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This has very ambiguous wording so if this person meant all acearo

This has very ambiguous wording so if this person meant all acearo


This has very ambiguous wording, so if this person meant all ace/aro people and not just the cishets and cis aroaces, I d… | Ace discourse (I'm exclus) ...

This has very ambiguous wording, so if this person meant all ace/aro people and not just the cishets and cis aroaces, I d… | Ace discourse (I'm exclus) ...

I have a name, Yes

I have a name, Yes

Reposting some old posts so that they fit my theme. . . . . #

I have a name, Yes

I have a name, Yes

-ASEXUAL PEOPLE MAY STILL EXPERIENCE ROMANTIC ATTRACTION -Asexual people may still have and enjoy sex, and it doesn't make them any less acepic.twitter.com/ ...

I have a name, Yes

I have a name, Yes

I have a name, Yes

I have a name, Yes

I have a name, Yes

Because Asexuality isn't criminalised, and these “stereotypes” are perpetrating superiority,

Rotten Zucchinis — incoherent ramblings re: romantic attraction &.


This!! Ive been waiting for a great post about amatonormativity for a while now

Queer NONFICTION pathfinder_2

What about intersex people?! Please stop erasing us! We're literally the most silenced group in the LGBTQIA+ Community. There's an I in there, and it ...

The aspec community has created a lot pf new terminology that can help us to make

These images are designed for a 300DPI print at a standard credit-card size.

Obviously, the modern conceptualization of asexuality is slightly different than what he describes, but what really stands out is the fact that at the end ...

Good Angel

jesus this is so fucking embarrassing just say you hate lgbt people and move on you actual dimwit

That being said, I particularly appreciated the section that explained why a person (like myself) may not choose to label themselves, and that that's a ...

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5 Probability – definition P(X) means probability that ...

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Book review: Robert Hudson's novel is Downton with tuna

2nd Saturday Workshop Series: Watercolor Words – Sept. 9th

Backlist Book of the Month: Dating Sarah ...

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Education and Urban Life:Â 20 Years of Educating Cities

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3 Outline Prob theory intro Text prediction Intro to LM Perplexity Smoothing Caching Clustering Parsing CFG Homework

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Reposting for kicks, it's the same argument inclusionist regurgitate to make Cishet ace/aro

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Hey, Hello, I'm still alive! Sorry for not posting anything for

Now, although this photograph captures the slogan, it is completely ambiguous. We read the words but we have little or no idea about their environment or ...

Reciprosexual and Recipromantic Spiral Notebook

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Classification of intron sites by conservation in protein alignments, as used in (Csűrös and Miklós, 2006; Csurös, 2008).

General Gay and Queer:

Although short, Taken packs in a real punch! It had such a unique dark romance aspect to it, If it were for the idea itself - I would give it all the ...

Taxonomy of the methods of historical biogeography

Table 1. Questions on sport-specific tasks (see also Table S1).

Regular expression used to find pronouns in a text. It is divided in three parts

Pauses In a typical system, the most reliable indicator of pause location is punctuation.

Comment on this post! Thought his would be an interesting thought to explore,

A “watercolor name” example

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Tahoe Repair Manual

For most of the outlying 13% of the scenes, the height of ambiguity band was not correctly resolved in the first interferometric processing attempt and will ...



A friend of mine requested this one. Same one who requested the wheat & wheat by-products picture I did. She said that she wanted a propaganda picture ...

Earn money and win an iPhone X.

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My story's on the right, in darker marker; it was a “Hold” at first, and he decided to add it at the end, when he ...

As with previous yard sales, all this is for a limited time only, specifically for the purposes of clearing some much needed office space, and I expect (I ...

It's human nature to learn from external stimuli, so everytime a person picks up a book. Without a single doubt, we take away something from it. Even if ...

Phylogenetic trees of Notch and Delta/Serrate/Jagged.

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Figure 2 The general framework of multimodal information fusion in human computer dialog.

Table of Contents

An image of the Star Trek fotonovel for Amok Time highlighting a misspelling (“Checkov

Humans have a Language Model Ultimate goal is that a speech recognizer performs a good as

Thank you all so much! We are pleased to share Keep Our Homes Detroit EXCEEDED OUR GOAL of $100,000!

Backlist Book of the Month: How to Repair a Mechanical Heart by J.C. Lillis

The mind can use a good fuck every now and then

Huang X., Acero A., Hon H.-W. Spoken Language

All posts by Radmila Schweitzer

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single source of truth for sales, inventory and order data

Sooo I'll just do this so that you guys get to know me ;

0. ☕ . . . . #transphobia#biphobia#lgbt#transgender#enby

Heyo its a post dump -Toby 🎨 Xe/Xir 🏳 🌈 Asexual ♤. Heyo it's ...

And all of those options are totally okay. Image result for rainbow banner line ...

English-speaking adults' sensitivity to the tight-fit–loose-fit and

New Plan Comics (or NPC for short) will be the binding property holder of all my characters to date and in the future including. Turbulence

Why We Used Trans* and Why We Don't Anymore-- Trans Student.org


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Important issue, but extremely funny headline. How do we knock any sense into Alabama

Articles on Criminal Law

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@started_as_a_ally_now_im_queer This explanation doesn't make any sense, because CISgender HETerosexual aro and