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X Let go of eXcess baggage AtoZChallenge Gratitude and

X Let go of eXcess baggage AtoZChallenge Gratitude and


X – Let go of eXcess baggage. #AtoZChallenge – Metanoia

X – Let go of eXcess baggage. #AtoZChallenge – Metanoia

#ATOZChallenge – Metanoia

Breathing not only supplies your body with oxygen, but also calms your mind and reduces

L – Listen to music/Love yourself, relentlessly. #AtoZChallenge. – Metanoia

W – 10 Ways to self-care on a bad mental health day. #AtoZChallenge – Metanoia

#AtoZChallenge – Metanoia

X – Let go of eXcess baggage. #AtoZChallenge – Metanoia · W – 10 Ways to self-care on a bad mental health day. #

Why we need to let go of stuff we can't control

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary badge

#AtoZChallenge – Metanoia

#AtoZChallenge: E is for Every Day Gratitude – Coach Daddy

I am sure you all will agree with this one: WE THINK TOO MUCH!. Be it about our problems, our relationships, our lives, our kids' lives, even other people's ...

P – Pray, be grateful! #AtoZChallenge – Metanoia

U – Unplug for your peace of mind #AtoZChallenge


Let's be grateful for what we have!

stormtrooper pepsi 2018 thirsty antique shop

Y – It's all about looking after YOU. #AtoZChallenge

After last year's A to Z blogging challenge, I remember being in a dilemma. It had been an exciting month of drawing the letters of the alphabet, ...

P – Pray, be grateful! #AtoZChallenge

It's one of those words that sounds formal or like something from the past. And it makes for a curious sounding blog post title.

Do join in with your posts on gratitude and link them at Vidya Sury's Collecting Smiles. And, do visit the others at the linky and share some love.

Expect the Unexpected When Travelling #AtoZChallenge


Admire yourself the way you are!

#Reflections - My first and I loved it | #AtoZchallenge 2017| - Shalzmojo

Have I really survived six Blogging from A to Z Challenges? According to my website, yes. Go HERE if you want to read more of my A to Z posts.

I am an #atozchallenge survivor 😎 Read all my posts here ➡ rashiroy.com @smilegifters @blogchatter #blogchattera2z #rashiroy #smilegifters #amwriting

So, they made him sign on his baggage tag. And that's IT!! I mean, THAT'S IT!

Artwork by the Eccentric Artist

Woman practising yoga asana by the sea

me mountain dew float 2018 refreshment bank of america stadium pressbox

2 empty containers, a rubbish bag full of purged paper, an empty concertina file (my nemesis) and a stack of newspaper - ready for recycling. Phew!

#AtoZChallenge – Metanoia

Z is for Zombies (AtoZChallenge2018)

Her name was a synonym for diamond and though she had often found it ironic, this time she made up her mind to shine the brightest. In letting go, she found ...


Now can see you why I was dreading this category! YIKES!

How heavy is this glass of water? #WednesdayWisdom

Oh, and the delectable goodies prepared by my mother and my aunts that we get to devour….ah, bliss!

Scripture reference to verse :

... Happy Anniversary heart 💛charm and the Holiday Wreath dangle charm🎄⭐ 💝 #atozcharmchallenge #atozchallenge #pandora #ilovepandora #pandoracharms ...

... as fluid and graceful as her horse. “This is Sultan,” she said, caressing him with her hand. “My darling Sultan.”Kit stroked Sultan's neck.

If we add obsolete and derivative words to this number, the number of words go up ...

My heart will go on.

Che and I first heard of the RAW diet 5 years ago, Cuckoo and Senti were around a year old then. I'm not so much of a raw meat fan so it ...

Understanding Bipolar Disorder – Part 2 – Treatment and care. – Metanoia

ice cream sprinkles scoop

Zipping Up: Life with a blogging spouse #Humor

9 Annoying Things About Hotels #AtoZChallenge

Stories from Rail Journeys #AtoZChallenge

3 fabulous ways to use coconut oil for hair and skin care. – Metanoia

Where to start?

Screen Shot 2012-04-25 at 4.39.52 PM


Letter D:

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

She stood in the sweeping balcony, her slender fingers wrapped with just the right amount of class around the flute of Dom Perignon White Gold – her Greek ...

An Act of Kindness #AtoZChallenge

Let's go! Thought Experiment for the Retirement Police // Where's the Line on Retirement? //

2. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-_P4wKK935yo/T3jMrW9z1pI/AAAAAAAAKoo/KDS5fshQ-XY/s1600/PHOTO-B.JPG


A celebration of land and culture.

And then pack up that suitcase as we make our last two stops on our educational journey across the world.

T is for Twitter: 5 Great Writing Resources

Art that soothes the heart. – Metanoia

Every day there are new treasures to be found if we just keep our eyes and minds open.

Book sale in Churchgate till 14th April


My KonMari Journey: One Year Later

... too much so that they crossed to form an X, and I lost my balance. Not good. I did a front flip, landed hard on my butt, and rolled down the hill.

Jobs to do While Traveling the World #AtoZChallenge

E(X)traordinary She Was- Helen Keller #AtoZChallenge

Thanks, kid! I guess a grappling hook would have been out of the question, too.

I put up this pic on instagram the other day and the last sentence says 'pick them wisely'.

So, last month notwithstanding, I've been happily blogging here for three and a half years about my thoughts on working parenthood, raising young girls, ...

What is the best comment your blog got during the challenge, and who left the comment?

This is the best thing I liked in the car. With such ample spacing, you can go for a good vacation without worrying of packing less anytime.

Argh! I added the below container to keep all the extra 'sentimental' papers in. It's going to be a mission when I get to that category.

south carolina end zone 2019 covering belk bowl bank of america stadium


That's me, your friendly neighborhood hacker mom.

Competition- Are you a pushy parent? #AtoZchallenge

"X" MARKS THE SPOT! #atozchallenge

26. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-TFbY4k7deFE/T3jOFUfEhwI/AAAAAAAAKrY/pWToTfRx1hA/s1600/PHOTO-P.JPG

Check out the engines (with posted explanations) and the boilers “Thelma” and “Louise” next door. The engineers are rightly proud of their gleaming domain.

Jan Ruth Banner Midnight and Palomino Sky

5 Must-Have Luggage Essentials That Are Most Overlooked | Best Luggage For Easy Travel

Picture of person doing Yoga to illustrate the benefits of Yoga

#AtoZChallenge 2017 Operation Awesome Z is for Zzzz

#AtoZChallenge: Q is for Questions from Kids

Be Better Than Yourself #BeBetterThanYourself

I was cracking up over her sudden illness that could only be cured by a popsicle, but things turned south after I said she was full of crap. (Oops.)

Bonus Scenes – 'Til Death Do Us Part

Menstruation and Self-care. – Metanoia