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Roman Republic Mark Antony Denarius 249 Ancient Coins for

Roman Republic Mark Antony Denarius 249 Ancient Coins for


Roman Republic, Mark Antony, Denarius - 249 € - Ancient Coins for sale -

Roman Mark Antony. 32-31 BC. AR Legionary Silver Denarius

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coin of antony and lion




[#650599] Coin, Roma, Denarius, Brockage, Rome, Rare, AU(50-53), Silver

Roman Republic, D. Junius Silanus, Denarius - Obv

42 B. C. Silver Roman Republic Denarius Coin P. Clodius photo

Very Rare Roman silver coin Denarius MARK ANTONY LEGEON XIV 3.66 g.

Coin - Denarius, General Mark Antony & Queen Cleopatra VII, Ancient Roman Republic,

Ancient Coins - ROME.REPUBLIC.P.Maenius M.f.Antias ( or Antiaticus )

Details about 116-115 AD,Roman Republic. Sergius Silus Denarius , Silver Denier.

Ancient, Roman Republic, Marc Antony (43-33 BC). Legionary Denarius, 3,73 g. Praetorian galley, ANT AVG III VIR R P C /.

Rare Authentic Marcus Aurelius, Ar Silver Denarius, Roman Coin, Rv. Pax -

Details about Roman Republic - Mark Antony Silver Legionary Denarius 32 BC Ancient Roman Coin

Mark Antony and Octavian Triumvirs AR Denarius


Mark Antony Ar Denarius (M218)

[#492968] Coin, Mark Antony and Octavian, Denarius, 39 BC, AU(50-53), Crawford

Ancient Coins, Roman, Roman Republic, Anonymous. Silver Didrachm, Rome, 225-212BC, janiform head of Dioscuri/Jupiter.

29 May 2019, 425 USD

Roman Republican Coins and Books by Andrew McCabe Survey of Numismatic Research Second Triumvirate Antony, Octavian and Lepidus

Ancient Coins - Mark Antony and Octavia the Younger SILVER Cistophorus 39 BC III.VIR

Silver Denarius - - C. Vibius Pansa / Quadriga photo

Roman coin of Mark Antony Copyright Copyright AAA Collection - Stock Image

Ancients:Roman Republic, Ancients: Cassius. Denarius, 3.74g (6h)

Large Collection of Ancient Roman Coins

Ancient coins,Q. Titius (90 BC), silver denarius, head of Mutinus Titinus r. bound with winged diadem, rev. Q TITI on tablet from which springs Pegasus r., ...

ROME - Mark Antony, (32-31B.C.) Silver denarius, mint moving with Mark Antony, (18mm, 3.56 grams) Legionary Eagle between two standards, LEG XV below.

Ancient Widows Mite Bronze Prutah NGC CH F

Details about ANCIENT ROME Republic M Furius L f Philus 119 BC Silver Denarius #B222

M. Tullius AR Denarius

26 May 2019, 220 USD

Roman Imperial

Sear: "This marks the first fundamental change in the obverse design of the denarius, the mark of value being moved in front of Roma and replaced by the ...

Item NU 2195 Coin - Denarius, M. ANT. IMP, Ancient Roman Republic, 37 BC

ROME - AUGUSTUS, (27 B.C. - A.D. 14), silver denarius, Lyons mint, issued 2 B.C. - A.D. 12. (19mm, 3,65 grams) Laureate head right / Caius and Lucius ...

SICILY. Syracuse

Mark Antony Ar Denarius (M201)

Ancient Coin Article with VIDEO

Roman Republic, D. Junius Silanus, Denarius · Home / Ancient Coins ...


DOMI Domitia bronzes, RRC 262 elephant head denarii branch varieties,

103-76 BC Judea Ancient Widow's Mite Bronze Prutah Medium Grade with Mini-Album


Ancient Coins - Octavian SILVER DENARIUS before 27 BC IMP CAESAR DIVI F shield 50/

Ancient Coins, Roman, Syria, Seleucis and Pieria, Antioch. Herennius Etruscus as Caesar (249-251BC), Silver.

Roman coin Marc Antony Legionary Denarius 32 1 BC - Stock Image

Most Interesting Ancient Coins to Buy for a Collection, Investment and Pleasure

6 May 2019, 3,000 CHF

Roman Republic - AR Victoriatus, anonymous issue - Rome 211-208 B.C. - early

Ancients: L. Titurius Sabinus (ca. 89 BC). AR denarius | Lot #64055 | Heritage Auctions

Denarius of L. Antestius Gragulus minted 136 BC

ROMAN REPUBLIC, L.Cornelius Scipio Asiatcus (106 B.C.) silver serrated denarius, (18mm, 3.82 g), Rome mint, obv. Laureate Head of Jupiter left/Jupiter in ...

Ancient Rome. Claudius, 41-54 AD. Fantastic bronze As. His bare head left, TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR IMP / Minerva standing right, brandishing spear and ...

AR Denarius

MarkAntonyLituus.jpg (248172 bytes)

Ancient Coins - FULVIA, second wife of Marc Antony, AR silver quinarius. Transapline

Image is loading MARK-ANTONY-Cleopatra-Lover-32BC-Ancient-Silver-Roman-

Coin, Maenius, Denarius, 132 BC, Rome, AU(55-58 ...

Roman Republican, Mark Antony, Denarius, Military mint traveling with Antony in Greece

161 - 169 Ad Silver Roman Empire Denarius Lucius Verus Ngc Choice State 5/5

Roman Empire, Nero, AE - Obv

Coins 247 Cleopatra VII and Mark Antony. Fourrée Denarius, 34 BC, Alexandria mint. D/ CLEOPATRAE REGINAE REGVM FILIORVM REGVM. Draped and diademed bust of ...

Ancient coins, Roman Republic, Selection of Roman Imperial denarii, comprising: Nerva (1); Trajan (4); Hadrian (4); Sabina (2), fine to very fine (11)

Ancient Coins - World Coin Prices from our Auction Archive

Denarius of Q. Fabius Maximus minted 127 BC

More wildlife coins. Augustus and Agrippa 10-14 AD Roman provincial showing crocodile.

A gold glass portrait of a family from Roman Egypt. The Greek inscription on the medallion may indicate either the name of the artist or the pater familias ...

The earliest use of "ROMA" on obverse rather than reverse

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... Mark Antony and Octavian Triumvirs AR Denarius, Ephesus mint, Suberb Near Mint State, ...

Roman Republican denarii: Republican Republican

ROMAN REPUBLIC Mark Antony & Lucius Antony. AR Denarius (3.44 gms), Asia Minor Mint, ca. 41 B.C. Cr-517/5c; Syd-1186;.

MarkAntonyTemple.jpg (212223 bytes)

AR Denarius, Bare head of emperor Lucius Verus r./Providentia standing l. holding the globe. Fleur de coin with no wear, overall mint luster ...

Obverse image of coin 389 · 389: Roman Republic ...

29 May 2019, 275 USD

Ancient Coins - ROME REPUBLIC C. Numonius Vaala. 41 BC. AR Denarius VERY

AR Denarius 3,56 gr/19 mm

RRC 262 elephant head bronzes, RRC 263 M.METELLVS Q.F Caecilia denarius, Ahala

Augustus, Denarius, Rome, c. 16 BC (RIC ).

ROME - NERO, (A.D. 54-68), silver denarius. Issued 65-66 A.D, Rome Mint, (18mm, 3.14 g), obv. laureate head of Nero to right/Salus seated (S.1945, ...

NumisBids: Nomos AG Auction 14, Lot 313 : Octavian, 37 BC. Denarius (Silver, 21mm, 3.65 g 1), Brundisium or.

SALE Mark Antony, Legionary Denarius

Ancients:Roman Republic, Ancients: P. Maenius Antiaticus M.f. (132 BC)


Ancient Roman coin of Emperor Quietus. - Stock Image