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What Lies Beneath Proper Care for Tortoises Tortoises Tortoise

What Lies Beneath Proper Care for Tortoises Tortoises Tortoise


A Set-up Guide for new Tortoise Parents

Turtles 101: How to Clean and Care for Your Turtle's Tank

Aldabra Tortoise(Geochelone gigantea)

Keeping tortoises outside

Tortoise food and diet - calcium, vitamin D3 and not eating

Basic Care: Russian Tortoise. Russian tortoises ...

Mediterranean tortoises. Juvenile Turkish spur-thighed tortoise

Everything You Need to Know About Raising a Sulcata Tortoise

Indian star tortoise

Leopard Tortoise

How to Take Care of a Russian Tortoise

How to Care for a Tortoise

During the hottest part of summer, desert tortoises descend into deep burrows for a period

Chris Leone/Garden State Tortoise via AP — Two Russian Tortoises are seen roaming around Galloway, N.J. Turtles may seem like the perfect low-maintenance ...

Arid Tortoise

Russian Tortoise - Agrionemys horsfieldii

Indian star tortoises. Juvenile Sri Lankan star tortoise

Which tortoise should you get?

A box turtle found by the side of the road named Butterfly after the perfect butterfly on the back of her shell.

Shell rot in turtles/tortoises


North American Box Turtle

Turtle Care 101: How to Take Care of Pet Turtles

African Spurred Tortoises as Pets. African Spurred Tortoise book for care, housing, keeping, diet and health.: Daniel Grimson: 9781788650724: Amazon.com: ...

A sad fact is that dogs and tortoises are not a predictable mix. The family dog that has never hurt a fly often becomes overwhelmed with an irresistible ...

A bad case of pyramiding. A tortoise's ...

Why is my tortoise always sleeping?

Tortoise Turtle or tortoise? Credit: Alamy

As much as I love tortoises, it's a shame they aren't better communicators! Sure the same is true of other animals, but at least a dog can let you know when ...

Box turtles are wild animals that live outside. Do not keep yours in a tank. It is a sad existence for an animal that is used to living in a quiet, ...

Desert Tortoise Adoption Program

Box Turtle Care

How to Incubate Tortoise Eggs

Russian Tortoises as Pets. Russian Tortoise: Facts and Information. Daily Care, Pro's and Cons, Cages, Costs, Diet, Breeding All Covered: George Hoppendale: ...

Image titled Look After a Turtle Step 1

new pets. A Set-up Guide for New Turtle Parents · What Do I Feed ...

As owner ages, she's not feeling capable of caring for her pet tortoises and a box turtle

Eastern box turtle

Glass tanks should not be used with tortoises or terrestrial turtles

... of break I see frequently. It does not concern multiple shell injuries that result in substantial floating or missing portions of the shell - or severe ...

... to caring for hatchling and juvenile tortoises then you'll probably agree that keeping them indoors in a properly set up tortoise table or vivarium is ...

Just Get A Sulcata Tortoise? Here's How to Care for It

Sulcata tortoise care

Turtle vs. Tortoise. Tortoise

Each spring the Red Rock Stars emerge from brumation (like hibernation for reptiles) on different days, depending on how warm the weather has been.

Brace yourself: tortoises are the rabbits of the reptile world

Sulcata tortoises are the 3rd largest tortoise species in the world. Our Sulcata was born in 2016, and has grown very quickly ever since.

Turtle with butterflies, Amazon

A tortoise is a turtle, but a turtle isn't a tortoise.

African spurred tortoises must get calcium in their diet for healthy muscles, bone and eggshell production. Some calcium in their diet comes from the plant ...

Russian Tortoise Care Sheet

What Do Tortoises Eat?

African Tortoises Have Very Special Needs The African Spurred known as a sulcata is a herbivorous tortoise, thus a high fiber intake of grasses, hay, ...

What you feed your Sulcata is critical to its health and development. Sulcata tortoises evolved ...

How Do Turtles Have Babies?

Are Tortoises Affectionate Pets?


Hugo sleepily basking to warm himself.



Russian Tortoise Facts

Russian Tortoises as Pets. Russian Tortoise: Facts and Information. Daily Care, Pro's and Cons, Cages, Costs, Diet, Breeding All Covered Paperback – May 17, ...

Image titled Tell a Turtle's Age Step 1

What is Rhinitis in Tortoises and Turtles and How to Treat it - My Animals


Reptiland Roundup: Turtles and Tortoises

Sulcata Tortoise

Sulcata tortoises, also referred to as the African spurred or African spur thigh tortoise is one of the most common tortoises kept as pets.

Environmental Law Bans Floridians from Removing Yard-Eating Tortoises

health & care. Cleaning Your Tortoise or Turtle's Habitat

What Is Overwintering? For tortoises ...

It is based on research by others, myself, and personal experiences treating a lot of tortoises over the past 25 years.

Radiated tortoise in the Mahafaly landscape

Medioimages/Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images

Box Turtles and People

The Box Turtle (A Species Like No Other)

... tortoise The most common problem we see in pet tortoises is ...

Basic Care: Box Turtles

All turtles and tortoises are ectotherms, dependent on environmental temperature to regulate their body temperature. Ectotherms need to be able to raise and ...

Common Musk Turtle or Stinkpot Turtle

Snake Neck Turtle Care Sheet

common snapping turtle

Desert Tortoises Gone Captive

Constance Craig-Smith shares her tips on keeping tortoises

Facts About Land Turtles

Russian Tortoise Care Guide. Russian Tortoises

Turtles and Tortoises. Important: Turtles can carry an infectious bacterial disease called Salmonella. Salmonella is easily spread through bathtubs, hands, ...

Chinese Box Turtle Care (Cuora flavomarginata)

What's the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? All tortoises are turtles, but not all turtles are tortoises. The term “tortoise” refers to the land ...