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Social Security Scam Attempts to Con the Elderly Out of Cash

Social Security Scam Attempts to Con the Elderly Out of Cash


Social Security Scam Attempts to Con the Elderly Out of Cash – Delaware County Senior Care

Elderly caregiving. Easy-to-understand guide to elder care facilities and services.

Older people are targeted everyday by telephone scams which continue to rise.

Social Security Scams Are a Growing Threat

In 2018, a Social Security scam cost seniors millions of dollars. The scammers recognized

Medicare/health insurance scams

In the digital age, frauds and scams are an unfortunate part of doing business online. During the holiday season, Social Security has traditionally seen a ...

Social Security Mistakes Can Cost You Tens of Thousands of Dollars. Here's How to Get Good Advice

In 2018, a Social Security scam cost seniors millions of dollars. The scammers recognized


Social Security Administration says fraudsters are trying to get your personal information



An image provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services of the new Medicare card

Latest Rash of Scam Calls Come From 'Social Security'Latest Rash of Scam Calls Come From 'Social Security'

Scam voicemail left for Mitzi Bolin

15 ways to prevent identity theft and protect yourself from fraud

elderly man annoyed computer scam

Fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated in the ways they con you out of your precious savings

Keisha Williams of Ashburn, Va., on a 2016 trip to Disney World she paid for through a scam health-care business. (U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern ...

Dead relatives can be a windfall for social security fraudsters, but the feds are on the trail - South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Recognizing Scammers. Image titled Spot an Online Dating Scammer Step 1

Social Security Number scammers are at it again

Scams in which criminals try to steal Social Security numbers aren't new. Other cons involve advertisements telling new parents to pay a fee to apply for a ...

Scammers have come up with schemes so clever and intimidating that consumers are handing over millions of dollars out of fear they will be arrested for not ...

A graphic of a cell phone and credit cards.

Woman on phone

Bitcoin Scams to Avoid —

The Inspector General of Social Security, Gail S. Ennis, is warning citizens about a caller-ID “spoofing” scheme misusing the Social Security Administration ...

Online Fraud and Extortion

Escrow wire fraud

Listen for these key phrases to identify a robocall

Now that it's tax time, some con artists have been calling people and demanding that

Report Fraud, Waste, or Abuse

Fact Sheet: Protecting Personal Information

Warning: IRS scammers sending fake notices through the mail to steal your money

Watch out, Nigerian con artists no longer hide behind princes in an attempt to steal your cash

Image via Kim Reinick / Shutterstock.com

2018 Social Security Trustees Report: The 5 Things You Need to Know

When Answering the Phone Exposes You to FraudWhen Answering the Phone Exposes You to Fraud

a pair of open handcuffs sitting on top of a pile of us dollars of assorted

Close up of Social Security cards

The Danvers Police Department routinely posts crime prevention tips and scam alerts to our social media platforms. Recognizing that many elderly, ...

Have you ever received a Social Security Statement in the mail? You know, the one that shows all the earnings you've had each year and how much you could ...

Look out for Social Security Number scams.

Online Dating Made This Woman a Pawn in a Global Crime Plot

Poverty rates are rising for elderly Americans, and the future of Social Security is at risk. Teresa Crawford/AP

Maximize Social Security Benefits


There are many forms of abuse ranging from neglect to physical abuse, and within that range is financial fraud.

Dice and casino chips lying atop two Social Security cards.

In 2018, a Social Security scam cost seniors millions of dollars. The scammers recognized


Among our nation's social programs, arguably none stands as more important to seniors than Social Security. The guaranteed monthly income that the program ...

4b nigerian scam

Torn-up Social Security card.

confused man and woman looking at laptop Social Security ...

Infographic of ghow to get a refund from Western Union

Watch Out! These 10 Phone Call Scams Could Steal Your Money

maria duval paper quotes. '

Look closely, seniors, there's a financial scam in your future


The Best Ways To Prevent Credit Card Fraud & Theft

How lotto scammers defraud elderly Americans and fuel gang wars in Jamaica

An example of phishing scam

Lumping Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid together as social entitlement programs is not accurate.

Slideshow preview image. 12 PHOTOS. Social Security ...

Six Reasons Not To Engage With Scammers, No Matter What Your Facebook Friends Tell You

3of21GALLERY: Everything you need to know about robocalls and other phone scams Chinese Embassy Scam (1 of 2) Most call recipients will see an unfamiliar ...



CFA Alert: Fake Medicare Phone Calls

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Justice Department cracking down on financial scams targeting the elderly

Employment Scams

By one estimate, seniors lose up to $30 billion a year to elder financial abuse—the misappropriation of their money by con artists or thieves who could be ...

Can Older Adults Defeat Caller ID Spoofing Scams?

Also, here's the confirmation email coming from the scammer which shows that he paid an extra amount for the sofa, including extra shipping fees and ...