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The Doctor Who fandom is bigger on the inside Maybe Im a Geek

The Doctor Who fandom is bigger on the inside Maybe Im a Geek


The Doctor Who fandom is bigger on the inside.

"I think inside the box, because it's bigger on the inside." #doctorwho #tardis #biggerontheinside #blue #box. "

Oh my gosh, Mary Poppins is a Time Lord!!! Of course!!! Her bag's bigger on the inside and everything!

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12, 10.12 The Doctor Falls

Dr Who Quote Bad Wolf The Oncoming Storm by ThePoetandTheGypsy Wolf Quotes, Geek Party,

Doctor Who inspired Tardis is like a book quote by DecalsAreCool, $10.00

Well oops ;P ( I did it on purpose hehe :3 ) I Am. I Am The Doctor10th ...

This was an interesting take for me, because it approaches fandom and identity in a way that I am personally not used to doing. My identity as a black woman ...

So does Doctor Who “belong” to guys? To white guys? To white British guys? Because black people have Lando do we get to “have” Star Wars without being “ ...

The Geeky Chef Cookbook: Real-Life Recipes for Your Favorite Fantasy Foods - Unofficial

Doctor Who Fandom 5

Awesome Con

tardis door inside - Google Search

Now's your chance to create your very own custom fandom sampler set! Select six samples of your favorite blends from any collection and we will create a box ...

The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy: A Handbook for Girl Geeks

The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy: A Handbook for Girl Geeks by Sam Maggs

Perhaps with the quote, "There's no point in being grown-up if you can't be childish sometimes."

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In the era of #PeakTV, networks are turning to the power of fandom to try to ensure their survival. It's not going so well.

When fanfiction gets so popular, it spurs its own fandom (and babies)

This is one of my all-time favorite Doctor Who quotes. Love this so much! I NEED THIS!

Currently an Assistant Professor of Media Studies at UT Austin, Dr. Suzanne Scott is a scholar focused on fan cultures, gender studies, popular culture, ...

15 Painted Geek Inspired DIY Crafts with "Plaid Goes Geek" Giveaway!

24 Romance Novels for Geeks of All Kinds

Protiguous: Deletion vs Extermination (aka Cybermen vs Daleks)

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'Bill is funny, geeky and vulnerable' … Mackie as Doctor Who's new companion

Photo by Sharma Shari Photography

10 Geeky Pop-Up Books to Take Your Fandom to Another Dimension

SuperWhoLock Fangirls Favourite Things poem - Supernatural Doctor Who Sherlock Holmes BBC

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The Best Things to do at Universal Orlando Resort for Geeks

In other news, my little literary festival, the Fairford Festival of Fiction, on Saturday June 8th, in the gorgeous Cotswolds market town of Fairford, ...


The Final Post…For Now

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The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy: A Handbook for Girl Geeks by Sam Maggs

The TechPedition ...

Swoon Reads/Rebekah Weatherspoon/Less Than Three Press

The thirteen faces of the Doctor

Is “Geek Culture” Embracing Our Inner Child, or Infantilising a Generation of Adults?

Petitions over The Last Jedi? Ewok rage? Anger and frustration's long been a part of Star Wars fandom.

[View larger image.]

These men and women were starved, subjected to stomach churning experiments and killed in the most horrific ways. Surely, their stories should be elevated ...

Doctor Who: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS video review - Geek TV

Star Wars and the Battle of the Ever-More-Toxic Fan Culture

17 geeky wedding details that will make you want to marry your fandoms

The Geek Feminist Revolution

Released in 1979, the story was utterly panned. Reviewers called it “pure farce” and said its characters were “so stupid as to be unbelievable.

Is no one going to point out that the use of the word TARDIS graph looks a lot like a certain crack in the wall.

Episode 11- Doctor Who

Learning About Your Fandom. Image titled Be a Fangirl Step 1

Is the Geek Community More Accepting of Gay Icons?

How to Join a Fandom

Fandom Files SungWon Cho

... geek twist as she uses fabrics adorned with characters from all kinds of fandoms — from Harry Potter to Disney to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — there's ...

Because that's the wonderful thing about fandom – as I guess everyone here knows. It's a group of people gathering to celebrate something they love, ...

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The Geeky Chef Cookbook: Real-Life Recipes for Your Favorite Fantasy Foods - Unofficial Recipes from Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, ...

Captain Marvel and the Long, Strange History of Female Superhero Names

Growing Up Geek: Learning to Wear Your Nerdiness On Your Sleeve

The Donation Oscillation

Dan Harmon talks fandom, Douglas Adams and the world of Rick and Morty

Participatory Politics in an Age of Crisis: Mel Stanfill and Samantha Close (Part I)

You can use them as a teaser of what it is to come for your super-theme-wedding or just to add that touch of geekiness.

She has directly addressed the concept of the civic imagination in a recent tweet:

newbannergalaxy. “

December 17, 2015 • Alexandro Segade on the Year in Mutants


A Star Wars Author on the Intolerance within the Fandom. “

BBC America

Doctor Who Fandom 6

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In the advent of The Emoji Movie earlier this year, Twitter exploded with outrage as the film's official account released an image in very poor taste, ...

British historical costume drama featuring not one but two Doctor Who related actors? I am powerless to resist.

The newsfeed is the lifestream of each app. Users share everything from animated GIFs users should “like if you relate” to candid confessions about cartoon ...

Twinkies. ‹‹

Arrow's Stephen Amell implying that pointing out systemic racism in the former Confederacy is equally bad


Because everyone knows gamers can't possibly be attractive or speak in anything other than swears.

My podcast with Liz Myles, Hammer House of Podcast, continues every month (twice a month if you're a Patron). We're watching all the Hammer horror movies in ...

D20 Save the Date

Geeky Girl's Guide to Life | Living the best Geeky Life through fandom, friendship, technology, inclusiveness, and pop culture.

Doctor Who fans can be an odd bunch at times (and by that I mean all the time), what's gold to one is dross to another. And when you think everyone is ...

Doctor Who Fandom 11

How Black Milk Clothing set up shop at the intersection of fashion and fandom