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When it comes to finding fish that are actively feeding a stream

When it comes to finding fish that are actively feeding a stream


When it comes to finding fish that are actively feeding, a stream thermometer is as close to a crystal ball as it gets. Using a stream thermometer corretly ...

When it comes to finding fish that are actively feeding, a stream thermometer is as

identifying parts of a fish

5 Great Tailwaters to Fish as Temperatures Drop

Trout in this small run might be found during non-hatch times in deeper and faster water for protection (yellow fish), but during a hatch they will move to ...

Kentucky Fishing

Kentucky Fishing

Largemouth Bass, Warm Water Fish Illustration - New Mexico Game & Fish

Photo courtesy of Brian Williams of Smith River Outfitters

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Reading Trout Streams Fly Fishing

Brook trout are most active in spring

How to Fish for Trout in a River/Creek by 1Rod1ReelFishing

Smallmouth Bass, Warm Water Fish Illustration - New Mexico Game & Fish

Trout and Water Temperature: How Hot is Too Hot?

Here is a stretch of fast water, and the places you might expect to find trout during a hatch. Trout 1 and 5 have moved into slower, shallower water and ...

Fly fishing Q&A: Mousing at night

Photo courtesy of Brian Williams of Smith River Outfitters

The right sunglasses are essential when trying to spot fish. Sun on the water causes a lot of glare, making it quite hard to spot ...

Field and Stream Guide: 50 Ways to Catch Spring Trout

Tips for fishing for springtime carp

Channel Catfish in a Lake, Pond, or River

Big catfish roam in lightly fished streams

20 Great Tips for Catching More Bullheads

colin kearns holding common carp

Ohio River

Understanding the leech

Kansas River flathead catfish

Moraine Creek Strategies

An Arsenal of Flies

Salmon returning to spawn in the Shasta River. Photo © Bridget Besaw


The term “fish kill” is used by biologists to describe a sudden die-off of a large number of fish. Fish kills may occur at any time throughout the year and ...

clown fish in an anemone

Creek Fishing: Small streams can offer big rewards

Stream Fishing 101 | Live Bait Tactics for Bass and Trout

How to Catch Crappie Fish

During late summer and through fall, thousands of salmon migrate back into their home rivers on Vancouver Island, where they will spawn and die.

Small stream fishing can be some of the finest fishing in many regions of the country. Whether it is cutthroats out west, browns in the Midwest, ...

Researchers electrofishing the bottom of a pool on Loyalsock Creek in northcentral Pennsylvania. They were searching for wild brook trout (shown in the ...

Baby fish have started eating plastic. We haven't yet seen the consequences

I talk to a lot of river fly fishers who are interested in becoming more effective at fishing stillwaters. For many seasoned stream fishers even the ...

fish in pond

Photo: matthayes01/iStock Catch of Fish

Wood Is Good For Vermont Backcountry Brook Trout

And on the off chance you haven't heard me say this, then a quick scroll through a recent guide trip report or two should get you up to speed in a ...

Although we came across very few fish, we did find cool water and the result was actively feeding fish. We certainly had a super time in a beautiful ...

betta fish for beginners

Paddlefish Alabama's rich diversity of fishes is ...

North Georgia ...

Pike fishing tips for spring and summer

Best Baits for Stream Smallmouths

Arriving early Friday morning our plan was to enjoy at least one day's fishing on a small mountain stream, before the regular Easter campers arrived late ...

Tulpehocken Creek Flyfishing, "SO MANY FISH LEFT IN THE OPEN WATER!!",

Fishing the Reese River

21 Tips to Catch More Trout at Night on the Fly. Many fish species feed more actively ...

Fly Fishing Is Big In Central PA. Can We Keep It That Way?

The best stream fishing spots are those that provide fish protection from current and predators, as well as provide an abundance of forage.

Randi Baird

Blades of Glory: The Best Bladed Lures for Spring Fishing

Tips and observations from some of the top guides and anglers on the Kenai River

Kentucky Fishing

During a hatch, fish often feed along the banks. Look for other trout where shallow water drops into deeper water, as in the foreground.

Great River Fishing Adventures guides have many years' experience fishing the Upper Pitt River watershed and are knowledgeable about the area and effective ...

Young Fish Find New Homes in Local Waters.

Where Do Fish Come From In New Lakes And Ponds?

He also carries big and gaudy size 2-6 streamers for those memorable days when trout are feeding like mad, slamming into longshank flies fished fast just ...

Great Lakes perch populations were severely crowded and reduced in the late 1960s by the alewife, but perch are adaptable, and have staged a comeback that ...

"Hitting the Head" while Nymphing — George Daniel's Livin On The Fly

White Crappie, Warm Water Fish Illustration - New Mexico Game & Fish

Alaska Lake Trout

North Carolina's famous Davidson River is one of those moody trout streams that can reward you with the biggest brown of your life one day, but leave you ...

Where would you fish? This CoastWatch image shows an upwelling that brought 51.3-degree

1. Think Deep

winter fish species

... SC Fishing Calendar 3

Catfish anglers fish from boats significantly less than crappie, bass and, walleye anglers. In some areas, 70 percent or more fish primarily from shore.

angler holding carp caught on dry fly

Night Fishing for Trout

The rock seams at Douglas and many other highland reservoirs are typically found on gravel and clay points, Card explained. Rock seams are especially ...

Tropical fresh water aquarium front view with lush foliage plants and some fishes yellow Pterophyllum Scalare

What juvenile blues lack in size, they make up for in aggression, and flavor.

Secret creeks and big bream


Fry Food Preferences

Fishing along the Grand River at the Sixth Street Dam.

Common Carp

Arctic Grayling

... Smallmouth Bass and Trout Fishing Guide – Camden, Maine