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The control column of the Betty Bomber Admiral Yamamoto was shot

The control column of the Betty Bomber Admiral Yamamoto was shot


A coordinated effort by the U.S. military in April 1943 resulted in the death of Admiral


Rust In Peace 1975

A Lockheed P-38G Lightning of the 339th Squadron, 347th Fighter Group, shoots down a Mitsubishi G4M1 bomber carrying Pearl Harbor mastermind Admiral Isoroku ...


P-38 pilot Roger Ames, an American eyewitness, tells of the shooting down

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A Betty bomber similar to one carrying Yamamoto goes down in the Pacific, trailing flame.

Mitsubishi Betty Bomber & Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto 一式陸攻と山本五十六

P-38 Lightnings approach as, Doug Canning breaks radio silence to call the sighting of Admiral Yamamoto's flight over the pacific island of Bourganville, ...

Historical Eye

The control column of the Betty Bomber Admiral Yamamoto was shot down in over Bougainville. Housed at the MacArthur Museum Brisbane Australia

P-38G Miss Virginia

G4M Betty Bomber used by Admiral Yamamoto Display Model. Image 1. Loading zoom

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Mitsubishi G4M1 Model 11. Admiral Yamamoto Transport

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Hitler Hated This: Why Nazi Germany Feared the P-38 Lightning

The crashed remains of Yamamoto's Mitsubishi "Betty" bomber in a Bougainville jungle.

... US Army Air Corps Lockheed "Lightning", flown by Lt. Rex Barber, shoots down Japanese Mitsubishi "Betty" bomber with Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto aboard.

721st Kōkūtai G4M2e bomber carrying an Ohka (image of a plastic model)

It was not until the end of the war that the New York Times revealed the essential role that code-breaking had played in shooting down Yamamoto's G4M Betty ...

Major John W. Mitchell. Leader of Yamamoto Mission

Admiral Isoruoku Yamamoto led the Imperial Japanese Navy into war but warned that the United States

Mitsubishi G4M Betty (japan)

... who probably (though he was not initially credited) shot down the Misubishi 'Betty' bomber carrying Japanese Admiral Yamamoto over Bougainville on 18 ...

G4M1 Betty bomber control horn - Admiral I T Yamamoto, Imperial Japanese Navy. Current page of 2. REL/01198

The XP-38 Lightning prototype was about as graceful looking as a 1930s airplane could get, but its clean lines were deceiving and disguised some major ...

A combined force of American and Royal New Zealand Air Force dive bombers taxi to a runway on the island of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea on April 16, ...

Historian says Oregonian Rex Barber shot down Yamamoto in World War II

P-38H of the AAF Tactical Center, Orlando Army Air Base, Florida, carrying two 1,000 lb bombs during capability tests in March 1944

Grumman F4F-3 Wildcats of VF-5 (Fighting Squadron 5) fly a tight formation near their home, the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown (CV-5).

Yamamoto's Betty wrecksite open to visitors again.

A 1944 photo shows U.S. troops on Bougainville in Papua New Guinea where Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto


... shot down Admiral Yamamoto.” HISTORY CORNER: 9

Trips ...

Photo #: 80-G-161595 Admiral William F. Halsey, Jr.

JPG · 3aedu4.

A P-38F Lightning.

Yamamoto's ashes on Musashi

P-38 Lightning ...

... the depiction of the shooting down of the "Betty" bomber carrying Admiral Yamamoto by attacking American P-38 fighters over Bougainville in New Guinea.


Click For Enlargment. Control yoke from Yamamoto's G4M1 Betty ...

“Interior view of the fuselage and cockpit of a Mitsubishi G4M “Betty” Japanese bomber on New Britain in September 1945.”

In the course of the Pacific War, the Japanese lost practically all of its warships and aircrafts. They also lost two key commanders, Admiral Yamamoto and ...

HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse underway with a destroyer on 10 December 1941 (

Japanese fighters and bombers lay abandoned at Atsugi Naval air base at the end of the war.

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Betty bombers during an air raid over Darwin, Australia.

P-38G Miss Virginia

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A Mitsubishi G4M2 on the ground.

When U.S. Naval Intelligence intercepted the travel plans of Imperial Japanese Navy Admiral Isokoru Yamamoto the chance to “Get Yamamoto” was too good to ...

G4M; G4M Betty ...

National Archives Photo 80-G- ...

JINETE 4: CONQUISTA (ISOROKU YAMAMOTO): fue un marino y político japonés,

HISTORY CORNER: 2. PUBLIC DOMAIN Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto ...

Photo #: NH 52362 The five Sullivan Brothers

Notes on the Avenger Torpedo Bomber


A History of the 70th Bombardment Squadron (M) in early World War II

AMERICAN BOMBER AIRCRAFT VOL. II Boeing B-29 Superfortress John M. Campbell .

P-38G Miss Virginia

By David Wilson

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A Mitsubishi G4M “Betty” twin-engine medium bomber takes off from Rabaul, 1942. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto ...

Isoroku Yamamoto file photo [1066]

Killing Yamamoto: Operation Vengeance in World War II

The whole collection is divided into five sub-collections, each of them containing eight items. Upon completing a sub-collection, new abilities to modify ...

Lockheed P-38J-10-LO Lightning

Visiting the grave of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto in Nagaoka who died April 18, 1943.

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P-38G Miss Virginia

Mitchell ordered his planes to drop tanks, turn to the right to parallel the bombers, and began a full power climb to intercept them.

Yamamoto's State Funeral

Naval History and Heritage Command

Lockheed ...

A Fairey Swordfish carrying a dummy torpedo

Mitsubishi G3M

A short, thick plume of black smoke can be seen emanating from Repulse, which has just been hit by a bomb ...

An experimental P-38E with an upswept tail.

Barber headed towards the coast at treetop level, searching for the second bomber, not knowing which one carried the targeted high-ranking officer.

The aircraft belongs to the 752Ku which was organized on November 1, 1942 with "Zeros" and "Nells". On December 26 of the same year the fighter compliment ...

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The attack on Darwin on 19 February marked the first attack made on continental Australia by an enemy force. It was not the first attack on Australian ...


On its face, it was innocuous enough a simple administrative traffic providing notification of an inspection by a senior officer of some outposts:

The old Bloch MB210 had been an improved design based on the older MB200 and as such had been easily rolled into production to outfit a number of bomber ...

Yamamoto's Last Flight by Stan Stokes.

Click For Enlargment. Justin Taylan with control yoke from Yamamoto's G4M1 Betty ...

Germans called the Lockheed Lightning a “fork-tailed devil”