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A lot to think about blackpink

A lot to think about blackpink


blackpink rosé moments i think about a lot

blackpink jennie moments i think about a lot

blackpink lisa moments i think about a lot

blackpink jisoo moments i think about a lot

BLACKPINK moments I think about a lot

blackpink moments i think about a lot [crack]

blackpink chaelisa moments i think about a lot

fan ...

blackpink rosé moments i think about a lot GIF


blackpink jennie moments i think about a lot GIF | Find, Make & Share Gfycat GIFs

Why This Cover Of BLACKPINK Jennie's 'SOLO' Is The Worst


Finally, BLACKPINK shared their goals for 2018. Jisoo stated that she hopes 2018 is a year where they can do a lot of the things that fans have been hoping ...

blackpink lisa and jisoo moments i think about a lot

José/JK Mixtape

How K-Pop Superstars BLACKPINK Are Rewriting the Girl Group Narrative


Lisa from Blackpink speaks four languages.

Wanted to get everyone's opinion on some of their favorite Blackpink moments. I love all of the equally, but one moment that really stands out to me is when ...

I want to see if a lot of u guys agree with me that I look little bit like Lisa from BlackPink


Netizens think Black Pink's Lisa looks even more gorgeous with black hair!

Jennie of girl group BLACKPINK attends the Mademoiselle Prive exhibition at the D-Museum

BLACKPINK is overrated?

Comedian's Story Of BLACKPINK Jennie's Manager Causes Anger Online

BLACKPINK World Tour “In Your Area”: These Are The Outfits We Can't Stop Thinking About | Soompi

K-pop group Blackpink are making waves in the United States.

Black Pink's Rose says she didn't think her voice was unique + has a lot of respect for her fans

¿Am I the only one who think that Jisoo of Blackpink and Eugene of S.E.S look alike?

I'm not even close a Blink, but I did watch their Flinch segment off of YouTube. I don't have any substantial negative comments except one…

BLACKPINK was supposed to debut as a five-member group, but the fifth member was dropped. What happened? Photo by BLACKPINK News/Facebook

BLACKPINK. Let me take you back to a moment in the not-so-distant past, a proudly and obnoxiously loud era in pop music history known as the early 2010s.



Blackpink LISA moments I think about a lot (Reaction)


A Clash of the Titans

BLACKPINK Looks Back On 2017 And Shares Their Goals For 2018

BLACKPINK's "Kill This Love" Music Video Will Make You Want To Kill It On The Dance Floor

On April 6, a Youtuber by the name of _listenSOMIN uploaded a cover of BLACKPINK's “Kill This Love” and it's recently gained quite a lot of attention from ...

BLACKPINK shows Michael their signature dance moves

BLACKPINK Lisa Only Beautiful With Makeup And Average Thai Without It? GOT7 BamBam Responds

BLACKPINK. Their vocals are, well… pretty good. I mean, they sing a lot better than the average person. Rosé doesn't have a good technique at all, ...

When we were trainees, we had a lot of practice on dancing and singing but not on talking. Still, we're all very easy going and like to fool around.”

Remember that radio show interview where Jennie said she was above average at dancing, singing, and rapping well people jumped to say that she was full of ...

Blackpink Rosé Moments I Think About a Lot [Reaction]

Jennie from Blackpink spent time living in New Zealand.

Actors on Actors: Taraji P. Henson

BLACKPINK Jennie Won't Be Appearing On 'Village Survival The Eight' And Fans Think It's Because Of Dating Scandal

I think a part of this reason might be that she's Thai , believe it or not but we subconsciously prefer someone who looks similar to us or is from a Sam ...

BLACKPINK Are Making One Giant Step for K-Pop in North America, So What's Next?


BLINKs have been discussing which hairstyle fits BLACKPINK's Jennie the best and they've proven it's a lot harder than you'd think.

I miss blackpink

Fans of BTS and Blackpink go to 'war' as their idols release new albums

K-Pop Girl Group Blackpink Talks Finding Success with Summery 'As If It's Your Last'


... think about a lot · [Black Pink] Kim Jisoo Predebut | Transformation from 1 to 22 Years Old

Blackpink Jennie Diva Rude Moments I Think About A Lot

The group's videos have been breaking records across YouTube.


Blackpink 5th Member

What the Rise of Black Pink and BTS Says About the Future of K-pop

BLACKPINK Almost Killed YouTube With Fierce "Kill This Love" Video

BLACKPINK Members Profile

Turns out there's going to be a LOT of Black Pink in 'Justice League'

And jisso's teaser was posted the same day as rosés yet she doesn't have as many views as rosé so… I think jisso will have the least attention.

fan ...

The Difference Between BTS And BLACKPINK's US Presence Explained By Analyst

“Usually I am very shy, but when I get on stage I try to show a lot of charisma. I think that part of me is the color I carry.” – Lisa

Lisa continued, "We shared a lot of painful memories, we also shared how we all have dreams to debut. I think that's the thing that has motivated me."

Confession: BLINKS are saying that “Blackpink eats all the time, we've

Lisa from Blackpink is the most followed K-pop star on Instagram.

Lisa (Black Pink) Facts and Profile; Lisa's Ideal Type


BLACKPINK Forever Young

#10 is BlackPink's second spot on the list with Playing With Fire. I'm liking BP a lot! I'm finding them very talented and fun to watch - I think Lisa is my ...

Black Pink reveal official fandom name?

On november 10th the Olymic Gimnastics Arena in Seoul was rocked by 10.000 fans of BLACKPINK and the quartet thrilling performances.


BLACKPINK Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé & Lisa Admit Yang Hyun Suk Is A Tough Boss


Dua Lipa And BLACKPINK Finally Met Each Other, And Fans Can't Stop Freaking Out | Teenage Magazine

BLACKPINK Jennie Reveals 5 Things That Come To Her Mind When Thinking Of Yang HyunSuk

BLACKPINK Fans Furious At YG About BLACKPINK Promoting Double Title Tracks

Blackpink lisa moments i think about a lot reaction blackpink reaction

Coachella survives a fire scare, and K-pop act Blackpink rules the early going

The Tweets About BLACKPINK's "Kill This Love" Video Are Blown Away By The Girls' Talent