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Two arcangles and a winchester walk into a bar All fandoms

Two arcangles and a winchester walk into a bar All fandoms


Slash Fiction


Dean, it's youuuuu Johnlock, Destiel, Winchester Boys, Super Natural, Sam Dean


Two arcangles and a winchester walk into a bar.

The Chitters

Hunt for Dean Winchester

Archangels you know how they are... most of them.

Exile on Main Street

SPN Imagine Supernatural Imagines, Supernatural Fandom, Sam Winchester, Winchester Brothers, Superwholock,

Second Possession of Sam Winchester

Dream a Little Dream of Me

deans going to say it back in apparently and jensen says dean cries bc cas (sorry i keep repeating that IT JUST HAS ME SHOOK)

....annnndddd I'm cryin' Supernatural Fandom, Castiel, Supernatural

Dean Winchester

The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

He asks Mary to make him his favorite meal from childhood, the ominously named “Winchester Surprise”. Mary protests that it wasn't even good, ...

Stuck in the Middle (With You)

Pin by Paula Moody on Winchester world | Supernatural, Tv supernatural, Supernatural fandom

Alarm bells go off all over fandom and in Mary's head too, but Dean tries to backtrack, saying he's just “hangry”. Oh Dean. You're a terrible liar.

The double Winchester bitch face


Harry Potter and the Winchester Brothers

Season Seven


Two archangels, God, an ex-brainwashed assassin, a psycho HYDRA agent, and an insane preist walk into a bar. This joke will probably end with at least one ...


Two In A Row! Supernatural Does What It Does Best With 'Damaged Goods'

Dean Winchester

Threads: Supernatural 14.10 "Nihilism"

photo illustration of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in front of numerous monsters from Supernatural

Mommy Dearest

Yay for Emperor's New Groove references!

Harry Potter and the Winchester Brothers

Dean Winchester

He asks Mary to make him his favorite meal from childhood, the ominously named “Winchester Surprise”. Mary protests that it wasn't even good, ...


Chapter Text


Alice's Review: "Nihilism" aka The Avengers: Apocalypse 2.0

Winchester Brothers x Chubby! Reader|Not A Problem by iStealYourPocky

THIS DOES MY HEART NO GOOD AT ALL. DAMN YOU DEAN WINCHESTER. (Also, why didn't you just bring the body with you?)

The Slice Girls

We got a couple more kickass fight scenes in Rocky's Bar, with Dean fighting vampires and Sam and Cas splattered with blood and looking amusingly perplexed ...

Annihilation (Dean Winchester x Reader)

Jared Padalecki is in your Twitter, parenting your daughter…

The negotiations between Kip and Sam do not get off to a good start, however, as Jack and Maggie are dragged into the Bar after being caught outside and Sam ...


As you entered the motel, Dean instructed you to sit down on one of the

... That moment when Jack "ate" Michael and we didn't believe he was ...

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Just the fact that Sam is alone driving the Impala was incredibly painful to see – I miss Dean Winchester like a missing limb.

The split-second that Castiel, Angel-of-the-freaking-Lord, He Who Gripped Dean Tight and Raised Him From Perdition, walked through those barn doors it was ...


Yay for OC's 😂😂 I'm gonna try to make this the last one by who knows at this point, the Winchester clan continues to grown 😂😂 ~ Dodie 🔥 #supernatural ...

Quote from Supernatural 13x13 │ Lucifer: Hail to the King, baby. #Supernatural

banner-2. Interview with Author Autumn Winchester

Game Night

fanart … "


Teenage Dean and Sam.

Sam and Dean imagine Supernatural Imagines, Dean Winchester Imagines, Supernatural Fandom, Doctor Who

And who's Dean's partner in his dreamt up ideal world? None other than Pamela Barnes, the woman who unapologetically appreciated both Winchesters' assets ...

Harry glanced again at the raw-looking thing that trembled and choked in the shadow beneath the distant chair.

Death and Dean Winchester make a deal.

And within the spam some comedy 😂 ~ Quinn 😈 #supernatural #angels #demons #winchesters #savingpeople #huntingthings #thefamilybusiness #sam #dean #cas ...

Words cannot accurately express how in love I am with this fandom.

supernatural mary winchester reacts to sam being alive exodus

My collection of favorite Supernatural fan songs and music videos. Share yours : Supernatural

Eventually in the AU they encounter Michael, who in his world has vanquished Lucifer. The two archangels tangle, and it looks like Michael can best Lucifer ...

Just look at his hair .

Our world's Michael is still in the cage so no precedent about hosts' survival there. Raphael was obliterated by soul-powered Castiel in 6.22 “The Man Who ...

In the tenth season, Crowley became a series regular, which would last for another two seasons before his departure.

supernatural spoilers chuck god rob benedict

Jared Padalecki or Sam Winchester? The world may never know.

Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 10] Abandon All Hope... Shown 19 Nov 09

Does Sam refuse to go along with it, and leave Dean to go through with it all alone? Or does he help his brother damn himself to eternal ...

Deleted scene of Sam finding a pic of him and Dean in Cas's trenchcoat! [GIFS] ~Listen Fandom, I'll have no more of these frickfracking shenanigans!

Hehehe •tags• #jaredpadalecki #jensenackles #supernatural #supernaturalposts #supernaturalmemes #kevintran

Dean and Castiel

It's hard to deny its similarity between the church scene in season 8 and the bar scene in this episode. The level of eye-roll and confused frustration they ...

This April, Christopher and James from FUTURE GHOST will be holding a special media presentation at Denver's StarFest Convention.

The first thing the doctor checked when Dean Winchester was born was his sex. Once it was obvious that he was a boy, the doctor examined his tiny wrist.

... #supernatural #crowley #marksheppard #richardspeightjr #robbenedict #markpellegrino #fandom #sammywinchester #jaredpadalecki #mishacollins #jensenackles ...

Look at that, I've jumped deeply into philosophy and haven't got to the fun stuff. I LOVED that Dean's current dream is owning a bar, having a few drinks, ...

It's About Damn Time

Actor Misha Collins believed he would be another recurring guest-star who would fade away quickly. For the fifth season, Collins was promoted to a series ...

In the wise words of Dean Winchester: "Demons, I get. People are crazy."