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Tiny microplastics travel far on the wind ESSC 320 Oceanography

Tiny microplastics travel far on the wind ESSC 320 Oceanography


... ESSC 320 Oceanography by Serena Poli. Airborne bits of plastic that originated in cities ended up in pristine mountains at least 95

How openings in Antarctic sea ice affect worldwide climate

Time series of ( a ) the total mass of marine microplastic at

The window for saving the world's coral reefs is rapidly closing: The world's reefs are under siege from global warming

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Gastropod pedal mucus retains microplastics and promotes the uptake of particles by marine periwinkles

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(a) Location of survey area, (b) surface sampling positions and microplastic abundance per m3, (c) sub-surface sampling positions and microplastic abundance ...

Seasonal wind roses of data collected by the ISPRA weather station in the

As sea level rises, wetlands crank up their carbon storage -- ScienceDaily

Supplementary material to “A Global Inventory of Small Floating Plastic Debris”

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Illustration by Eric Taylor, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Earth's oceans have absorbed 60 percent more heat than previously thought

Counts of microplastics in different size classes (1-4) as a function of

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Scientists around the United States are developing programs that can predict harmful algal blooms in advance.

.1 Main categories of litter from sea-and land-based sources .

Decadal evolution of microplastic concentration in the GPGP. Mean (circles) and standard error (whiskers) of microplastic mass concentrations measured by ...

Figure 2: Platforms of the Cretan Sea biogeochemical-ecosystem observatory.

Figure 1. (a) Bathymetric map of the Red Sea. (b)

To date, the Inner Harbor Water Wheel has collected more than 350 tons (320 metric tons) of garbage, or 85 full dumpsters. Photo courtesy of Inhabitat ...

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Graph showing Temperature projections for 2018 and 2019 provided by Dr Gavin Schmidt in late November 2018, using data from NASA GISTemp.


Description of the proportion of (a) microplastics and (b) copepod species of

The Archipelago of Hope - Wisdom and Resilience from the Edge of Climate…

Graphic explaining how plastics don't go away. Source: Biotecnika. Microplastics ...

Microplastic sampling

What will it take to get plastics out of the ocean?

Swimming across the Pacific Ocean: Ben Lecomte's 5,300-mile journey - Business Insider


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IGPN - International Green Purchasing Network

Plastic Ocean: How a Sea Captain's Chance Discovery Launched a Determined Quest to Save the Oceans Kindle Edition

Fukushima Radiation

Serena Poli

3. Beach Clean Up & By Foot

ESA SKIM-MPRC-TN1 SKIM-MPRC TN-1: Science applications of the SKIM mission

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Find The Fish Ocean Plastic Pollution

'Where Does Your Plastic Go?' Poster We should not recycle more but buy

Andre Dick Vethaak | PhD | Deltares, Delft | Department of Marine and Coastal Systems

Open AccessArticle

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To date, the Inner Harbor Water Wheel has collected more than 350 tons (320

Water, Air, & Soil Pollution

Framework for enhancing global plastics governance

Keep pinning to raise awareness of the microbead problem. Check your products before you buy

7 Days Vitamin Water Bottle

CJA 2018 General Excellence: San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 23, 2018 by Simon Birch - issuu

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A leap forward in estimating crop water use

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Great Pacific Garbage Patch cleanup array to launch in Pacific Ocean - Business Insider


Six examples of benthic litter items observed during surveys in the... | Download Scientific Diagram


Figure 2. Two versions of the ramped P* control rule, where the buffer

South African Journal of Science Volume 115 Issue 1/2 by South African Journal of Science - issuu

13Pathways for marine litter

Plastic Bag Ocean Pollution, Plastic Pollution, Environmental Posters, Environmental Issues, Plastic Bags

Figure 13.1 Species richness of a) game, b) mushroom and c) wild food plant species (based on Schulp et al. 2014a).

"Egg"cellent Review Basket: A fun way to incorporate a review of all skills taught

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Paul Manafort officially forfeits Trump Tower condo to U.S. government - Axios

“It's certainly ambitious,” oceanographer Kim Martini, who has studied the Ocean Cleanup campaign, tells WIRED. “It oversimplifies a very complicated ...

eBay urged to spin off companies after prolonged underperformance - Axios

Trendy environmental t-shirt design with slogan “Find the fish” and save the

ENB Report | Ocean Conference | 5-9 Jun 2017 | New York, US | IISD Reporting Services

It's human nature ...

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Direct discharge[edit]

NSA hacking tools released by Shadow Brokers spark new security debate - Axios


Impact of Pollution on Phytoplankton and Implications for Marine Econiches | SpringerLink

The beach on Henderson Island covered in rubbish

... a marine mammal scientist, phytoplankton scientists, zooplankton scientists, and fisheries scientists, and oceanographers. Image Source: Alexa Kownacki

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From our homes to our workplaces, schools, supermarkets, shopping centers and places in

We could be swallowing more than 100 tiny plastic particles with every main meal, a

From the journal:

16 female former FBI recruits sue bureau for sexual harassment, racial discrimination - Axios