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Is DecisionMaking Hard with ADDADHD Chronic Life Group Board

Is DecisionMaking Hard with ADDADHD Chronic Life Group Board


Frustrated Young Man Sitting At Desk With Head In Hands

adult attention deficit disorder help in new york city, with yelp

Social Skills in Adults with ADHD

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ADHD Coach Linda Walker

At a Glance

Treatment can include lifestyle changes, medication, and therapy, and often includes more than one component.

Six Secrets to a Happy ADHD Relationship

The Relationship Between ADHD and Chronic Procrastination

Boredom: How it Affects Someone With ADHD



It is important to ultimately gaining control over symptoms that wreak havoc in your life, personally and professionally.

Tanya Gore - Individual And Couples Therapist, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) 'syndromes' have been described in the medical literature since the eighteenth century, but the growth of ...

Anxiety or ADHD? Why They Sometimes Look the Same and How to Tell the Difference

Undoubtedly the domain of education is the one most likely to be adversely affected in the histories of adults having ADHD, and it is affected more severely ...

Trade books for adults with ADHD also provide advice on these strategies, such as those by Ari Tuckman, Ph.D., Craig Surman, M.D., Tom Brown, Ph.D., ...


FDA chief says long-term opioid prescriptions are needed by some chronic pain patients

Attention Deficit, ADD. Allison McArthur, Clinical Social Work/Therapist

Understanding Teens Dealing With ADD/ADHD

Common variants explain approximately 40% of the heritability of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder but, compared with rarer causes, individual common ...

Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?

A somewhat different approach that has received more attention recently is the mindfulness meditation method developed by Lydia Zylowska and colleagues (see ...

Amy Hudson, Licensed Professional Counselor

... and understand your ADHD. (At a rough estimate, I would say about .0000001% of us are in that situation. And whoever this lucky person is, I envy her.)

Russell Hyken, Licensed Professional Counselor

ADHD and schizophrenia links

How anxiety scrambles your brain and makes it hard to learn

Dr. Kristin J Addison-Brown, Psychologist

Could You Have Adult ADD and Not Know It?

Inattentive ADHD

Chronic pain: The “invisible” disability

Altimate Counseling Services, Counselor

Children and Mental Health

Art therapy is an alternative ADHD treatment that can help children express themselves.

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Disclosure: Should I Keep My ADHD a Secret?

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How overthinking decisions is holding you back

Attention Deficit, ADD. Meghan Davis, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


Trade books for adults with ADHD also provide advice on these strategies, such as those by Ari Tuckman, Ph.D., Craig Surman, M.D., Tom Brown, Ph.D., ...

Impact of ADHD at Work

What Living With ADHD Is LIke and How It Affects Your Life Over Time

7 Reasons Why You Need to Advocate More Than Other Parents

ADHD vs. Specific Learning Disabilities: What Parents Need to Know

ADHD and Fear: Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. quote from "Delivered From Distraction

Jen Fisher

Chronic Illness & Mental Health

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Trade books for adults with ADHD also provide advice on these strategies, such as those by Ari Tuckman, Ph.D., Craig Surman, M.D., Tom Brown, Ph.D., ...

Throughout the lifetime of the patient, the impairments of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder manifest in psychiatric co-morbidities, health problems, ...

Additional Resources

Sluggish Cognitive Tempo Symptoms and Diagnosis

Rating scales are separate from an in-person interview. They provide information comparing people with ADHD to people without ADHD.

A Model to Describe Patient's Health Information Seeking Behaviors (Reproduced with permission from Health Information

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Barbara Sahakian

A Framework for How Clinical Practices and Community Programs Can Partner to Better Engage Patients in

Successful decision making is a key aspect of everyday life. Microsoft images.

Neurofeedback may help with attention and impulsivity

Non-pharmacological treatments target residual disability and are used initially for preschool-aged ...

Lauren Adele Roberts, Counselor


Adults & ADHD: 8 Tips to Make Good Decisions

A Doctor's Guide: How To Be A Patient Advocacy Rock Star (For You Or A Loved One)

Coaching typically involves providing an ongoing professional relationship that focuses on the adult with ADHD taking action toward the realization of their ...

Dan Saelinger

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Psychology and #Marketing: What Influences Our Decisions

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Making the decision. Biofeedback trial. Neurofeedback is expensive and ...

Will Carroll, Licensed Professional Counselor

The management of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) considers psychiatric, psychological and medical co-morbidity.

A Journey Through Darkness

The 24-Hour News Cycle and Stress


Engaging Patients in Managing Chronic Disease: An Analysis of Data from the Connecticut Health Care Survey | Journal of Participatory Medicine

Elaina Natario / Katie Martin / The Atlantic

The start of the school year brings a fresh crop of children and teenagers with different backgrounds, personalities, ...

A version of this story first appeared in the July/August 2016 issue of Pacific

Although they document an age-dependent decline in ADHD symptoms, ADHD is also a highly persistent ...

Challenges and difficulties with community health[edit]

Local Press Release Template and Instructions

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