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Segwit Now Bigger Blocks Later Says Bitcoin Pool F2Pool Bitcoin

Segwit Now Bigger Blocks Later Says Bitcoin Pool F2Pool Bitcoin


Bitcoin Core Dev Meets Digital Currency Group; Will Segwit Activate Soon?

Lots of the mining operations work in pools, whereby lots of miners work together and share the mining rewards. The most prominent mining pool is Antpool, ...

F2Pool: We Were Never Against SegWit. Wait... Earlier today, Wang Chun, the owner of F2Pool, the second largest Bitcoin mining pool ...

Abstract: We plan to introduce Litecoin in three articles to help our readers understand Litecoin comprehensively. The first part of this series covers the ...

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Bigger Blocks, Shorter Intervals: Bitcoin Cash Devs Reveal Mid-Term Roadmap

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Bitcoin Segwit

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Bitmain Suddenly Increases Antpool Hashrate on Litecoin, to Block Segwit Activation?

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Bitcoin Cash is set to quadruple its block size today, from 8MB to 32MB — delivering transaction capacity far in excess of what it requires to meet its ...

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SegWit2x Hard Fork is an Attempted Hostile Takeover of Bitcoin and this is how I will ...

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The case of a scale on a network of Bitcoin has long been the case, and thanks to the various issues regarding the consensus between the core developers and ...

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nformational website XBT.eu at the time of BIP91 lock-in

Jiang Zhuo'er [BTC/LTC pool operator]: Why I Am Still Not Voting for Segwit | Medium : Bitcoin

On the mining front, it seems Super Bitcoin has two major mining pools helping out. Both BTCC Pool and F2Pool have set up servers for mining Super Bitcoin, ...

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Bitcoin Transaction Volume Hits Two-Year Low, Despite Rock-Bottom Fees



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Which is better for Bitcoin's scalability — a Bitcoin Unlimited hard-fork or a Bitcoin Core…

The year Bitcoin Unlimited died is the same year Bitcoin Cash was born, both bastard children in my opinion, and both unsurprisingly originate from the same ...

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600K Bitcoin Miners Shut Down in Last 2 Weeks, F2Pool Founder Estimates – CoinDesk

wangchun @ bitfish+f2pool

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2:00 PM

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Bitcoin mining firm Canaan Creative has revealed it is temporarily cutting prices across all of its crypto mining devices.

China Oped Bitcoin Ban Segwit Litecoin Activation Live

Bitcoin Daily News – 2018-02-16

Like every year the Bitcoin world saw some April Fools' in 2017. While many have not been very funny, F2Pool and Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin surprised the ...

Block 489492: F2Pool doesn't signal NYA anymore! Finally! Good bye Segwit2x! : Bitcoin

Those strong gains continued this week, with prices now doubling over a five-day period after Litecoin's biggest pool – F2Pool, signaled for SegWit on April ...

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Andreas Antonopoulos here subtly calls out Back on the claim that Segwit will result in a meaningful increase in throughput. Back replies that 2MB is next ...

Cryptocurrency is an electronic or e-currency which is created with technology, which wholly controls its creation and protects the transactions, ...

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... Agreement is a hard fork to double Bitcoin's “base block size.” This change, as opposed to Segregated Witness itself, is not backwards compatible, ...

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