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The man beneath the monster by Muirin007 on DeviantArt Phantom of

The man beneath the monster by Muirin007 on DeviantArt Phantom of


The man beneath the monster by Muirin007.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Muirin007 497 35 Bedewed With Pleasures by Muirin007

Erik at work by *Muirin007

Haunted House Reactions - Paris, 1881 by Muirin007

Muirin007 1,252 204 Of Gods and Ghosts by Muirin007

Muirin007 972 132 In Persia by Muirin007

Muirin007 399 31 Come Live With Me And Be My Love by Muirin007

If by *Muirin007 on deviantART (Random thing, if you have any fondness for Phantom of the Opera, look up this lady. She loves it too, and her art is amazing ...

Muirin007 339 15 Summer Lovin' by Muirin007

The Vicomte and the Chorus Girl by Muirin007 ...

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We Said Things In The Dark by Muirin007 ...

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Three Words by Muirin007 ...

Perchance To Dream by Muirin007 ...

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Angel of Death by Muirin007 ...

Erik Profile by Muirin007 ...

Corvinerium 227 116 Christine by Muirin007

Phantom Shenanigans by SKShigan

Ugly by Muirin007 ...

Phantom Erik

Muirin007 149 55 Timeless--Antique by Muirin007

Muirin007 415 32 Pity by Muirin007

La Vicomtesse de Chagny by Muirin007

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Muirin007 658 45 Leroux Christine redesign by Muirin007

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Sass Master by Muirin007 ...

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Valentine's Day: You're Doing it Wrong by Muirin007

EriksDesdemona 244 44 Phantom by kana-plz

depplosion 184 50 Yet in his eyes... by mayonakaryoko

Phantom of the Oprah, page 9 by Muirin007 ...

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... This week on Maury: Love Never Dies! by Muirin007

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masquerade sketch by poperart

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Katikut 543 34 Roses by Muirin007

Muirin007: Professional nerd : Photo

Muirin007 718 38 Erik In Ink by Muirin007

Author has written 6 stories for Phantom of the Opera.

The man beneath the monster :iconmuirin007: Muirin007 926 208 American Politics by Muirin007

Raaaaage! by Muirin007.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Fill Senses Muirin007 Deviantart · Erik Phantom of the Opera Fan Art

Muirin007 306 28 Angel of Music Design by Muirin007

In The Shallows

#erik #france #ghost #girl #love #man #mask #music #mystery #oneshot # opera #other #phanfiction #phantom #phantomoftheopera #romance #suspense #woman

Muirin007 Ve Wanted Christine

In The Shallows

art by muirin007 phantom of the opera with cat

Leroux Christine redesign by Muirin007 ...

deviantART Phantom of the Opera Unmasked

Surrender to Your Darkest Dreams by *Muirin007 on deviantART. Find this Pin and more on Phantom ...

SKShigan 9 3 A Very Phantom Christmas by Muirin007

Erik Phantom of the Opera deviantART

... Lying Delilah by Muirin007

Pin by Luna on Phantom of the Opera in 2019 | Opera ghost, Phantom of the Opera, Opera

Opera Phantom of the Devil S Children · deviantART Loki Muirin007

Muirin007 864 86 Flowing Complexity by Muirin007

The unmasking by EriksDesdemona.deviantart.com on @deviantART


Three Words Muirin007 Deviantart · Love Person Face Of God. Love Person Face Of God · Man Beneath Monster

Muirin007 619 59 Touch Has A Memory by Muirin007

The Angel of Doom by MarieMaillard on DeviantArt

Fill Senses Muirin007 Deviantart · Fill Senses Muirin007 Deviantart · Erik Phantom of the ...

Muirin007 273 116 Adagio by Muirin007

Erik by kilderok.deviantart.com on @deviantART

The man beneath the monster :iconmuirin007: Muirin007 930 208 The Devil's Sonata by Muirin007

Fantom-Stein: Frankenstein's monster becomes the Phantom of the Opera!

The man beneath the monster :iconmuirin007: Muirin007 931 209 Erik Busts by Muirin007

muirin007: ““ “Don't you see? I'm not the spirit of any age. I'm at odds with everything and always have been! I have never belonged anywhere with anyone at ...

Music of the Night Sketch by Muirin007

#erik#phantom#art. Find this Pin and ...

Those Eyes That Burn by Muirin007 ...

Someone drew the Charles Dance Phantom! That mask just kills me, though...ERIK!!! :'(

Les Miserables Movie, Opera Ghost, Masked Man, Music Of The

Modern Christine Colored by Muirin007 ...

Merry belated Christmas and happy New Year from Christine and Erik, who has finally given in to Christine's insisting he actually set up a tree. A gift for ...