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You know what a buck rub looks like You know that bigger bucks tend

You know what a buck rub looks like You know that bigger bucks tend


In hilly country, buck rubs that are visible when facing uphill were likely made in the morning as the buck traveled back to his high-ground bedding area.

You know what a buck rub looks like. You know that bigger bucks tend to

bucks, rub. Big bucks are tall and rub high up. Mark Raycroft. You know what a buck rub looks like.

14 Things You Didn't Know About Buck Rubs

You know what a buck rub looks like. You know that bigger bucks tend to rub bigger trees, and you're probably aware that a buck travels in the direction ...

Art Lander's Outdoors: White-tailed deer rut full of emotion and romance — best time to hunt deer

Have you ever placed your trail-camera to monitor a rub without success? Many rubs are never visited again by the bucks that made them or by other deer.

Topos and Big Bucks

bucks, rub

Older bucks make more rubs on average than younger ones, and they usually choose aromatic tree species, like this red cedar.

Buck seeking does after dawn

Core areas range from 25 to 75 acres and deer will spend 70 to 80 percent

Should You Hang Early Season Tree Stands Over Deer Sign?

trophy buck white-tailed deer

Deer Scents | Create Mock Scrapes to Kill Big Bucks

6 ways Spring Scouting Means Big Fall Bucks

Fine-tuning Pre-season Scouting For Big Bucks. A buck bed is ...

The corners and edges of crop fields and food plots are good spots, especially where thick cover is nearby. All our licks are fairly close to main deer ...

Why do bucks make rubs?

3 Myths About Buck Rubs

The buck rub on the tree in foreground was made on a Virginia pine, while the rub in the background was made on a white cedar. The bark of both species is ...

horizontal buck rub

deer rubbing antlers

Finding Bucks Using Trail Cameras

(Shutterstock/Edgar Lee Espe photo)

Late-Season Deer Tips



hunt over a scrape

deer hunting tips for the lockdown phase | Bone Collector

Mineral sites or “licks” provide hubs for your trail cameras and allow you to gain critical intel on bucks for months. You take pictures and watch them grow ...

Most hunters don't encounter big bucks because they're unaware when and why

Why Bucks Make Antler Rubs

The 50 Best Deer Hunting Tips for the 2018 Whitetail Rut

Bucks rub trees to leave behind a warning scent

One of the most common questions that I hear, is "where does a buck bed?". That question is one of the most important questions that you can ask yourself as ...

Scouting for Deer with Trail Cameras on Public Land

should you hang early season tree stands over deer sign | Big Game Tree Stands

Understanding Buck Scrapes


... Marsh Edges ...

Whitetail deer

Deer Hunting Forecast 2018

Where do deer sleep?

... Bumped Bucks Leave the Country ...

Good-sized trees with scars that have healed and thickened over the years, and upon which current bucks rub their antlers each fall, are “sign-posts.”

Late Season Deer Hunting │ Putting a Last Minute Buck on the Ground

The whitetail deer's body weight will vary depending on the region. Typically a whitetail deer in the north will have more body weight and increased body ...

As fall winds down, I'm sure you've seen many pics of happy hunters with their trophies. I am continually impressed with the size, growth patterns and color ...

Common Hunter Tip: The 5 Best Deer Hunting Calls

Spring scouting helps me learn how deer use terrain features. During the fall, leaves are dropping, which covers up a lot of the sign.

How bucks visit scrapes day and night

... CRP and CREP Fields ...

A pair of deer stand alert in a snowy field.

Pre-Rut buck in corn field

When you look outside this fall, don't be surprised if you see more deer activity in your back yard.

Though traditional rubs are usually found on large-diameter trees, both large and small bucks rub and mark them with their scent.

A high rub area is often a good spot to consider setting up mock scrapes. Bucks want to know ...

... buck because how he is rubbing on this line will tell you several things. buckrub1

should you hang early season tree stands over deer sign | Big Game Tree Stands

6 ways Spring Scouting Means Big Fall Bucks | Bucks Bulls Bears

Information about whitetail deer, Odocoileus virginiansis. About the species, their habitat, diet, breeding, antlers, fawns and more.

bucks, rub

A huge buck laying down in its snowy bed.

Mature Whitetail Buck Making a Scrape

Mock Scrapes | How to Take Full Advantage of a Buck's Weakness


Strategies for Harvesting Swamp Bucks

6 Steps To Killing Your Local Homebody Buck In His Core Area


Male deer grow these impressive face ornaments every year, in a cycle of life, death and itchiness. (Lyudmila Chetvertnykh / Alamy)

Understanding and Hunting The Second Rut

More than just raking the tree with his antlers, this buck is deliberately rubbing his forehead on the trunk. Glands on a buck's forehead produce a unique ...

How Close is the Rut? Here Are Six Ways to Tell. You know about rubs ...

How to Find Buck Bedding Areas

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25 Trail Camera Tips & Tricks: Get Better Images and Bigger Bucks


horizontal buck rub

large ontario buck. Big bucks like this dandy tend ...

hinge cut bedding

Many of these roads intersect well-used deer trails. Again, for efficiency's sake, I place most of my mineral stations on trails near road intersections for ...

Spike Buck to Booner: The Magic of Age - Legendary Whitetails - Legendary Whitetail's Blog

the second rut and why you should hunt it | Bone Collector

"The Beatty Buck" taken with a compound bow by Michael Beatty in Ohio in. “