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So I wanted to make fabric arm Bracers for Gojyo c arm

So I wanted to make fabric arm Bracers for Gojyo c arm


So I wanted to make fabric arm Bracers for Gojyo c... - #arm #bracers #cosplay #fabric #Gojyo #Wanted

Please feel free to ask questions about this.

Arm Wrap Tutorial! Useful for sewing arm wraps without having to actually wrap your arms!

Then I cut the wrap that was over the zipper

Fabric Arm Bracers

Costumes, Fluff, and Other Stuff: DIY Bracer Tutorial

Then I cut the wrap that was over the zipper

silvericedragon: “Another tutorial! This one tells you how to make articulated shoulder armor that bends with your arm. The shoulders were probably the most ...

Leather bracers 3.0: Gamora by CaptainMorganTeague Guardians of the Galaxy leather rubber gauntlets gloves cosplay

Sexy ...

Elegant ...

Hamond Cotton Arm Wrap - Brown £9.90

Feather textured, wing form leather bracers

Dragon ...

Mccree armour pattern Halloween 2017, Halloween Crafts, Halloween Costumes, Cosplay Diy, Overwatch


Making Rivendell in the Desert: Making Bracers/Vambraces/Gauntlets Part 1: Drafting a Bracer Pattern based on Vambraces of Gondor

White ...

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ME3 Armor WIP with Worbla Cosplay Armor Tutorial, Costume Tutorial, Comic Con Cosplay,

... 7 For All Mankind, John Fluevog, Minor Obsessions, Warehouse, ELSE, Black & Brown London, S.W.O.R.D., women's clothing and women's fashion

Attaching worbla to fabric

This weekend I have been working on Link's bracer. I made some step by step photo's so everyone can make one now! Things I used: - Paper - Craft foam - Pen ...

... 5 Mother of Dragon Outfit TV series: Game of Thrones Season 5 Character: Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragon Fabric: chiffon Including: dress as shown

Widowmaker shinguards and bracer

Still a WIP, but casual reminder that I do use my own pattern drafts, so they do work cynical Anons…. Progress thus far has all been done in half a day…

Really cool fabric sleeves painted with machinery for a robot arm.:

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Finally finished my Ember Celica gauntlets for my Yang cosplay! T'was my first time properly making a weapon/prop from eva… <3

Jejum intermitente ...

puffy paint as embroidery guides

The front panel came up to hold all her stuff. So cool!

amazonmandy: “ I needed to cover the shoes with some adorable cherry fabric, so…

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papercraft: Papercraft Iron Man Suit - Arm Parts (wearable series)


Craft Foam Bracers (DIY)

This has the whole awakening costume and nice layout!

Even if you aren't using stretch fabric as part of a superhero costume, there is no doubt that learning to design and sew spandex is a great skill to have ...

Tutorial: Iron Slave glow things for DR LARP by Magpieb0nes

Cosplay Diy, Halloween Cosplay, Epic Cosplay, Halloween Costumes, Amazing Cosplay, Wizard

I spiffed up this tutorial I made a while ago. And by spiffed up I mean I added the text to the pictures.

How to make foam gear, this would be awesome for an Airsoft outfit.

Convertible Wrap and Tie Bralette ~ Elven Forest, Festival clothing, yoga bra - #bra #Bralette #clothing #Convertible #Elven #festival #Forest #tie #Wrap ...

crash culture: Costuming: Stretch Applique Tutorial

Could use this for other cosplay

Ciri gloves done! Bottom two photos are the finished product. I liked the color the cuffs came out a lot but I needed it to match the reference photos so I ...

I've always hated doing shoe and boot covers until my friend introduced me to


DIY badass mechanical hand here's two very good tutorials for you.

DIY Blood stripes

Kropserkel: Legolas Elven Costume Replica

Foam glove tutorial. For any steampunk or futuristic LARP character i might want to make. I would LOVE to have a character with a robotic arm!

Foamy Leather Effect My page: www.facebook.com/m.cosplay 1

Clever cosplay tip: Use a rug gripper pad for faux chainmail shirts. ( Tutorial at the link)

2017 Wonder Woman Same Stlye Cosplay Props Acc Arm Guard Retro

Makeshift chest binder Binder Ftm, Cosplay Diy, Cosplay Tutorial, Cosplay Costumes, Transgender

Chest armor tutorial by *EnjiNight on deviantART | cosplay | Halloween cosplay, Cosplay, Cosplay diy

DIY shield instructions. I like how they use multiple layers to add depth and detail.

Small purple pentacle stamped bracers by Crimson Chain Leatherworks - SCA Larp Renactment Garb Costume

Make Your Own Scaled Bra - craft foam scales

leather bracer | Bracers, bracer pads, and gloves

Pin by Mari Chiriff on Costumes ideas | Disfraces, Vikingos, Manualidades

This Worbla tutorial by BllackSheep is an ingenious method to creating 3d texture on your Worbla armor! +fav the original here.

DIY Sailor Moon Boots Sailor Moon Crafts, Sailor Moon Party, Sailor Moon Costume,

😱😱😱😱Sierra would love this!!!!!!!😘

so a while back I was commissioned for Aqua's "Stormfall" keyblade (kingdom hearts: birth by sleep) and I decided to document the process. this is usual... ...

Cover bodysuit/fabric in fishnets! 2. Spray paint silver!! 3. Remove fishnet 4. PROFIT!! ”

This is how I made my Spider woman boots! First I had my foot taped, then cut it into pattern pieces. I took some cheap shoes apart so I could use the ...

Violet Evergarden Violet Evergarden Machine Hand Cosplay Accessory #VioletEvergarden #cosplayprop #cosplayclass Cosplay Diy

Tutorial for Mechanical Monster Hands from www.instructables.com. This person is very talented and artistic!

Kyla Cosplay | Neo Boot Cover Tutorial

Kirishima's Hero Suit Laser Kit//DIY Cosplay Foam Kit//Mask// Boku no Hero by iWoodCosplay on Etsy

Using Transparent Worbla for shoes

TUTORIAL ( Scrap cosplay; Nightcrawler's hands ) Alright so I got a last minute offer

Pirate Sash- Red and Tan Stripes Woven Fabric. Pirate Belt. Striped Belt. Stripe Sash. Linen Sash.

Become the hacker of the group with this Pidge casual jacket, get ready to find

How to make a Duct Tape Dummy. For making Cosplay items fit your body.

How to make belt buckles with worbla 1. Cut long stripe of worbla. 2. Heat it and roll it. (Repeat this step to make it thicker) 3. Use toot.

For Dystopia Rising and stuff... EVA, fabric, paint, bluh bluh bluh.... Newer file to show some additions made... filled in the back a bunch.

<3 Clothing Design - Cutesy Kigurumi by ~blk-kitti on deviantART - cute paws | craft | Cosplay diy, Diy clothes, Cosplay tutorial

Punk Leather Metal Rivets Gauntlet Men Women Wristband Wide Bracer Arm Armor

Malinda here again, and this past week I worked on Link's Champion tunic! I

Worbla and apoxy sculpt chest armor by Fairytas

Making Hanzo's bow for Overwatch cosplay! 1) Draft pattern and cut out shapes…

Chrix Design: Red from Transistor - The Sword This tutorial is awesome + super comprehensive - very good one to use as a reference.

How to make simple gloves

I've always hated doing shoe and boot covers until my friend introduced me to this method. Turns out it's not very well known how …

Boot Cover Tutorial (I can't do a full credit as this tutorial has been floating around so much I can't find the original creator, how…

Hand stitching for Cosplay Tutorial by DragonLadyCels

Flag bracket and pvc pipe with plate to attach to back via belt or harness.

Clever cosplay tip: Use a rug gripper pad for faux chainmail shirts. ( Tutorial at the link) | Cosplay | Cosplay diy, Cosplay, Halloween cosplay

Tutorial: Fosshape Boots