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This is accurate cherry Posted withrepost refinery29 Easters

This is accurate cherry Posted withrepost refinery29 Easters


This is accurate.... #cherry Posted @withrepost @refinery29 Easter's over

Claritza Y. Sanchez 🇵🇷🇺🇸 on Instagram: “Nope. Taurus & Gemini need to change snacks! Posted @withrepost • @refinery29 🥨What's your go-to?

#giddycupcake somehow sounds appropriate 🤣 Posted @withrepost • @justgirlproject What's your name!

Posted @withrepost • @justgirlproject Who are you?! #justgirlproject

Claritza Y. Sanchez 🇵🇷🇺🇸 on Instagram: “Posted @withrepost • @refinery29 🍪 Which sign looks like a snack to you 👀👀.”

Claritza Y. Sanchez 🇵🇷🇺🇸 on Instagram: “Posted @withrepost • @refinery29 The real question is, which sign is the funniest drunk 👀👀👀? #WorldMalbecDay”

#cheddarmakesitbetter Posted @withrepost @refinery29 ok but what sign doesnt creep into the fridge

Posted @withrepost • @refinery29uk

Claritza Y. Sanchez 🇵🇷🇺🇸 on Instagram: “Posted @withrepost • @refinery29 🧁🍪Tag that one friend in your group whose parents always had the best snacks.

Claritza Y. Sanchez 🇵🇷🇺🇸 on Instagram: “Hmm. I only like pineapples 🍍 in my piña colada Posted @withrepost • @refinery29 Tag someone 🍓sweet🍊.”

Hehehe Posted @withrepost • @refinery29 Did y'all know @refinery29france is a thing now 👀🔥”

Posted @withrepost • @exploringlondon Happy Saturday guys, I'm on my way

Claritza Y. Sanchez 🇵🇷🇺🇸 on Instagram: “Posted @withrepost • @refinery29 🥖🥖Honestly, you're welcome, #Virgos 🥖🥖.”

Beautiful time of the year because Spring is here and it is full of colours,

Claritza Y. Sanchez 🇵🇷🇺🇸 on Instagram: “Posted @withrepost • @refinery29 🦜🦚If ur a bird, I'm a bird (but are our signs compatible?)

These women are my life and today is the birthday of one them. My aunt

Enjoy our Easter weekend Specials! 🐰 🐣 🌺 🧺 #askforjoe 🍷 . . . #lennysclambar #howardbeach #celebrate #seafood #forkyeah #eatupnyc #buzzfeast #nomnomnom ...

Claritza Y. Sanchez 🇵🇷🇺🇸 on Instagram: “Posted @withrepost • @refinery29 🌌Tag a #StarWars fan. #MayTheFourth be with you all 🌑✨”

So my story is quite long winded, so im going to break it down for

Claritza Y. Sanchez 🇵🇷🇺🇸 - @claritzayvonne Instagram Profile - My Social Mate

Posted @withrepost • @theemmapress I am so proud to have published 'The Adventures

Posted @withrepost • @kara_bo_beer_a Cheers to the weekend! I wanna shout out my

Claritza Y. Sanchez 🇵🇷🇺🇸 on Instagram: “Pink heart! So true! Posted @ withrepost • @delish Ughghg looks like I *have* to buy another one.

Screening daily through 4/25 #movies #Directedbywomen #cinemadetroit Posted @withrepost • @littlewoodsfilm #LittleWoods is NOW PLAYING! See the film that ...

One of the most exciting things about Mecca Max is, it's guilt free beauty 🥰

Posted @withrepost • @sonofdimsum PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE! One of the dishes that is must order and they prepared it very well here.

Save the Date 💜🎉 Fun night planned for you to come Shop &

Female Strong is recognizing that the oppression of women had / has many forms. Check

I don't have the clap but I can most definitely relate to the rest

zk zorus zoeser zodok ken ( @zorusken201211_ )

... Y en Guadalajara festejamos al libro asiii... y de paso no nos olvidamos ...

Posted @withrepost • @cafune.official Introducing COVE, a new colour that echoes

@refinery29 , I'm into it! #luxe


Talking about a not so popular topic today in my stories...White Privilege

I have seen so many of your beautiful pages and was so motivated to create one

About yesterdays lunch.... #latergram #photography #foodphotography #cheescakefactory #pizza #buffaloblasts

Posted @withrepost • @kara_bo_beer_a Founder's BA Better Half. Smooth molasses, boozy,

Posted @withrepost • @fourteenninety | Let's start something. 💛🖤💛🖤 •

Semoga yang bergabung PROGRAM KEHAMILANNYA di tahun 2019 ini bisa secepatnya HAMIL dan mempunyai MOMONGAN,


Kim Fischer ( @kimfischerzenlife )

We don't often get a choice in being hurt, but we do get

Rp @planting.vegan.seeds • • • • • #govegan #vegan

Join Us this Sunday (04-28) for GREEK EASTER DINNER by our Head Chef 👩 🍳 Antigoni!!! ⭐ $39 Dinner Menu - choice of Goat stuffed with seasoned rice, ...

[Brought to you by the former “The PPI Women of Power Hours” ( @iTunes ) Guest, The Musical Phenom that is Tia P.!!!👏🏽] #Repost Posted @withrepost ...

Go Check It Out This Weekend! #BEMG Posted @

In news: it's me⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Posted @withrepost • @jacintadimase 🗣

If you think its hard to talk about class, try talking about *race*

Stories about #DScolor

More pictures to show how amazing this morning went! There was lots of laughter,

... [16] O olho mais azul - Toni Morrison.Com as mudanças de rotina ...

If you haven't tried our Cinnamon Burst Coffee Cake, today is the perfect

This post by @theintuitive_rd is SO good because it's helpful in reframing our learned thoughts and beliefs about weight. This post and episode 111 of ...

🧡craftycleavage 🍻 @siponwhat with @get_repost ・・・ It's #ThirstyTuesday, and

I was trying to take a decent photo of this incredible novel I've just

Faux mink vegan eyelashes! #GuiltFreeBeauty would you believe many false eyelashes are actually made

Lambades & Easter Baskets filled with delicious Greek Desserts available at #VictorySweetShop or on www.Etsy.com under “CraftsByAntigoni”.

#nationalpizzaday #pizza #photography #foodie #foodphotography

Oppression exists in all different shapes and forms. It's rooted deep in society and we

Dear Guruji… we got you a small gift for your birthday, but it is

Repost from @ellepoetry using @RepostRegramApp - river | february 26th 2018 .

Had the pleasure of meeting this weeks #MugWomanWednesday a few weeks ago in NYC and

... Como ya se acerca el día del niño les dejo una reseña a tomar en cuenta ...

We wish everyone a wonderful weekend with family and friends.

Posted @withrepost • @thenewyorkcannabistimes #Repost @thepinkhaze • • • • • Pointing out the obvious here.

Any idea what @manahyl is wearing? It's a digital print kurta by @ideaspret

Pastor Shirley Caesar #FirstLadyOfGospelMusic #QueenOfGospelMusic #DeltaSigmaTheta #Deltas #1913 #DST1913 #

#Repost @mashionpk (@get_repost) ・・・ Any idea what @manahyl

Round 2 6 people attended and sharing personal experiences and best of all giving resources to

Powerful Women Are Making News!! Check out the Holiday edition of “Women in the News” on The Pink Purse International Times, to learn more about these ...

Local ladies in the north Dallas area! We would love for you to join us

Reposted with @withrepost • @in16yearsofendo It's disgraceful how many of us have been treated

Yesterday. 🎥 If you are in the Yorktown, NY area, join us Monday for a screening of No Letting Go, the movie, followed by a facilitated conversation with ...

This weeks #MugWomanWednesday, @nubiancraftbeerprincess said it best - "Its a lot easier

You guys know I really Love Pink💘 This is look I created Today With @urbandecaycosmetics naked cherry palette @nyxcosmetics_baltics eyeshadow base and ...

Henry Cavill News: Ace Comic Con Day 3: Justice League Panel, Superman Q&A

#aword today's a new moment to live w/no shame in #recharging #


The calendar has turned, but the days of the week stay the same! It's

... Emoción total cuando @elisita.victoria me ha firmado #vozdevieja 🌺#santjordi ...

For this special Anzac Day edition of #ThursdayBooksandBeer I'm reading a wartime novel

Happy 72nd Birthday to our Guru, our Artistic Director of the #jhankaarSchoolOfDance #DrRanjitLalloo

Shamsha Hashwani will be showcasing Bayram, along with an array of new designs at her

Happy Easter, we can't wait to see everyone. 🐣🐰🐣 Remember to Tag Us ‼ 🍧 📍•Queens•8914 Roosevelt Ave,11372. 📍•Brooklyn•4711 5th ave,11220.

յօ-ʍí ( @creatrix1123 ). 𝙱𝙴𝙻𝙸𝙴𝚅𝙴✨ Posted @withrepost ...

#Repost @girlgaze with @get_repost ・・・ We are all human — women are human, trans and non-binary people are human, those who are disabled are human, ...

I hope you're having a wonderful Easter weekend. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

A note to our followers: we are temporarily closing intake to focus on finding homes

Sophia Bush post on Instagram

I am learning so much from black, brown and Indigenous authors and thought leaders!

You are allowed to feel like this. You are allowed to take your time. You are allowed to heal in your own way. You are allowed to gravitate away from that ...

I am really bad with checkin in these days🙈. Trying to change that👍

WEEKLY CHALLENGE: We set you the task of being in bed by 11pm each night

No matter their identity, there is ALWAYS room for someone's feminism to be more race

Joined the Y. 🧘 ♂ 🏋 ♀ 🤽 ♀️

Here's a Special Easter Edition #STFUSundayRead via @shereadsshenoms. What are you reading this

And the “Essence of Love” (Tamil) is now out on @indianraga YouTube! 🌊 Full link: https://youtu.be/nE1dhMFLKW4 'Krishnas conch' 🦚 🕺🏽choreo: gorg ...

New tea place opened in Flushing ! 20% off of everything until April 25th #yelpqueens

Do you also have to lock your room and eat food while menstruating in Ramadan?