka & a branch

Several times over the years I've been helping gardeners, I've heard the phrase “I'm not eating that” whispered by newbies when they've spotted vegetables ...

This summer I harvested 21.8kg of organic 'Pukekohe Longkeeper' onions from a 2m

Roses surrounding rose petal syrup with kefir ice cream

Also, plants under it don't heat up as they can even under lightweight floating row cover. The only disadvantage is that it makes an awkward and kinda ugly ...

Red cabbage

Chard and Trellis

The Half Acre Garden

Grow Food Nonna Would Love with an Italian Vegetable Garden Design


As the nights are still warm but the evenings get a bit darker it was nice to make use of our outdoor lights on the ...

Calgary gardening advice: When it's grow time, best be prepared

A selection of keto friendly vegetable's

Did you know you can plant vegetables in the garden for a fall harvest? I

One of the most-striking and long-lasting cut flowers isn't even a flower. The foliage of 'Crane Red' ornamental kale forms a tight cluster, ...

The Dorothy Harvie Gardens – Thirty Years and Growing

Using these 5 tips to design a vegetable garden for easy care means I absolutely DO NOT spend hours weeding my vegetable beds – and you don't have to, ...

The Joy of Gardening

Image of baby deer by patio

Before ...

Kiss-Me-Over-The-Garden-Gate ...

In the furthest corner of the patio, behind the loveseat and under a sweetshrub, the newborn fawn felt safe enough to take cover.

In the old time, when you wanted to grow a garden, it was necessary to have a vast piece of land, horses, and plow, as well as a large family to help ...



vegetables to plant in fall garden

Caraflex and Red Express cabbage, about a week from harvest

SAM_2028 SAM_2029 .

What to Plant to Keep the Bugs Away


One photo shows wooden raised garden beds sitting in the middle of a weedy lawn.

Amazing And Beautiful Emerald Blue Creeping Phlox Ideas. ( Gardening Dig It )

I'm not an avid planner in most areas of my life, but when it comes to gardening some forethought is necessary. Instead of bopping into a garden store and ...

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I couldn't find much information online about growing purple sprouting broccoli. So I thought I'd take the time to share my take on this wonderful vegetable ...

I've noticed that the huge Franchi “kale” (collard?) that has gone into its second year, seems to be less popular with the cabbage worm than the adjoining ...

A few weeks in the life of a vegetable garden is like decades for a beauty pageant contestant. So wilting, withering and possibly disease are likely to hit ...

Bird Netting [Heavy Duty] Protect Plants and Fruit Trees - Extra Strong Garden Net

A picture worth at least a few words, which are: we are still expecting some cold nights coming up, so if you have tomatoes in the ground or are putting ...

One shows raised garden beds that look fairly empty,

The asparagus is very feathery so enough light comes through them for the flowers to grow but they'd be twice as big if ...

Image of fawn by patio

Photo: Courtesy Josh Mccullough

Broccoli worms are a reality if you grow organic broccoli, cauliflower, or cabbage.

How to Start Your Indoor Garden

The vegetable garden at Buckingham Palace provides carrots, leeks, tomatoes, sweet corn and other produce for the Royal Household Kitchen.

The best teacher is your garden, and what you put into it will change what you learn with every growing season.

That means you don't have to fiddle with seed starting indoors—just plant these directly in the soil outside and watch them grow!


I'll go out by noting that (like these tomatoes I just harvested) the products of our gardens are colorful, delicious, and not free from flaws--just like ...

Young Chinese cabbage transplants in our hoophouse in October. Photo by Bridget Aleshire

Organic Spring Vegetable Garden

When did I become a lettuce snob? It was back in my youth, about the same time I became interested in healthy eating and gardening.

Saturday, October 20, 2018 3:05:35 PM America/Denver

Image of Front_Yard_Sharon_Patterson

Pawpaw fruit ripening on a Bay Area Tree