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The Location and Context API allows your Android app to change

The Location and Context API allows your Android app to change


WordPress Android App with REST API And Retrofit

Android 6.0 permissions

... step taken by Google towards creating a tailored experience for different apps. We can get more information for Google Awareness API Android by watching ...

How to Use React Context to Build a Multilingual Website Pt1

Twitter location permissions

How Twitter does it .

Assembling the pieces. The app makes use of the Android ...

Final product image

Figuring out Tasker's UI

Next time we call requestPermissions , this dialog will not be appeared for this kind of permission anymore. Instead, it just does nothing.

Build An Android App To Monitor and Convert “bitcoin and etherum” in 20 Local Currencies

How to change API level Android Studio

Consuming APIs: Getting started with Retrofit on Android - Android Authority

The #Location and #Context API allows your #Android app to change behaviour based

(Lots of Android phones, from the OnePlus 6 to the Huawei P20 Pro, have notches and run earlier versions of Android, but Pie offers APIs for developers to ...

Alex Devero Blog. The best place ...

When Stick To The Context API? Simplify Your App!

Translate in context

Image credits: https://www.robinwieruch.de

Recently I had to build an app manager at work which tracks the usage of the installed apps on the device to advice the user of which he should uninstall.

A web app using getInstalledRelatedApps to determine if it's related native app is already installed.


Get data from website with WebView in Android Studio

Remote Code Execution as System User on Samsung Phones

Launch Android Studio and create a new project. Be sure to include Kotlin support. Enter an application name, in our case - Pusher-Location-Feeds

In the next screen choose “Add Firebase to your Android App” and then add the package details and Debug signing certificate SHA-1 key.

Coroutines in Kotlin 1.3 explained: Suspending functions, contexts, builders and scopes

Most smart phones come with a front and back camera, when you're building a video application for mobile you may want to choose or switch between them.

How to Create and Connect Android App With Laravel API

Give your users better location and proximity experiences by providing a strong context signal for their devices in the form of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) ...

Google Play Services is sort of like the blast furnace powering many of the apps and functions of your phone. It's an API package that essentially allows ...

Top 10 Android libraries every Android developer should know about

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Android Get Address with Street Name, City for Location with Geocoding

For years, Android Applications lacked something iOS/UIKit had for free since the age of dawn. Detecting when the user left your app in a realiable and ...

Securely Consume APIs on Mobile Devices – Part 1

You should now be able to search for books from the SearchView in your ActionBar.

I am new to Android and when I saw an UI with tabs I fell in love and thought this is the layout I want to use in my app.

How to achieve 1-meter accuracy in Android

Creating a new intent in Api.ai

Google's Awareness API in action. Make your application be User's Context-Aware. :: The Cheese Factory


android manufacturers not delivering security updates

How To Improve Coverage for your Android App Using Mockito and Espresso — Part 2

unity screenshot

The legacy context API is error-prone, and will be removed in a future major version. It still works for all 16.x releases but will show this warning ...

Web-based translation editor. Translate in context

Total Automation, From Settings to SMS.

How to Connect an Android App to a MySQL Database

Android AutoCompleteTextView: Suggestions from Web Service Call - Truiton


Retrofit tutorial in android

(1) Call logs permission menu, (2) Managing Call logs permission for a specific app, (3) Requesting permissions after installing a new app

The hard work isn't over just because you've successfully released your app and built up a user base. Once you've found your audience, you need to hang onto ...

Congratulations to the selected participants and we look forward to meeting you in Singapore!

android oreo hero

Tap it once and you won't see, hear, or feel any new notifications coming in (except for alarms). You can customize this to ...

How to Build Your Own AI Assistant Using Api.ai

One of the major areas that get updated with Android Oreo is the notification system. Notifications and the tray method of showing them to us have long been ...

How to Support the iPhone X Notch or Android P Display Cutouts in your Mobile App

The New Runtime Permission. Android's permission system is one of ...

Advantages of a proxy include the fact that proxy server caches can serve all users of a website which should improve response times for that user.

Get your Bearer Token


Android's current task switcher, for reference

Next lets create a new layout file called custom_view.xml . We'll use this file to render each individual map of a user on our recyclerview object.

Everything you need to know about Android 8.0 Oreo

Create your IntentService. Many applications use the Activity Recognition API ...

Last week I talked about how to speed up your Android app development using Kotlin and it's plethora of shortcuts. Among all the points was a section based ...

Load a Remote URL#

Facebook permissions

... the app with your location and completely trusting the app with this information. At least now you have to open the app before it collects data, ...

The test key helps you execute custom logic, as explained in this iOS Code Blocks/Android Code Blocks section.

App nirvana: When the Internet of Things meets the API economy