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Oil Painting by Emilia Dubicki For me painting is about asking

Oil Painting by Emilia Dubicki For me painting is about asking


Oil Painting by Emilia Dubicki: "“For me painting is about asking questions,

"Back to the Blue Motel" oil on canvas drop cloth, 62.5 x 93. I am primarily an abstract painter ...

"Map of the New Mystery" oil on canvas, ...

Breaker by Emilia Dubicki. oil on canvas 44″ x 72″. For me painting is about asking ...

Emilia Dubicki | Drifting on the Sound (2018) | Available for Sale | Artsy

Emilia Dubicki, 'Lure and Hook', 2017

Emilia Dubicki | Late Day; Morris Cove (2018) | Available for Sale | Artsy

Emilia Dubicki

Where Waters is working with blacks and natural wood grain tones, Emilia Dubicki's oil paintings pop with throbbing color. Like Waters' sculptures ...

Emilia Dubicki: Local Blue Abstract, Canvas, Blue, Artwork, Painting, Work

Emilia Dubicki, 'The Ascent', 2018

The Diviner, oil on canvas, 66"x 60", 2018. Copyright Emilia Dubicki Art. ...

Emilia Dubicki, 'Sounding Line', 2018

Copyright Emilia Dubicki Art. All rights reserved. 2018

An Interview with Patricia Carrigan & Cat Balco / April 22 Launchpad Party

Emilia Dubicki - The Blackish Pane. Art PaintingsAbstract ...

DubickiAnosYazdan_OpeningImages_0042. Emilia's ...

Emilia Dubicki, 'Painter's Game', ...

New Work by Emilia Dubicki @Able Fine Art NY

Such is also the case with the untitled painting on the facing wall. Within this abstract painting, Chamberlain has created the illusion of depth, ...

Abstract Painting By Boston Artist Amanda Hawkins

News: Stanley Boxer and Dan Christensen included in

... architecture, color and geometry.

Art Spotlight: Bart O'Reilly

Emilia Dubicki, 'Waning Orange', 2017

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“Fortune” by Emilia Dubicki, 56×48, oil on canvas


Delicious Line Review: Eric Dever: Painting in a House Made of Air


... Detrani (Web) about his layered drawings that juxtapose natural and architectural imagery; and Mary Lesser's (Web) gouache postcard paintings of scenes ...

Nazari's work is inspired by the juxtapositions between Iran's ancient architecture, and America's postmodernist architecture. As an immigrant, her move to ...

"Golden Square" Large Abstract Expressionist Oil Painting, 20th Century Institute Of Design,

Art Spotlight: Douglas Max Utter

The Diviner, oil on canvas, 66"x 60", 2018. Copyright Emilia Dubicki Art. ...

Emilia Dubicki, 'Blue Motor', 2018


"Eric Dever | Painting in a House Made of Air" VR Tour with Eazel

Yamil Cardenas Abstract - New Arrivals - Vintage

... than what is invented within the tidal pull of desire. Stuart Shils, Philadelphia, 2013 .

Werner describes his work in Hope/Hopeless as paintings that “had to happen.” We the viewer are “looking out” from amongst brambles, braches, and darkness ...


“Surfer” part 1 oil on canvas 102”x 66” Emilia Dubicki 2019

Art Spotlight: Catherine Spencer

Emilia Dubicki

A stereo system sits on the floor to the left. The pictorial details are rendered in simple black painted linework over large areas of poster style colors.

DubickiAnosYazdan_OpeningImages_0046. DubickiAnosYazdan_OpeningImages_0095. DubickiAnosYazdan_OpeningImages_0109. DubickiAnosYazdan_OpeningImages_0114

ArtForum Critics' Pick | Judith Godwin at Berry Campbell

Late Season, Disappearing Day, oil on paper, 5"x 7" 2017

Contemporary Artists of New Mexico: Contemporary Expressionist Bold Still Life Flower Art Painting “Alstromeria

This is / always the case. / Wherever I am / I am what is missing.” How does the poet simultaneously capture a sense of human insignificance and the ...


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It's always wonderful to exhibit one's artwork and get public exposure and feedback, and this past June my proverbial cup runneth over.


“Searchlight” oil on wood and canvas Emilia Dubicki 2019 “A light going out in the forehead/Of the house by the ocean, /Into warm black its feints of ...

... hand as paint sketches. On further inspection, however, they reveal a studied subtlety in their suppleness. In a small work like "Woman in conversation ...

Mary Oliver often wrote about nature in such a way that I have been reminded of Walt Whitman, Gary Snyder, Dogen, Alice Walker, Thoreau, and many others who ...

LOIS DODD is an influential American painter, with work included in major corporate collections, museums in the U.

News: Sag Harbor Express: Berry Campbell Presents Survey of Frank Wimberley Paintings, May


One July Night" this painting is named for a

from @robertlynnelson - Oil MONOTYPE on Arches- 22x24 by #ROBERTLYNNELSON com #robertlynnelson #abstract_post #colour #contemporary_art ...

Art Spotlight: George Fellner

Peripheral ARTeries Art Review - January 2014

Artist Website

“Searchlight” oil on wood and canvas Emilia Dubicki 2019 “A light going out. “

Unscheduled Departure, oil on canvas, 72"x 44" 2017

MyhreRamon_Installation_0011. Peter Ramon describes his paintings ...

change is now + + + #art #artwork #originalart #urbanart #outsiderart

Dubicki is represented by the Julie Heller Gallery in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and Kehler Kiddell Gallery in New Haven .

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Bold Mid Modern Abstract Oil Painting by Hall C.1960s to 1970s

Artist Website

#abstractsinacrylicandink #artbyjodiohl #modernart #contemporaryart # painting #artgallery #artcollector #coastalart #blue #createeveryday #inspiration ...

Abstract On Wood Panel By Boston Artist Hilary Tait Norod

Frank Wimberley Exhibiting in "Prime Time" at the Islip Art Museum

The works has graphite details and for me a feeling of reaching and gentility #Icarus. #forest #art #artwork ...

ruhuma gecenin mâtemi doldu ben şimdi derdimle kırık bir ney'im ümidim kırıldı bir hayâl oldu kimsesiz yollarda kalan gölgeyim bilmem ki derdimi kime ...

Art Spotlight: Rebecca Brodskis

A gorgeous piece highlighting those spectacular Canadian Pine trees this unique painting is acrylic done on

Muci Clemens

DubickiAnosYazdan_OpeningImages_0142. DubickiAnosYazdan_OpeningImages_0157. DubickiAnosYazdan_OpeningImages_0101. DubickiAnosYazdan_OpeningImages_0176

Let me now climb on my virtual soapbox here and add that an enduring lesson on voice came via translation: Rafael Alberti's The Owl's ...

Emilia Dubicki, 'Orchestra of Rivers', 2016

Art Café Daily Painters, Fine Art Gallery, Art For Sale, Marines, Still

Friday Fun on paper! Is the yellow square too much? #artwork #creative

Unscheduled Departure, oil on canvas, 72"x 44" 2017

Add some love to your walls with a custom painting from a local Charlotte artist,

Landscape Painting By Cape Cod Artist Judyth Katz

Peripheral ARTeries Art Review July 2014

... muscular mark making and jubilant color choices combine to generate a natural and nature-like vibrancy. Such is also the case with the untitled painting ...

this rusted chair/sitting on the porch/of an abandoned house/the Ohio River flowing by/like the passage of time.