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Two Girls Beneath The Stars Dutch Braids Embroidery Hand

Two Girls Beneath The Stars Dutch Braids Embroidery Hand


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Two Girls Beneath The Stars Dutch Braids Embroidery Hand | Etsy

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Two Girls Beneath The Stars Dutch Braids Embroidery Hand | Etsy

Hand Embroidered Art by DesertEclipseStudio on Etsy


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Flowing Hair Beneath The Stars Hand Embroidery Hoop Art | Etsy

Flowing Hair Beneath The Stars - Hand Embroidery, Hoop Art, Contemporary Embroidered Hoop Wall Art, Modern Embroidery

The above image shows a Dutch braid otherwise known as an Inverted French braid. The braid is above the hair instead of beneath like normal French braids.


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A Gentlemen's Daughter

Hunting dress, reign of William and Mary, 1695. She wears a tricorn,

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Website 2. Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Girls in the Grass Arranging a Bouquet (Fillette couchée sur l'herbe et jeune fille arrangeant un bouquet). BF155

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A Piece of Hand-made Pillow Lace, Belgian (Ypres), 20th century. (The machine imitation is given in fig. 55.)

#PPS-FF Fox Few

Maywood Emma's Garden BIG STAR BRAIDED QUILT KIT MASBSB $99.00 each kit

Bandiera Per un Giorno (Flag for a Day) _ Doppia Firma Hand-woven velvet, silk (two colours), cotton for the backing and weft Inspired by the Serenissima ...



1911 Britannica - Lace 2.jpg

Harry Sanchez, Jr., 'Sheet Cakes' (2018-present)

CHILD'S BLOUSE PANEL, northern Afghanistan, of cotton, glass beads, 38.0 x 32.7

Using heavyweight, golden yarn, my mom makes Suzy a full head of hair gathered into two knee-length braids. Her expert repair makes it okay for Suzy to take ...

Image is of a woman shown from the waist up She is shown in ¾ face

In 2016 Zsuzsi published her first book; Lost in Pittsburgh: A Journey into Youth Subculture. Lost In Pittsburgh

Craftivism Workshop

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DIY Stackable Square Knot/Cobra Stitch Bracelets

IT 1029 2437 28

The fringe, upper right, embellishes a mid-18th c. sack back gown from the costume collection of Paxton House, Scottish Borders. Although the sack was much ...

Fluorescent-like huge palm threes designed by artist Vincent Lamouroux looking at a glittering Tour Eiffel at dawn, where a stunning pink red light pervaded ...

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Lina Iris Viktor

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Craig Gilbert, 28, from Stanley, County Durham, was given a 12 month. +2

Roberts's proclamation is a nearly two-minute-long origin story delivered in sermonic fashion featuring ... Read more →

Fendi achieves the fine balance between venerating the distinctive staples of the brand whilst subverting the notion that tailoring is characterised by ...

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Margaret Sanger



Shri Rama Putra Raga: Page from the Dispersed 'Boston' Ragamala Series (Garland

Emilia is now two and a half and I still have an evening routine; bath, milk, teeth while I read a story, cuddles, then I ask her to tell me when she's ...

RJ Designs Jelly Roll Braided Rug 2 (Square) Pattern $9.99 each

Dear Diary,. Today I visit

Record heat waves, droughts, floods, super storms, wildfires ravaging California, and now freezing temperatures consuming the East Coast.

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... IG_791x602_9.jpg; IG_791x602_1.jpg


Image: Rebecca Wilkes The blossoming of the floral in contemporary jewellery Floral motifs have long inspired jewellers; indeed since the first of man's ...

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Then the girl took a gun and fired it. We stood ready to count the astonishing clatter of reverberations. We could not say one, two, three, fast enough, ...

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This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you'd like to have with other readers, by popular demand. (This one is truly no work and no ...

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