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Triandis 1989 The self and social behaviour in differing cultural

Triandis 1989 The self and social behaviour in differing cultural


The Self and Social Behavior in Differing Cultural Contexts | Self | Collectivism

The Concentric Circle Revisited: Allocentrism and Self in a Contemporary Chinese Community

Horizontal and vertical dimensions of individualism and collectivism: A theoretical and measurement refinement. Cross-Cultural


Frontiers | Cultural Similarities and Differences in Social Discounting: The Mediating Role of Harmony-Seeking | Psychology

Aaker & Maheswaran (1997) Triandis ( 1989) proposed that the individualism- collectivism


LTO moderator effect between Darwinian identity and causality.

Determinants of Behavior


Figure 6.2. Multidimensional Solutions of the Hidden Layer Activation Patterns for the English-Type Language

Triandis behavioral intention model

40. C. Self ...

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Determinants of Motivation to Perform Behavior


MCAULIFFE 3 1 University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands/ University of Queensland, Australia 2

Cross-Cultural Feedback Model.

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Do People in Other Countries Conform More than Americans? | Psychology Today

Most Popular Documents for PSYC 2310

Cultural Variation in the Self-Concept

A group of international students is sitting around the dinner table discussing the television menu for the evening. A Norwegian woman student says, ...

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Figure 6.3. Multidimensional Solutions of the Hidden Layer Activation Patterns for the Japanese-Type Language

Triandis ...



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PDI moderator effect between missionary identity and effectuation.

The impact of value-orientations on cross-cultural encounters and mediation-fig1

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Figure 7.1 Group processes as a function of identity salience and group norms prescribing collectivism or individualism


Kitayama, 1991; Shweder & Bourne, 1982; Triandis, 1989; Triandis,

IXMATI. Translating Culture


Table 1 presents a summary of these concepts and corresponding measures.

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Phrenology definition. Long description available.

Reciprocal Altruism

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Comparisons of identity style groups on the self-definitional

Uncertainty avoidance moderator effect between communitarian identity and effectuation.

HDEV 200 Textbook Notes - Spring 2016, Chapter 1 - Cultural Psychology, Primitive Culture, Ethnocentrism

Intercultural and cross-cultural assessment of self-esteem among youth in Twenty-first Century South Africa

6 Markus & Kitayama, 1991 Independent selves Internal feelings are the basis of act Interdependent selves Internal feelings are less important

Figure 5.1. The Emergence of Various Types of Individualism and Collectivism

Cross-Cultural Positive Psychology

The Two-Dimensional Map of Affective States is represented as a circle with eight points


Thus, EM covers 0° to 90° and EF covers 90° to 180°. The graphic representation permits evaluation of both EM and EF and, more importantly, ...

William Sheldon erroneously believed that people with different body types had different personalities.

Work Cultures and Social Loafing

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Mean (and SE) self-serving judgment as a function of culture and affirmation

... but above all, these pairs vary regarding the process of synthesis, which determines perceptive, cognitive, affective and behavioral differences between ...

most and least emotional countries. Triandis, H.C. (1989)

... Figure 2).

Culture, self-perception and perception of others

identifiers, F(1, 137) ¼ 6.94, p < 0.01. Discussion

Jameson-Reconceptualizing Cultural Identity and Its Role in Intercultural Business Communication | Identity (Social Science) | Cross Cultural Communication

Figure 3.1 GLOBE's country clusters.


Globalization, branding and multicultural consumer behaviour

Approaches to the Psychological Study of Culture ...

Extended Self in a Digital World. Journal of Consumer Research

A social identity perspective on organizational citizenship behavior: Little room for discretion | Cairn.info

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Table 3.1 Countries that scored the lowest and the highest on each GLOBE cultural dimension

26.  Triandis ...

PPT – Culture and self PowerPoint presentation | free to view - id: c845d-ZDc1Z

Cross-Cultural Behaviour in Tourism- Concepts and Analysis 2003 Pages 1 - 50 - Text Version | FlipHTML5

Collectivistic Cultures

Traits of Others. Long description available.

Figure1: The conceptual framework

Four famous papers Harry Triandis (1989) cultural dimensions of the self concept that can

That is, the results show that men and women do not differ in how they interpret the RISC construct, thus providing support for the use of this instrument ...

It is generally the case that responses to threat are different for low and high identifiers

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Drawing a parallel between Figure 2 and the graphic representation, the origin (0.0) of this plane is found at the point of null interaction between the ...

SOCPSY 2YY3 Lecture Notes - Fall 2016, Lecture 13 - Sociology Of Culture, Cultural Psychology, Cultural Capital

Mean number correct as a function of talking and culture

Diagram of the Affect Valuation Theory indicating that cultural factors have a higher influence on a

Table 1: Previous Studies on Factors Influencing Knowledge Sharing. Cultural Identity

Paternalism as A Predictor of Leadership Behaviors: A Bi-Level Analysis | SpringerLink

GEUnderstanding the self syllabus.docx | Self | Competence (Human Resources)

Examples of Culture Identity Structure

Business economics - Didactics, Economic Pedagogy

Davidson, A.R., Jaccard, J.J., Triandis, H.C., Morales, M.L., & Diaz-Guerrero, R. (1976). Cross-cultural model testing: Towards a solution of the etic-emic ...

Aaker & Maheswaran (1997)