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This one is a cool representation of Phantom 2040 as an actual comic

This one is a cool representation of Phantom 2040 as an actual comic


This one is a cool representation of Phantom 2040 as an actual comic instead of just

Watch Phantom 2040 Show Online full episodes for Free. Stream cartoon Phantom 2040 Show series online with HQ high quality.

Lee Falk - Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks. Falk created the character so of course I'm going to like his representation best.

Phantom 2040

Phantom 2040

Phantom's Universe Character Card #01 - The Phantom

Comic Strip / The Phantom

Which one of you pigs keeps cleaning out our

Phantom 2040 (1994 - 1996) - [intro 1] [intro 2]

Dynamite® The Last Phantom #2

From ...

See that spandex and lack of pupils in the mask? The Phantom was the first

Batman beyond vs phantom 2040

Phantom, thinking as he runs up to and tackles two unsuspecting guards: 'The

If you're playing the Genesis version of Adamantium Rage you might get to see this at the end.

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All images: Paramount Pictures

BW Media Spotlight

David Palmer, pouring tea: 'Those agents think that I know more about Lamanda

So an art question, because I honestly have no idea, would the artist generally

There are other interesting technological twists, such as instead of people hooked on narcotics they now look for hits of Virtual Reality projection ...

Comic Book Reviews for October 5, 2016

Phantom 2040: The Ghost Who Walks (DVD Used Very Good)

Kadia, as she and Heloise board the plane: 'There's no friend.'

Steve Ditko


Who's There? (The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves #38, 1967)

Why do great cartoon heroes have such garbage nephews? The Gojipedia refers to Godzooky as a juvenile kaiju—which is honestly all I aspire to, myself.

The PHANTOM Comic Lee Falks #1 - #3. The Ghost Who Walks Marvel

Comics' Lost Audience: An Analysis of the Decreased Popular Interest in American Comic Books


In addition, Year One echos the Green Hornet's ancestry to the Lone Ranger in a roundabout way. Similar to the film Legend of the Lone Ranger

Written by Sydney-based author Christopher Sequeira with art by fellow New South Wales resident Jason Paulos, the series will be advertised inside the rear ...

#4 Slimer, The Real Ghostbusters

The Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks #1 Vol. 1 (1995) Marvel

Viewers ...

Partially ...

Jim Aparo drew "The Man with No Heart!" in THE PHANTOM STRANGER #14, July–Aug. 1971.

The Defenders of the Earth

It was slowly discovered that publishers could repackage old comic strips in magazine format and sell these collections, ...

Wein wrote, in collaboration with Marv Wolfman, "Eye of the Beholder" from TEEN TITANS #18, Nov.–Dec. 1968. It was drawn by Bill Draut.

On general principle, I protest the new Robocop movie. It's probably not going to be all that bad (none of this recent glut of remakes are; ...

But he is super fluffy, and he strengthens the show's James Bond riff (exactly what you want in a Saturday Morning Cartoon?) and whenever Claw pounds his ...

Promo art for "Outsiders" (2003). Art by Tom Raney.


The Phantom Is Racist?

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These first 7 issues are pretty much one interchangeable arc that I couldn't see to split up and cover as separate stories. We look back at the past through ...

The Phantom

Phantom 2040 Movie: The Ghost Who Walks (DVD, 2004)

September, October, November, December

Phantom novels - Cover to The Story of the Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks,



Liefeld's artwork from Youngblood

Kizil maske (1968)

phantom 2040

The Coming of the Krills (Amazing Adult Fantasy #8)

From "The Human Target in The Assassin-Express Contract!" drawn by Carmine Infantino and Dick Giordano. It ran in ACTION COMICS #419, December 1972.

In my notes I had Kowl down as “that owl thing from She-Ra.” Kowl seemed to be an attempt to recreate that Orko magic, except She-Ra already had Madame Razz ...

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive

Boddicker gets the best of a stunned Robocop and manages to escape in a copter, slicing off Robo's arm in the process.

The Phantom Ghost Who Walks #5 Moonstone Comics Nm

“You take her horse. I'll watch over her like she was my own daughter.”

Anyway this comic is real good stuff and I recommend if you check out anything from the Dynamite stable, that this is the one to go with.

Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon (March 4, 1934). Flash and Thun rush to stop the wedding of Ming and Dale.

I'm on a mission now to find more panels with Superman dealing with marine

Captain America Comics No.1

Phantom (comics) - Image: Phantomissue 12mikebullock

May, June, July, August

Frequent Spielberg collaborator David Koepp is writing the script.

It is the conversation every anime fan dreads. You watch a series like One Piece or Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 and you're convinced a friend or family ...

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Previous issues of this have seemed off, but this one worked out fine, simply because Brubaker accepted one of life's general truths: there is no character ...

Amazing Spiderman by Steve Ditko

When reading SyFy's initial announcement of the project, I thought the plot sounded like it was inspired too much by that of Phantom 2040, an average, ...


Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive Review - Screenshot 4 of 5

Dixon is fairly noteworthy among fans as someone who knows how to write action comics. Based on his Punisher and Batman runs, I was actually looking forward ...

#14 Chomp-Chomp and Sour Puss, Pac-Man: The Animated Series

Fictional character biography[edit]

And dogs in comics. And

The Legend of Prince Valiant

Phantom: 2040/The Ghost Who Walks Lot (1995) Marvel VF/NM

Godzooky working to help humans. Do you hate humans? Most of you are one, you know.

The Phantom (serial) - DVD cover art

Fan Fiction: This ...

Sacha Baron Cohen May Play a Famous Comic Strip Magician

Spawn the Dark Ages 1