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Magic and mystery await Video Game ReviewsNews Anime Video

Magic and mystery await Video Game ReviewsNews Anime Video


Chasm Review: The Battle Below

Unruly Heroes launches in a cloud of monkey magic today

25 Coolest Upcoming Games You Probably Haven't Heard Of From GDC - GameSpot

Best PC games of 2018

The Best Indie Games on PC

Microsoft ...

Post Human W.A.R - Release Trailer. Video Game ...

Once you learn an enemy's attack patterns, patience is often your toughest foe. Monsters can take a half dozen strikes or more to die, but just one mistake ...


This was some of the least horny portrait art I could find. Still, that is an *incredible* runway pose that war lass is doing.

I'm more of a narrative-focused RPGamer, which goes some of the way to explaining my enjoyment of the God Eater series despite having virtually zero ...

Look at the pretty ghosts!

Indie Bin RICO, Hyper Jam, Attack of the Earthlings

Destiny 2 is going free-to-play-ish

Review VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action – The Best Visual Novel About Serving Drinks You'll Ever Play

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth - The Last Picture Show

Wot I Think - Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

Video Game News, Video Games, Arcade, Warriors, Desktop Screenshot, Videogames, Video Game !

Colour my life with the chaos of trouble.

A movie that encapsulates magic the gathering would take forever to make, right? Well not to worry giant Hollywood studio that is certainly reading this, ...

Round Up Kingdom Hearts III Reviews Signal the End of a Long, Long Saga

retro gamer*

Disney Afternoon Giant 1 - James Silvani (IDW)

I have always had a soft spot for the Mystery Dungeon games, especially the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon entries. However, once I caught wind of a Final ...

New Darksiders is a Diablo-style action game with a new horseman

retro gamer*

Darksiders Genesis Officially Announced

13 PlayStation Game Remasters We Want To See

Moero Chronicle Hyper™ Dungeon-Crawls Onto Nintendo Switch™ On April 26!

I have always had a soft spot for the Mystery Dungeon games, especially the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon entries. However, once I caught wind of a Final ...

Learning the ancient language of Heaven's Vault

Otaku Spirit Anime

Varnir of the Dragon Star: Ecdysis of the Dragon Reviews, News, Descriptions, Walkthrough and System Requirements :: Game Database - SocksCap64

Trailer Attack: 15th May 2018 – Little dad chasers doctor strange

Ever Oasis 3DS

The Last Day Of June tells the tale of lost love. What would you do · Video Game ...

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Announces Pre-Registration

Amid Evil launches its penultimate early access episode

While Compile Heart and Idea Factory have developed a loyal subset of RPGamers with its offerings, I've found the few games of theirs I tried to be only ...


The Best Indie Games on PC

Dauntless - First Impressions


The Santa Fe shot, the Parkland shooter nik Cruz, also Dimitrios Pagourtzis, uploaded these pictures on to their own Instagram accounts of their favourite ...

News Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair Is Playtonic's Next Game, And It's Coming To Switch

Mega Man, Sonic The Hedgehog, Nintendo

Fimbul Review

You've fought zombies in the malls. You've fought them in the morgues. You've fought them in the prisons. You've fought them in castles.

XBlaze Code: Embryo

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Demo Ready To Download

Reviews - News

Far Cry 5

World of Final Fantasy PS4 Review


After beating Tales of Vesperia on the 360 back in 2008, I wanted more. Unfortunately at the time, the version that offered more was not translated and it ...

Tiny Toon Adventures

Stand A Chance To WIN A Cooler Master MasterAccessory Backpack XL!

Major Spoilers Podcast #808: Live Action Anime Edition from Major Spoilers Comic Book Podcast on RadioPublic

The Crit

Another Typical concept in RPGs is that the player character, a character from the game's fictional world whose activities the player controls.

The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard – The Verdict

You've got all the various cliques: the jocks, the cheerleaders, the band geeks, the nerds, the aliens, the espers... Wait, what?

Video Game Reviews/News · Retro to the max!

The Best Indie Games on PC

Manga Review: Sorcerer Hunters Volume 10

Undead Horde Xbox One Review

What Game Did You Want To Like But Couldn't?

The Princess Guide Preview

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

Judgment is a game that truly stood out to me the first time I saw it. The game looks like it has a lot of charm and has a keen attention to ...

Ragnarok: The Breaking of Helheim #1 (of 6)—CERTIFIED COOL

Destiny 2: How to Get Imperials for Chalice of Opulence

The Game Collection — KINGDOM HEARTS III - Review Roundup! For those.

Community Question - The Worst Stealth Mission in Video Games?

Distilling the entire library of the original PlayStation is no easy task, but someone has to do it. And while we wait to find out what the official full ...

Sonic Mania Plus

First to the top is the winner! It's that simple. Just climb a tree and you'll be made King of the Jungle. And, I mean, you're a monkey.

Visionaire Studio - Adventure Game Engine | Visionaire Studio

Chronicles of the Cursed Sword GN (2003-2008 Tokyopop Digest) 3-1ST


Wargroove Review - The Doggos Of War

News Brand New Turn-Based Strategy Game Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars Heads For Switch

Star Wars Adventures, Vol. 6: Flight of the Falcon

The Game Collection — KINGDOM HEARTS III - Review Roundup! For those.

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