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TP2 athlete Rileigh working on some band resisted sprints to improve

TP2 athlete Rileigh working on some band resisted sprints to improve


TP2 athlete Rileigh working on some band resisted sprints to improve her acceleration. #Parisi

TP2 athletes Zach and Pat doing resisted sprints to improve their acceleration and running mechanics.

TP2 Harrinee doing some resisted sprints to work on her acceleration and running mechanics. #

TP2 athletes Dante and Colby doing some resisted sprints. This drill will help to improve

Banded Resisted Sprints

TP2 athlete Harrinee working on ground contact, body control and lateral explosiveness. #Speed for #Sports

TP2 #soccer and rock climber athlete performing a falling start while doing running progressions in a… | Parisi Speed School at HealthQuest, ...

Jump Start athletes working on arm action. Working on proper form and increasing arm action

TP2 athletes Jordan and Elyse doing push up starts. They're concentrating on keeping

TP2 athlete Lexi working on tricep strength by doing assisted dips. #Parisi

TP2 #track athlete Will doing lunges to work on lower body and core #strength

TP2 Soccer player,Harinnee, doing lunges to work on her lower body strength and stability.

TP2 athlete Emily working on unilateral deceleration and acceleration. #parisi at HealthQuest

TP1 athletes Treo, Luke, Logan and Lance doing resistance sprints which will help them

TP2 athlete Dan doing walking lunges while holding a barbell overhead. This is a great

TP2 athletes Jordan and Taylor performing band resisted acceleration sprints making sure they are driving their knees up to hip height and applying their ...

Jump Start athletes Tyler and Zach working on their plant form. #Parisi

TP2 athlete Whitney doing some unilateral work in her full body strength class with rear foot elevated split squat. This exercise is working the quad, ...


Secure your ticket(s) for CASAblanca! Friday, May 3 at the Raritan

TP2 athletes Megan and Lily doing toe taps on an 18 inch box to work on proper thigh drive and arm action while sprinting.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much‼ 🌎

Stay a touch ahead of everyone else this year as we approach 2019 Hunterdon FC #

#Speed is a #Skill Soccer and Track #athlete Harrinee working on her running

Since 1951, QFC has been providing fire suppression services to Franklin Township, and portions

TP2 athletes Megan and Yelena doing lateral band walks with the resistance at the toes.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Today's snacks are fresh BLUEBERRY MUFFINS and of course our coffee.

TP2 athletes working on speed and power this afternoon———————

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TP2 athletes Megan and Yelena doing lateral band walks with the resistance at the toes.

TP2 athlete Dan performing a Kettlebell swing. This #exercise helps # athletes feel the motion of getting their hips extended. Hip Extension is important ...

Congratulations Lizzy! #Lacrosse From all of us at #Parisi #Speed #

There is only ONE Edible Arrangements! The OG of fresh fruit .


What are you capable of? 🤔 #MotivationMonday

BOOM 💥 & RUN 🏃| SPEED CREATES OPPORTUNITIES Week 13 with the Ontario Rockies U13

... parisicolorado - Parisi Speed School Colorado - TRX Training as part of team training, great

TP2 #athlete Tori doing box jumps from a seated position. This forces proper loading

Short to long 18” 100% real human hair extensions! I had so much

Core #Strength TP2 athletes putting in work! Ending their session with hanging knee tucks

Today is the birthday (1913) of James Cleveland “Jesse” Owens (September 12, 1913 – March 31, 1980) who was a US track and field athlete and four-time ...

... parisichicago - Parisi Speed School Chicago - Does your athlete know his or her athletic ability

Burt Bacharach has called for a change in the law over music plagiarism. He said that recent court cases - like the ones involving 'Blurred Lines' and Ed ...

We teach our athletes to compete every day because it builds tenacity. When I saw

Track athlete Ben working on improving his core #strength and stability. #Parisi Speed School at #HealthQuest in #Flemington

Not everyone can be Usain Bolt but everyone can get faster with proper training. The Parisi system is a proven method of helping athletes do just that.

Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a

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It's not too late to ship Easter goodies anywhere in the continental United States! Unsure

... parisidurham - Parisi Speed School Durham - During our evaluations, athletes are taught our signature

"The Parisi program at Wareing's Gym made me more athletic and stable out of water

We're thrilled for #Parisi athlete Lizzy Escudero, Bridgewater-Raritan who is

Jumpstart athlete LJ doing step ups to increase single leg strength and lower body power.

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Technique for Speed North Hunterdon Pride #softball working on picking their knees up and pushing off the balls of their feet.

Jump Start athlete Alex doing stationary speed skaters to work on shifting his weight. This

Resisted sprints are a great finisher to an Acceleration session! #championstrainhere #parisination #

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Working hard while having fun!! Here's Devins attempt on planking while trying to look like a dinosaur!

On ...

Understanding how to reach maximum speed in a short distance is essential to success in sport


... katalinpow - Katalin at POW! - #freeworkshop #ACLprevention #ChicagoAthletes welcome to attend

AL Puma Active Logo Heather Tee (Puma Black Heather)

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Matt putting in the work yesterday. 415x5 for an easy PR. #buildingbetterathletes #


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D-Jacks stretching post session. Speed and #Strength for #Baseball


The kids woke up around 6:00am on Christmas morning (too early) but thankfully they chose to watch tv and eat the candy in their stockings instead of waking ...

... championssportsperformance - Champions Sports Performance - Athlete of the week goes to big dog @j_oey13


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The long-jump victory is documented, along with many other 1936 events, in the 1938 film Olympia by Leni Riefenstahl. On August 1st, 1936, Hitler shook ...

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Parisi athlete, Nick, working on acceleration form during his session today. His hard

Getting some work done tonight 💪🏼💪🏼

It's getting towards the end of Football season everyone so make sure you're staying

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It wouldn't be Christmas without one of the kids getting upset because they didn't get the gift that they so desperately desired.


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... parisispeed802 - Parisi Speed School of Vermont - Summer PEAK90 brings athletes to us for different

#Parisi është vetëm dy hapa larg kur ata të dy festojnë jetën që i pret së bashku. Urime! #udhetimefrymezuese #paris #france

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PRIMING ➡ FLYING 🛫🛫🛫 Acceleration focus for @amari_alonzo 's speed session

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Lynx Apollo Jacuzzi poster


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Then there was it's Monday Morning Again (part the second): Game Of Thrones, series seven, episode four. 'Chaos is a ladder.'