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Royal icing grass dries a bit on these fronts and backs of panoramic

Royal icing grass dries a bit on these fronts and backs of panoramic


Royal icing grass dries a bit on these fronts and backs of panoramic sugar eggs.

Royal icing Easter bunny transfer peeps out from a blue shell in this panoramic sugar egg. Royal icing decorations include shiny eggs, flowers, blossoms, ...

Panoramic Easter Eggs - a sugar egg decorated with frosting with miniature bunnies, chicks,

Royal icing bunny and egg transfers sit nestled in a meadow of hand-piped grass. Mushroom and blossom layons add splashes of color in this molded sugar egg.

Royal icing swan transfer paddles regally amongst blossoms and a butterfly in this cut-away version of the classic panoramic sugar egg for Easter.

Adorable bunny and egg transfers sit amongst hand-piped leaves and rose and blossom transfers

A royal icing transfer bunny sits smiling in his piped meadow surrounded by hand painted Easter

Steps for Panoramic Sugar Easter Egg

I'm not sure when we started this blog and I am amazed when I look back ...

I attempted my first panoramic sugar eggs. After lookin up recipes I decided to try and just use plastic eggs I had home.

Sugar Easter Egg

Royal icing blossoms surround the graceful, white swan swimming in a blue pool inside this

First thing I did was pipe a bunch of grass in the back half of the egg. Then a kind of mound in the middle to set my little pre-made nest in.

Royal icing flower transfers top these panoramic sugar eggs.

PinIt is easiest to add a dab of royal icing to the back ...

Hoppin Down the Bunny Trail

To ...

Royal icing bunny transfer, with hand-piped bow, sits amongst ladybug, mushroom

Decorate the Inside of the Egg

Then I used a round tip and white icing to go aro und the e dge of the back half and “glue” the front half to it.

Obrázek - Králíčci * z bílkového sněhu Easter Deserts, Easter Snacks, Easter Treats,

Then I used a round tip and white icing to go aro und the e dge of the back half and “glue” the front half to it.

panoramic sugar Easter eggs in 3 sizes I remember these from childhood...always

Decorate the Outside of the Egg

Royal icing Easter egg transfers for panoramic sugar eggs. Watercolor with food coloring and alcohol and edible marker decorate these wee layons.

Decorative Easter Egg

The origin of the panorama – or diorama – egg is unknown. Some folks say they're German, some say they hail from Italy, others claim they possess Ukrainian ...

DIY Peek-A-Boo Eggs | Flour Arrangements

Panorama Sugar Eggs Tutorial

I have been obsessing about Panoramic Sugar Eggs since I was little. Also known as

Right about then I was starting to wonder how I'm going to get them to stand up. I ended up putting a blob of icing on the base and then going back ...

Allow the egg 1 hour to dry completely.

Homemade Coconut Easter Eggs Recipe

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How to make Panoramic Easter Eggs

Tap tapping at the key board has a feel of the siesta hour, window blind not pulled completely shut allowing a sliver of sunlight to burst through the ...

I tried a few different designs for the opening and this was the one I liked best. The shell border looked pretty too, but I'm not good enough yet.

Learn How to Make Panoramic Easter Eggs with these easy step-by-step instructions

DIY Peek-A-Boo Eggs | Flour Arrangements

Pipe a thin line of royal icing around the lip of the bottom half of the egg. Press the top half down onto the bottom, making sure that they line up evenly.

An interesting article from 1987 (!) on the subject can be found here: http://bit.ly/10eDYbq Another, from the New York Times, notes that while current ...

I arrived a little early to take some pictures before our class began, which was focused on the basics of decorating cookies with royal icing.

6 Awesome Peeps Recipes for Easter

The Shieling

I attempted my first panoramic sugar eggs. After lookin up recipes I decided to try and just use plastic eggs I had home.

If you are saving your sugar to make another egg, you can add this sugar to the bowl ...

Peek-A-Boo Easter Eggs by Flour Arrangements. Making Peek-A-

Three Chair Bench

Make Adorable and Colorful Cake Pops Shaped Like Easter Eggs

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Filling the mold

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Grass Pitch (no electric hook-up)


Allow the egg 1 hour to dry completely.

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Deep-Fried Easter Creme Eggs

PinUse ...

45. Tommy Simoens


Use a small dab of royal frosting to secure them to the egg. Add leaves, stems, or any other decorative touches you desire.

Launch cupcakes a bit blurred. Sorry!

For curiosity's sake I noted the drying time before scooping out the insides. You can see in the picture that waiting just one hour gives you a pretty thin ...

History became Legend and the Legend became Myth.

Grass Pitch (with optional electric hook-up)

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Allow the egg 1 hour to dry completely.

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Gradually the sugar will become more moist. Eventually the sugar will have the consistency of damp sand.


DIY Peek-A-Boo Eggs | Flour Arrangements

Rimu Favourites 3

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Loved this salad with fennel, oranges, olives, scallions and of course olive oil

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