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You will see anything from beautiful all the entirelife retreats to

You will see anything from beautiful all the entirelife retreats to


All-Inclusive Mind and Body Retreat / Workshop A total Mind, Body and Spirit change. As NLP master Tony Robbins said: “Change your perception, change your ...

All-Inclusive Relax and Breathe Retreat A total recharge of Mind, Body and Spirit Be and let be. Allow your mind and body to absorb the peace and beauty of ...

That was the initial idea of Andrea X, better known as Satya X – but her reaction to the country was love at first sight, ...

All-Inclusive Lezaeta Thermal Hydrotherapy & Detox Retreat Try something new that has 1,000 years of effectiveness. Lezaeta is the creator of the thermal ...

You'll discover anything from beautiful once in a entire-life retreats to lovely

You will survive. So says the song and so says experience. Unless it's your time to die. Fortunately and unfortunately that particular occurrence we all ...

View from Retreat Venue

New Life Ayahuasca


Run Like a Girl Retreat to Costa Rica

First-person essays and interviews with unique perspectives on complicated issues.

Addiction - The Art of Living Retreat Center

If you're looking to disconnect and be immersed in beauty, this yoga retreat in mexico should be in the running.


All-Inclusive Rainforest Yoga Retreat The unparalleled tranquillity and natural beauty of Essence Arenal provide you with the space to journey inward, ...

Thank you! I will get back to you within the next 24-48 hours!

Alix Northup: Connecting to Nature, Inside and Out

The pictures speak for themselves—the Borgo has it all, and it's all yours—plus a team of experts—for five nights.

We're happy to introduce you to one of our EPM guests who has joined us in Italy and Morocco and always adds fun, glamour, and plenty of food knowledge and ...

Surfing For me is the best form of Energy Clearing but there are many other techniques you can use as well. We are energetic beings and in order to have ...

6 Days Walking, Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Valencia, Spain

Yogascapes in Oaxaca – Food and Culture

TN: How does the idea of connecting to nature, inside and out, play into your upcoming Yoga Retreat, and what themes do you see coming up throughout the ...

We are very pleased to announce the opportunity to receive Initiation into Neelakantha Meditation at the upcoming Vibrating Silence Retreat, November 5-10, ...

I Went on a 3-Day Spiritual Retreat and Here's Why You Should, Too


TN: If there was a yoga pose or meditation practice that described you – what would it be and why?

Ladies Yoga & Wine Beach Retreat

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Spiritual Retreats in Asia & Australia

Help create a sustainable retreat that supports the local community, Sri Lanka

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People in 150+ countries are experiencing it through. Divine Openings online courses, books, and live retreats.

Come and volunteer at our tropical paradise retreat center in Maui, Hawaii!

“Something Beautiful” | Monday of Holy Week

6 Days Relaxing Meditation, Walking, and Yoga Retreat in Valencia, Spain

I Hate Yoga—But That Didn't Stop Me from Attending a Yoga Retreat in the Galapagos Islands

My 10-Day Vipassana Experience (Silent Meditation Retreat)

When Will Your Pain Be Enough?

The Andes are Zika free

You yearn to live a life of peace, joy, and love! You want a relationship that brings you happiness, and a life that makes sense to your soul.

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Can You Remember What it was Like?

“All conditioned things are impermanent. They are arising and passing away. Understanding this deeply, Brings the greatest happiness which is peace.”

“You looked after us all beautifully, and from the moment I arrived I felt so relaxed…You made the week the perfect mix of wonderful madness and relaxation, ...

Beachwalk Retreat! EVERYTHING IS BRAND NEW! Awesome Family Home! FREE Golf, Dolphin Cruise & More!

I took all-to-many photos of the Opera House. It's one of those weird things where you see it in pop culture your entire life and then finally get to stand ...

Need To Get Away? You'll Get Your Entire Life At These 15 Amazing Hotels

omega institute spiritual retreat. If you live in ...


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"How A Silent Retreat Changed My Life Forever"


detox yoga retreat India

Last month I did a Vipassana meditation retreat. The pitch is fairly simple: No talking, no writing, no reading for 10 days, meditating 10 hours a day.

Peaceful Beach Retreat-in Beautiful N. Litchfield Beach

Take photo lessons at Leaves and Lizards

10 Days Self-Love Retreat in Bali:

By taking time to nourish our inner resources of energy and vitality, we deepen the connection to ourselves, nature, and the world we relate to.

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Spring Inspiration Retreat

Once or twice a year I go on retreat in the beautiful Sandia Mountains of New Mexico. In this place I feel held by the mountains, the love of other ...


Photo of The Retreat In Laguna - Laguna Beach, CA, United States

It will reboot your entire life. 14264041_10210794254552541_5264041809960474974_n IMG_2181


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Healing and Transformation after a Breakup: Honeymoon with Yourself in Bali

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Where are you right now?

7 Days Answering The Call, Yoga Retreat in County Limerick, Ireland

colombia yoga retreats

Making lifelong and soulful connections with new friends and basking in the amazing vistas! Connecting to something bigger than you ...

Meet True Nature Leader Heidi Dietrich


Welcome to the Belmond El Encanto Hotel. These spectacular surroundings will inspire you ...

"Pack your bags, we're doing it again!"

Soundside Retreat - A Southern Coastal home on 2 acres on Santa Rosa Sound

Your daily rhythm has the power to change your entire life. Each moment is a

Signing my entire life away, no big deal.

Detox Yoga Retreat in Bali

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Our Favorite Yoga Retreats in Italy

omega institute spiritual retreat

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Gaia Sagrada Eco-Lodge & Retreat Center, Cuenca

4 Days Yoga Restoring Retreat in Southampton, USA


A beautiful place to learn yoga.

25 Beautiful Places in the World to Find Peace of Mind

You see, I help other people get over the hurdles that hold them back from enjoying their lives to the fullest.


'Drawing Closer to Christ: A Self-Guided Icon Retreat'