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Your Lagna Ascendant is calculated on the basis of your birth date

Your Lagna Ascendant is calculated on the basis of your birth date


Now that you have learned the rough method, I will teach you a better method than the rough method because the rough method does not work all the time.

... was born between sunrise to the next 2 hours his or her Ascendant (Lagna) will also be Makara. We know that the Ascendant is that sign which rises on ...

Varsh Lagna ...

The lords of each house in case you were born in the Simha Lagna (LEO Ascendant). Refer the chart above. Take an empty chart and fill out the lords without ...

... was born between sunrise to the next 2 hours his or her Ascendant (Lagna) will also be Makara. We know that the Ascendant is that sign which rises on ...

Your Spouse (Husband/Wife/Partner) is the biggest (Influential) Planet around you Astrology

In this examples we have taken a libra ascendant birth chart. Jupiter and Mars are in the ascendant, Venus is in the second house, Mercury is in the third, ...

How to Read a Horoscope – Part 1

... or birth chart) and see what is rising sign in your ascendant then refer table and check the respective row & column against your rising sign of first ...

... rashi and lagna from horoscope is very easy you can download any horoscope application from the playstore then add your birth details like date of birth ...

Verify Navamsa and Dasamsa Lagna. "

Manual Calculation of Ascendant - Astrology

Pay for Vedic Astrology Bhava Lagna

They are (1) Northern Style, (2) Southern Style and (3) Eastern Style. The Northern Style is house driven that its Ascendant (Lagna) and ...

a galaxy image with the words The Astrological Houses over it

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What Does an Ascendant or Rising Sign Mean in Your Birth Chart?

Reading Your Sign. Image titled Read an Astrology Chart Step 1

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Lagna Mars Position for a Non-Manglik

Check Mangal Dosh, Kaal Sarp Dosh, Lagna Kundali Chart and more…

New date & time hrs. ~~ my astrology horsocope.com ~~ my say to all ~~

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The image on the left shows a typical Vedic birth chart, a unique map of an individual that tells all about your past, present and future.

Lagna calculation for person born neat the poles

Astrology Chart : A Magic Or Logic?

Full Astrology Report

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There was a seemingly innocuous error in the code because of which the value of Midheaven was coming out to be wrong. Thus, the entire logic behind ...

Horoscope_of_Amitabh_Bachchan_part_1. Horoscope_of_Amitabh_Bachchan_part_2

vimshottari sun mahadasha

You may apply suggested remedies manifested here in your free Janam Kundali to overcome your troubles.

See the image below to know how all 12 houses are divided into our body.

Rising sign calculator tells what zodiac sign was rising on the eastern horizon at the time

Lagna is a reference point to read the lines ahead, Ascendant with Moon as focal point is the normal Lagna as per Vedic Astrology, and this gives us the ...

Learn how To Read a North Indian Birth Chart

Vedic Astology Readingjhj ghjhg j | Planets In Astrology | Technical Factors Of Astrology

Retrograde Planets and their Number in the Natal Chart

Zodiac Signs: There are 12 signs in a horoscope. Signs are marked using numbers in a birth chart. 1 represents Aries followed by rest of the signs in the ...

Free Astrology Birth Chart: Create One Instantly

Government job yoga in horoscope

I don't know about some of this Capricorn Ascendant, Moon Astrology, Scorpio

Interpreting The Houses In Your Own Birth Chart

How To Find Your Rising Sign or Ascendant with No Birth Time


Here is the page where you enter your pertinent information, including your birth place, date, and time. The fields will be blank.

Birth Time Rectification (Part A)

The Sign rising over the horizon at the time of your birth is the called the Ascendant, or Rising Sign.


Vimshottari Jupiter Mahadasha

To find your correct Ascendant, you will need to know the time and place that you were born.

So now this way you can verify your Dasamsa Lagna also.

Planet Characteristics

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Scorpio Rising

फ़ोटो का कोई वर्णन ...

We hope you would like our moon sign calculator and find out your moon sign accurately as per Vedic Astrology.

A horoscope calculated for January 1, 2000 at 12:01:00 A.M. Eastern Standard Time in New York City, New York, USA (Longitude: 074W00'23" - Latitude: ...

Video: 10 things about your rising sign

See the first chart from the image whee Rasi is written and see the planetory nakstras ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Zodiac Sign Information

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Free Horoscope or Rashifal based on Zodiac Signs

Firstly HL sits in a Kendra sign and deposits Jupiter as well as Mars which are functional benefics for the Saggitarius ascendant.

Sagittarius Ascendant or Lagna Good & Bad Planets in Kundli –Dhanu rashi hrithik roshan predictions?

Lucky Lagna in Astrology by D Nalla Brahma

knowing about your spouse through astrology

#horoscopecompatibility Scorpio Ascendant, Zodiac Compatibility, Scorpio Moon, Gemini Zodiac, Venus In

Your birthchart is calculated using the date, time and place of your birth.

Taurus Ascendant Astrology

As exact and correct information will give you correct degree of lagna if degree of your lagna are not correct then lagna of your divisional chart ...

From ...

As per the above birth-data, her Vedic (sidereal) ascendant is Aquarius ('Kumbha'), the Vedic Moon sign ('Rashi') is Gemini ('Mithun') and Janma-nakshatra ...

The Ascendant or Rising sign is the name given to the sign on the eastern horizon during the time of birth of an individual. Having a Pisces Ascendant means ...

(As – Ascendant Ve – Venus, Sa – Saturn, Ma – Mars, Me – Mercury, Su – Sun, Mo – Moon, Ju – Jupiter, Ra – Rahu, Ke – Ketu)