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Richard Parker was a clone of Peter Parker created by Otto Octavius

Richard Parker was a clone of Peter Parker created by Otto Octavius


Richard Parker" was a clone of Peter Parker created by Otto Octavius and artificially aged

Death of Richard Parker clone USM 104

Superior Spider-Man Vol 2 1 Textless

Otto Octavius (Earth-616) and Peter Parker (Earth-616) from

Peter Parker (Earth-698)


Otto Octavius (Earth-TRN461)

Richard and Mary Parker

List of Spider-Man supporting characters

Maximum Clonage from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 404 0001. Trending pages. Otto Octavius ...

Dr. Octopus Marvel.jpg

... the return of Doc Ock, I want to refresh your memory on the close connection between him and Spider-Man. Doctor Octavius has been one of Peter Parker's ...

Ben Reilly

In this version, Bendis wrote a story in which the Ultimate Scorpion is captured and revealed to be Peter's clone, sharing 94.2% of Peter Parker's DNA ...



Web of Spider-Man 117.jpg

Ultimate Clone Saga

Otto vows revenge against Peter Parker.


This film has more references in it than last year's 'Spider-Man: Homecoming

List of incarnations of Spider-Man


Otto Octavius (Earth-1610)

Doctor Octopus

Alternative versions of Spider-Man

Otto Octavius returns.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - Complete Guide to Marvel Easter Eggs

... (Peter Parker clone). Cover Thumbnail for Ultimate Spider-Man (Marvel, 2000 series) #104 ...


A guide to the Spider-Man PS4 villains

Doctor Octopus as he appears in Spider-Man.


Otto Octavius (Earth-TRN461) from Spider-Man Unlimited (video game)

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Every Single Alternative Spider Man

Hornet - Peter Parker (616)

... Otto Octavius would be responsible for altering the DNA of Peter Parker to create his own super-powered beings. So take a look at Spider-Man clones seen ...

Black Widow (Clone)

Not that I dislike Miles but I just prefer Kaine and the Otto Octavius Superior Spidey over him. So he's either my third choice or my first if the first two ...

Peter Parker was born in Queens to CIA agents Richard and Mary Parker. While Peter was still an infant, his parents were assigned to infiltrate the Algerian ...

A computer graphic of Spider-Man swinging over traffic

Peter Parker was working at Oscorp along with his friends Harry Osborn, Mary Jane Watson

Clone Saga

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse -- Who are all these Spider-people? - CNET

Name: Superior Spider-Man (Peter Parker/Otto Octavius) Earth: 616. First Appearance: Superior Spider-Man 32

After spinning guilt-powered webs across New York City for 50 years, the iconic

Ultimate Spider-Man: The OZ Formula AKA The World's Most Fucked Up Wonder Drug and its Mutated Butterfly Effect - Album on Imgur

SpiderManMCA-001-18.jpg. The story picks up after the revelation that Peter Parker is a clone ...

Otto is confronted by Hydra Soldiers.

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN 104 & 110 Dr Octopus Spider-Woman Ronan Daredevil Iron Fist

#6 - Superior Spider-man

Spectacular Spider-Man #216 Royle Amazing Spider-Girl May "Mayday" Parker Peter Doc Ock Olivia Octavius Friendly Neighhborhood Spiderman Spidey Ultimate ...

Returned to supervillainy years after Octavius' death, initially reclaiming the title of Doctor Octopus

The original Doctor Octopus, Otto Octavius, is one of Marvel's most famous villains, but his female replacement has had a considerably less illustrious ...

#100 (which was double-sized).


In an alternate reality, Peter Parker married Mary Jane Watson and had a daughter,

At the same time Ben Reilly, the new Anubis-looking Jackal, walks Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, through his “Haven” where a clone society resides.

The version of Green Goblin seen on the screen in this movie feels very much like the Ultimate version of the character, where Norman Osborn had actually ...

Doctor Octopus steals Peter Parker's life and memories leaving him in the dying husk of his body. I'm speechless and I already heard ...

Again, he has/had both an interesting appearance/costume and an interesting personality and harder attitude but, again, he's technically Peter Parker, ...

Franchise / Spider-Man

Peter Parker's bedroom, he explains why he has become Spider-Man

Ben Reilly

Doctor Octopus

J. Jonah Jameson was the Mayor of New York City. He held a press

Aunt May wrong christmas

Ultimate spider-man 4331.jpg

'Marvel's Spider-Man' PS4 Post-Credits Scenes Explained

Ben Parker

Marvel's Spider-Man

Peter Parker -- 1 and 2

In that infamous storyline, the Jackal, an evil geneticist, created several clones of Peter Parker, including the heroic Ben Reilly, ...

Dr. Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus [Height: 5' 10", Age: 40's]: Dr. Otto Octavius was a lab assistant to Norman Osborn and secretly a spy for Osborn's ...

Otto Octavius was a scientist who works for the organization S.I.L.K.

Skeleton Spider Man Cloned Spiderman (Peter Parker ...

As much as I love seeing all the different kinds of Spider characters, Spider-Geddon is losing steam with all these detours.

With Peter Parker as we know it with his trademark suit and well known Spider-Powers. But Octavius gave the Spider-Man a ...

Ultimate Spider-Man #104

Peter Benjamin Parker/Spider-Man

No photo description available.

One of the defining tragedies of Spider-Man's life was the death of Gwen Stacy. In the '60s, she was the love of Peter Parker's life, forming a complicated ...

Since Aunt May and Uncle Ben raised Peter Parker, Richard and Mary Parker, Peter's biological parents, have always held a precarious place in Spider-Man's ...

All of this creates a text-heavy read as the various characters have to explain to everyone what's going on, referencing all the other tie-in books as well.

The Clone Conspiracy Has Revealed Its Biggest, Most Outlandish Twist | Kotaku Australia