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These days many people seem to think of horses as vehicles rather

These days many people seem to think of horses as vehicles rather


The Great Horse-Manure Crisis of 1894

From horseless to driverless

By 1917, New York was the epicenter for the country's automobile sales rather than urban horses. Shops that sold wagons, carriages, harnesses, and saddlery ...

People needed to borrow money to pay for them. “Installment credit and the automobile were both cause and consequence of each other's success.”[20]

How to Reduce Transport Stress in Horses

There was nothing like the horses' illness to demonstrate that such a large part of the American economy and its jobs revolved around horses.

A Little Big History of Horses


Bring back the horses

9 reasons you should buy a new car instead of a used car

"The Grand Gala Berlin", a luxury carriage constructed in Rome during the first half of the nineteenth century, is the work of two pontiffs: Leo XII, ...

Bonnie and Clyde's getaway car has hidden lessons for cops in the self-driving vehicle era

The new General Motors concept Hummer H2 sport utility truck is on display April 10,

From here to autonomyAutonomous-vehicle technology is advancing ever faster

9 Things Drivers Need to Stop Saying in the Bikes vs. Cars Debate

Myth Busted: Idling wastes fuel!

Captain Al Williams, noted speed flyer and driver, and Marvin McIntyre, Secretary to

The 5 Ways People Ruin Their Cars

Philadelphia Car Show Revs Up For The Weekend

Horse idioms and proverbs

CANADA - FEBRUARY 18: Reindeer or Horse Power? Lamborghini?s LM002 has everything


There are many horse idioms and phrases in English.


Robert Bevan The Cab Horse c.1910

Google's self-driving car: How does it work and when can we drive one? | Technology | The Guardian

Riders battle for the calf at a buzkashi event in Balkh province, northern Afghanistan.

'For me, this is paradise': life in the Spanish city that banned cars

2018 Chevrolet Cruze Hatch Diesel review


When Will Electric Cars Go Mainstream? It May Be Sooner Than You ThinkWhen Will Electric Cars Go Mainstream? It May Be Sooner Than You Think

Horses in the Middle Ages

A prototype of Cruise's autonomous Chevy Bolt.

Rider on galloping horse

Most of those 'traditional' hulks of the muscle car world have long since disappeared or morphed into very different machines.

In 1890, there were an estimated 300,000 horses in London, which at that time had a human population of around 4.5 million (or 1 horse for every 15 people).

Ask The Drive: Why Do Cars Have Two Headlights?

The Plymouth Prowler is on display 07 January at t


horse with bellyband

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Future Electric Cars The Battery-powered Cars That Will Be On The Roads Within The

A World Without Work

The Kickass Machines of the NYPD

Workers assembling a Chevy Bolt electric vehicle at the Orion Assembly Plant in Orion Township,

... horseshoes and wheels must have made a terrible racket, and traffic accidents were no less frequent than they are today. Moreover, being a horse in the ...

By the late 1910s, cities became inhospitable to the poor horse. Slippery asphalt was replacing dirt roads, neighborhoods began banning stables, ...

The 2000 Ford Excursion that became available in October 1999.

The future of the left: So why do most countries drive on the right?

A 1958 Edsel convertible made by Ford, 1958. (Photo by Underwood Archives/

Automotive historians seem to have entirely overlooked the fact that Camille Jenatzy manufactured his own automobiles

Sacrifices to the Modern Moloch, a cartoon published in The New York Times, satirising the indifference from the society regarding the increasing on ...

Ice and Economics

The best way to determine what a consumer really wants is to look at what a consumer spends his money on.

Popular: Skoda Ireland says 22 per cent of its new cars in 2015 were ordered

Pontiac, which has been savaged by critics for the design of its Aztek sport utility

Charley Horse

Do horses get tired?


Mythbusting: American vs European vs Asian Cars

Amish People and Amish Culture

Realtime Robotics motion planning chip for autonomous vehicles


“Even though we are seeing a major shift in terms of millennials' consumption behavior being different from prior generations, I do think that vehicles ...

The Horse In Motion (1878)

TAKEN: How police departments make millions by seizing property

If you like the sun, and you like cars, then I'm guessing you'd love to have a solar-powered car, right? This trick works well for chocolate and peanut ...

Everything You Need for Your Badass Road Trip: 53 Item Packing List

Riding horses[edit]

James Ward Packard, the inventive engineer who founded the Packard Motor Company, is shown

How in the hell…

On 17 November, 1905, two National Model C cars began the 24 hour,

Download figure ...

1935 Mercedes-Benz Type 770The Mercedes-Benz Type 770 limousine, built from 1930

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Electric Cars on the Rise

We would rather walk for 20 minutes to save our money for ice-cream and show empathy for those horses because they must feel frustrated when seeing ...