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Sansevieria grandis onegallon pots Arid Lands Greenhouses let it

Sansevieria grandis onegallon pots Arid Lands Greenhouses let it


Sansevieria grandis var. zuluensis one-gallon pots

Sansevieria grandis one-gallon pots

Sansevieria cv 'Balthasar' one-gallon pots

Sansevieria hargeisana (Lav 7382) one-gallon pots


Sansevieria aethiopica one-gallon pots

Sansevieria cylindrica var. cylindrica one-gallon pots

Sansevieria erythraeae one-gallon pots

Sansevieria aethiopica cv 'Little Leaf' one-gallon pots

5 small snake plants sansevierias in green grow pots sit on a wall which cactus in

Sansevieria humiflora (R1881)

Sansevieria cylindrica var. cylindrica 3-gallon pots

Sansevieria dawei CG011.1

Plants are the Strangest People: Random plant event: Sansevieria cylindrica flowering

Sansevieria sp. (Loboi, Kenya) one-gallon pots

This is more of a question for the hive mind. The last time I posted about this plant, it was to say that it was re-suckering and growing more ...

close up of the white flowers of a snake plant sansevieria

sansevieria | PlantFiles: Picture #1 of Sansevieria (Sansevieria sinus-simiorum)


Sansevieria hallii Sansevieria hallii

Sansevieria hyacinthoides (macrophylla) one-gallon pots

prune back to dead margin

Sansevieria Lavranos 1970/ Blue Clone Variegated.

Sunset - Spring 2019 Magazine

Pots of fine-textured Cape rushes define each tier of The Huntington's California Garden. (Image care of The Huntington)

nell foster in a pink shirt holds a snake plant sansevieria in a greenhouse with lots

Sansevieria hallii


Sansevieria subspicata 5-inch pots

In case you're wondering: I don't buy it myself because I have absolutely no room for such a thing. The plant is actually pretty huge.

Cascading variegated elephant bush thrives in drought and looks spectacular in pots. (Photo by Maureen Gilmer)

Sansevieria trifasciata futura Gold Flame

I need to research what an earthbox is. Do you know? 7 Tips for Gardening in Earthboxes and Grow Boxes by Kerry Michaels

Amazon.com : Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in a 3 Gallon Pot- The Most Popular Indoor Fig Tree- Tall, Live Indoor Fig Trees - Not Artificial Plants : Garden & ...


roots escaping pot

Burgundy Queen Lilac - Syringa - 4" Pot

Sansevieria hallii Sansevieria hallii

Dragonfruit Live Cuttings 7-10 Inch Long Freshly Cut White Pitaya

Costa Farms Yucca Cane in 8.75-Inch Grower Pot

I like this shape, had to remove a yellowing outer leaf, so it lost its symmetry, but I do like its form.

Sansevieria robusta (WY 1063, Mwatate, Kenya) one-gallon pots

Wild petunia, Ipomoea obscura, is a member of the morning glory family, Convolvulaceae. If you let it go to flower, you will see the resemblance.

Hydroponics for houseplants an indoor gardener's guide to growing without soil

Peacock Plant

This Juncus effusus 'Quartz Creek' didn't come from the show, but rather one of my favorite local nurseries City People's Garden Store. I can't make a trip ...

I am ok with the name snake plant, but mother-in-law's tongue not so much..... Sansevieria trifasciata, also called viper's bowstring hemp, snake plant, ...

Earthy green pots planted with single Cape rushes bring needed height to the garden. (Photo by Maureen Gilmer)


Aristolochia macrophylla otherwise known as Dutchman's pipe is a native American perennial.

Trithrinax campestris, Trithrinax campestris

Sansevieria hyacinthoides one-gallon pots

porous clay pots

While driving, the customer can look at a field of one gallon shrubs and easily see the least expensive (yellow card) varieties and read the plant's ...

My First Large Terrarium - 10 Gallon Tank


I had separated off 2 pups which are growing at home. So I've got some newcomers Sans to winter over at home too.

By this point I was starting to wonder what color they would be: I'd never heard of a Sansevieria flower that wasn't white, but the way the tips of the ...

mold - indoor air quality testing


Pots of fine-textured Cape rushes define each tier of The Huntington's California Garden. (Image care of The Huntington)


Tanaman Sansevieria Kirkii Silver Blue

Have any of you, used the Earth pots for gardening? Let us know what you think.


Rainforest (From Above)

(Image Credit: Bijou Karman/Apartment Therapy)

A member of the Bromeliad family of tropical plants, aechmea is often sold in decorative containers in nurseries. The plants can grow in a small amount of ...

DIY: How to make your own green terrarium to keep or give away for the holidays

Zamia paucijuga, Zamia paucijuga, Zamia paucijuga

Sansevieria trifasciata cv 'Black Gold' one-gallon pots

Crassula ovata - Image: Crassula ovata Gollum

glazed containers

Easy maintenance plant #sansevieria #homedecor #homegarden #greenfing

Hanging Kokedama Creating Potless Plants for the Home

Tips For Growing Grass Under A Tree

I don't think the nursery knew exactly what it was when I bought it years ago - they were aware it was related to mother ...

The ferocious spines of the golden barrel cactus make them very difficult to pot. (Image by Jessie Keith)

DIY: How to make your own green terrarium to keep or give away for the holidays

North Creek Nurseries calls them Swamp Mallow and sells 50 plants for $55. The seeds are available from several EBay vendors who harvested the seeds from ...



Sansevieria longiflora one-gallon pots

Zamia paucijuga, Zamia paucijuga

Woodland - 2 Gallon Glass Jar



Extreme South African drought consumed everything except curious green, sword-like plants rising from the barren ground beneath giraffe-pruned trees.


full sun container

Details about Sansevieria ballyi, exotic rare garden succulent outdoor collector plant 4" pot

Tips For Growing Grass In Shady Areas

A Really Easy Way to Make Lots and Lots of New Plants.