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Love that I have helped my child to be able to read from a young age

Love that I have helped my child to be able to read from a young age


The summer my daughter learned to love reading, and I learned something too

Reading should not be one of them. From my personal experience as a qualified foundation phase (Grade 1 to 3) teacher, I know that a child ...

Why Every Parent Should Read With Their Preschooler! My Child

Relate plots to real life

Importance of Reading With Kids: 10 Great Benefits

I just LOVE to read. I was your typical nerdy kid with, like, 1 friend in my young life but 8000 books on my shelf. Books brought me so much excitement, ...

My baby loved to read from a young age. She would pick up a board

Helping your toddler to talk

Wanted: books to help my children remember they love reading!

I often get questions on how I've "made" Ophelia love reading so much, so I thought I'd offer some of my thoughts on how to encourage reading from a young ...

To me, lying innocently is what a young child does when they say what you want them to say. They're not trying to get out of trouble, they're trying to ...

young girl writing


How Can I Help My Student or Child Read

When I told a friend I was writing an article on how to get your kids reading this summer, he said, “I need to know how to get my kids to stop ...

Homeschool Reading Curriculum

Mother teaching daughter

Boy clutching head reading

Create a Reading Bucket List

What is Apraxia?

How I accidentally got my book-hating tween to love to read

Harry Potter Helped My Son Fall in Love with Reading + 17 Books Series to Read After Harry Potter

My kids love books—especially Grace who can't get enough of them. We've always read to our girls from a young age and storytime is always one of the ...

40+ Parenting Tips On How To Raise A Smart Child

Kitchen Skills By Age | activities for grandkids | Chores for kids, Cooking classes for kids, Kids, parenting

Alphabet book: Easy reading for kids Aged 4 – 6 (My kids' books

... this time with young kids, but sometimes it's hard to really know HOW. For concrete ideas, read this—32 Ways to Savor Your Children While You have Them.

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Why I Love Reading Fantasy Books to my Young Child

Reading! Love it! Reading holds a special part of my heart. My mom helped me fall in love with reading by never turning down a chance to buy books from the ...

School Age Children


New figures show one in five children starting school don't have the skills to learn properly

My mum inspired my love of poetry from a young age, mainly because she didn't want to read children's books and recited poems to me instead.

Discipline and Punishment - What's The Difference (4 Effective Discipline Strategies) - ParentingForBrain

Teenaged boy zoned out

The Book Doctor prescribes some funny new books to remind two boys that they love reading now the holidays are over. Photograph: Buzzshotz/Alamy

As a child, my parents fostered and nurtured a love of reading from a very young age. My mom read books to my brother and I and took us to the local ...

A Letter for Parents from a Parent

ODD Treatment and Strategies

Helping children fall in love with reading from a young age is infinitely important, and we belive part of that is giving them an opportunity to extend ...

Have you ever struggled to find book titles that really captivate your child? I know

Most beginning readers will be able to read the stories on their own. Younger children will enjoy the engaging illustrations while listening to the stories.

Reading aloud engages young children

Stan Lee taught my children to love reading and to believe in themselves

View Larger Image Kid enjoying riddles and brain teasers

Baby is growing so fast and is always learning! Baby's vision is improving and they have begun focusing on nearby objects. Newborns especially love black, ...

My kids love books—especially Grace who can't get enough of them. We've always read to our girls from a young age and storytime is always one of the ...

My Top 10 Books for Young Kids

Have them help and have a task of getting a diaper for you and help when its time for bath time, my little ones absolutely love this.

Multicultural Poetry Books for Children, African/Asian/Hispanic/Diverse, Ages 0 to 10

What I Wish You Knew About being a parent to a child who has RAD (

I love each and every one of the characters in this book. There are times when you want to smack them upside the head and say “STUPID!” Haha.

How to Raise Kids Who Love Reading

I want families to know that I am funny, that I like sports, that ...

How to teach a toddler handwriting easily

read the Bible with my child

I'm a big fan of reading. My kids love to read and be read to. I knew they would if they were taught at an early age.

Love Affair with Libraries

As a small child I don't really remember my parents actually reading to me, but I know I learned to read from an early age, and I have read avidly ever ...

40+ Best books for boys ages 8-16

I love this age for reading to babies because it is when reading is first starting to be more of an interactive experience. Don't misunderstand me, ...

Here are some tips on increasing reading stamina and comprehension in small children to set the

Parents' Ultimate Guide to YouTube Kids

I love how this article explains kids' decision making process and how we can help

Visual Imagery

... Coordinator; 7. The Reader's Chair Tip: Let children read their ...

Teaching Kids Respect

25 strategies to get children to love books. Research shows language is the key to

The #1 Summer Reading Activity All Kids Love

Why I Don't love bob books

how to unspoil a child

Can Parents Leave Kids Alone? For How Long? It's All About Age.

Since my children are still young (age 2 & 4), I rarely sit down and “teach” through formal lessons. Instead, I read them books they love and ...

Beckham Oldenettel started soliciting donated books for children as a 3-year-old.

We attempt to answer every child's letter personally so please include a contact name and postal addresses for either a parent or the SLP of the child along ...

This didn't necessarily improve my speed, but it helped. I didn't get frustrated trying to keep up with the song.

Teaching a Toddler to Ski

Boy sitting on a stack of books reading a book with text What Curriculum Should I

Signing Children's Books: Help! I want to share the love of reading with my

Reading Tips for Parents in 13 Languages

Father and young children sat on a sofa

Phonics and Reading: Nurturing Confidence from the Very Beginning

As a young child growing up in the Washington, DC area, the ability to read the written word offers my son a unique window into the world.

When a child walks into a Plato Learning space they begin a journey side-by-side with their peers. Our counselors use the books, stories and immersive ...

Dolly Parton, aka "The Book Lady," helps spark the love of reading

There are millions of children around the world who are growing up without families, so if you're hoping to grow your family through adoption, ...

Overall, more than eight in 10 parents (84%) say their children are read books aloud at home before age 6, mainly because they wanted their child to enjoy ...

The road hasn't always been easy: Liam didn't show any interest in reading until about age 7…but then he caught on pretty quickly and was reading chapter ...

How can I help my child