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SilkETW Flexible C Wrapper For ETW Event Tracing for Windows in

SilkETW Flexible C Wrapper For ETW Event Tracing for Windows in


SilkETW - Flexible C# Wrapper For ETW (Event Tracing for Windows) in 2019 | Windows Hacking Tools | Windows, Flexibility, Linux

SilkETW is a flexible tool aimed to reduce the complexities of ETW(Event Tracing for Windows) and to put actionable data in the hands of researches on both ...

It would be better if we can convert the eRecord struct in to a string and then write to log. Also location needs to be adjusted, but principal works. ...

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#SilkETW: Because Free Telemetry is … Free! https://buff.

Help SectionTo quickly list all available options of this tools, use –help.Command line [email protected]# shellpop –helpShells ListList of shellsYou can ...

A Tools Session Hijacking And Stealer Local passcode Telegram Windows.

Browser History Spy is the all-in-one software to instantly recover or view the browsing history from popular web browsers.

OSIF - Open Source Information Facebook

The Rekall Framework is a completely open collection of tools, implemented in Python under the GNU General Public License, for the extraction of digital ...

https://www.linkedin.com/in/[REDACTED] http://www.pinterest.com/[REDACTED] https://twitter.com/[REDACTED] https://youtube.com/user/[REDACTED] [REDACTE D]

Kostebek - Reconnaissance Tool Which Uses Firms Trademark Information To Discover Their Domains


This tool can be used to brutediscover GET and POST parameters

ir-rescue is a lightweight Windows Batch script that collects a myriad of forensic data from 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems while respecting the order of ...

W12Scan - A Simple Asset Discovery Engine For Cybersecurity http://j.mp

Good target for stealthy persistence (a.k.a file backdoor/replacmt)Application Log EID 45 is one the rare rich "detailed" events (includes details if ...

Mysql-Magic - Dump Mysql Client Password From Memory

LightBulb ...



https://www.linkedin.com/in/[REDACTED] http://www.pinterest.com/[REDACTED] https://twitter.com/[REDACTED] https://youtube.com/user/[REDACTED] [REDACTE D]

[Persistence via Outlook VBA]: regmod: Software\Microsoft\Office\*\Outlook\LoadMacroProviderOnBoot or filemod: *\VbaProject.

Windows 10 now no longer requires you to 'safely remove hardware'

JWT Tool - A Toolkit For Testing Tweaking And Cracking JSON Web Tokens

Download rekall

... your main Windows network file shares & DCs): 2 occurrences of 5145 with Relative Target Name in {winreg,srvsvc} AND same [SrcIP, Account Name, ...

Download rekall

FireEye's “Commando VM” Turns Your Windows PC Into Hacking Machine

PeekABoo - Tool To Enable Remote Desktop On The Targeted Machine

Vboxdie-Cracker – VirtualBox Disk Image Encryption Password Cracker – KitPloit

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https://www.linkedin.com/in/[REDACTED] http://www.pinterest.com/[REDACTED] https://twitter.com/[REDACTED] https://youtube.com/user/[REDACTED] [REDACTE D]

Freddy - Automatically Identify Deserialisation Issues In Java And .NET Applications By Using Active And

TiKTok app removed from Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store

One Hacker

Flerken - Obfuscated Command Detection Tool kitploit.com/2019/04/flerke…

Hackuna - The First Mobile App to Track Hackers

muhammad alifitri"taek"

Detecting RDP Hiacking traces RDP-tcp-port and/or LastLoggedOnUser data changed: regmod:LastLoggedOn* or regmod:dontdisplaylastusername or ...

Ttyd - Share Your Terminal Over The Web kitploit.com/2019/04/ttyd-s…


New to the catalog: #ArcGIS Pro Basics, a free short web course.

Imago Forensics - Imago Is A Python Tool That Extract Digital Evidences From Images

EasySploit - Metasploit Automation (EASIER And FASTER Than EVER) kitploit.com/2019/04/easysp…

· ·ⓟⓗⓡⓔⓒⓚ· · - @thephreck Twitter Profile and Downloader | Twipu

W12Scan - A Simple Asset Discovery Engine For Cybersecurity

Dr. Phaustus

drAFL - AFL + DynamoRIO = Fuzzing Binaries With No Source Code On Linux kitploit.com/2019/04/drafl-…


IntruderPayloads - A Collection Of Burpsuite Intruder Payloads, Fuzz Lists And File Uploads in 2019 | Hacking Tools | Security tools, Tools, Company logo

CVE-2019-0859 : vulnérabilité zero-day sous Windows




Anevicon - A High-Performant UDP-based Load Generator

Evil Clippy - A Cross-Platform Assistant For Creating Malicious MS Office Documents kitploit.com/2019/04/evil-c…

Findomain - A Tool That Use Certificate Transparency Logs To Find Subdomains


EfiGuard - Disable PatchGuard And DSE At Boot Time


Instantbox - Get A Clean Ready-To-Go Linux Box In Seconds

tfw @kevinmitnick stole cables from @_MG_ to make overpriced CISO magic shows but @

Parrot Security 4.6 - Security GNU/Linux Distribution Designed with Cloud Pentesting and IoT Security

@ElectraLetras @ElectraLetras

Amass - In-depth DNS Enumeration And Network Mapping

답글 3개 리트윗 19개 45 마음

ChurchCRM Software 3.3.2 Database Disclosure Code Wallpaper, Web Development, Professional Development,


Zeebsploit - Web Scanner / Exploitation / Information Gathering


But what about json? they say... EvtxECmd.exe -f .



FTPBruter - A FTP Server Brute Forcing Tool

#vbs -> #JasperLoader ->#Gootkit /giko.emeraldsurfscience.com

ParamPamPam - Brute Force Discover GET And POST Parameters

@ynotrecords @ynotrecords

tumefikia hapa?

Windows 10 - Desktop Bridge Virtual Registry CVE-2018-0880 Incomplete Fix Privilege Escalation

mXtract v1.2 - Memory Extractor & Analyzer


mongoBuster - Hunt Open MongoDB Instances

Osmedeus - Fully Automated Offensive Security Tool For Reconnaissance And Vulnerability Scanning

ReconT - Reconnaisance / Footprinting / Information Disclosure


Hydra 9.0 - Fast and Flexible Network Login Hacker

WiFite Automated Wi-Fi hacking tool

ISeeYou - Bash And Javascript Tool To Find The Exact Location Of The Users During Social Engineering Or Phishing Engagements

HBC Tanzania

vBully is an auto-exploitation for the ForumRunner(vBulletin) vulnerability. – Security

@LaThugAskip @LaThugAskip

New swngz.