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Im sure I dont have to tell you the life of an autism momwarrior

Im sure I dont have to tell you the life of an autism momwarrior


I'm sure I don't have to tell you, the life of an autism mom/warrior/superhero/booty-kicker isn't for the faint of heart. It means different things for ...

Posted on February 20, 2018 May 29, 2019 by Not an Autism Mom

April is Autism Awareness month. I want to share our story in hopes to raise more awareness and acceptance. I always knew that raising a boy would be very ...

5 Autism Secrets They Don't Tell You at Diagnosis

Social Skills for Students with Autism

Before I could think, I said, Oh man. I'm sorry to hear that.

How to Give Choices & Improve the Most Challenging Behaviors


Who remembers when Fridays used to be awesome because you were single and could do whatever you want on the weekend?😉😏 . Who now struggles sometimes ...

How to be an ally to autistic people

Stranger Danger Social Story Worksheets Visual Helper Special Education Autism

I remember before I had kids, I would watch misbehaved children and think, “MY kids will NOT act that way.” I had many theories about discipline and raising ...

M E T I M E ...

Social Story- Its Okay to Get Upset from NoodleNook for social skills training in LIFE

Autism is just a tough issue to navigate. And I know some of the feelings she might experience in the months to come.

With all the books I have in mind to write this one seems to be the

SISU: Fall seven times; stand up eight. Always, always—get up

Tantrums Don't Help Me Fix a Problem (Social Story)

For this observer, this is some combination of ...

REAL love is not pink and fluffy and rose-y and butterflies. Real love is not shiny and whole and smiling serenely. Real love is not holding hands while ...

If you're in the SF Bay Area, please support these amazing female-

My Son Has Autism I'm So Jealous He Doesn't Care How The World views him svg,png,dxf,eps

On stage, I discovered a brilliant and charismatic man who was full of passion and love for his family. Admitting he had no idea what autism ...

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A ...

Kid's got some style!!#tbt for my beautiful spectrum girl. May you

Autism Shirts Autism Awareness Autism Mom Warrior Mom with Puzzle Piece #lightitupblue #autismacceptance #autismawareness

Autism: One Step at a Time


Autism Awareness Mug

Your smile cures everything and anything🙂 #allsmiles #smile #smiletotheworld #lazysunday #

Mari-Anne with her son Liam

35 Solutions to Common Challenges Faced By Kids With Autism - If your kiddo has ASD

Not an Autism Mom

Double tap if you agree! ___ Follow @momwarriorshow for daily 🔥 fired-up Mom motivation! 👊

Giving voice to the true story of motherhood. From pregnancy to raising our little humans

Autism recovery IS possible🌸💖🌸 BELIEVE in the UNBELIEVABLE. TRUST in the body's

Autism Education Summit dads panel (1)

Second yard art AA

I have an announcement

How each of my kids feel about bows 🎀 I had to hold Audrey's hands down

TUNE IN AT 10A TODAY FOR The Change Makers radio broadcast on Autism Awareness! https

Making Sense Of Munchkin: A Mother's Journey to Calm with a Special Needs Child by

Because I love someone with autism, this message went straight to my heart. Oh

Autism Awareness Yard Art 2011

Happy Mom cover


Mom Warrior

We've new posts below David's for today, Sunday the 20th. Please send David's post far and wide to your lists, FB, Twitter. Click the headline to grab the ...

Details about Unicorn Mom Of The Wild Child Ladies Black T Shirt Cotton S-3XL US Supplier

Mom, Can I Borrow This?

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... a tragic accident 😥 please send #JazMireBrown all the love and strength through prayer 🙏🏽 #TragicAccident #AllPrayersNeeded #MomWarriors #SendHerAHug ...

I Wear a Puzzle for My Sister T-Shirt Autism Awareness gift

In case you forgot. In case your inner badass got lost somewhere. In case



Franca is yet another brown haired divorcee with 2 kids; she and her husband appear to have broken up some time after 2016, as he now lives in Hawaii and ...

17 Developmental Toys for Autistic Children | The ultimate gift guide for kids with autism!

Make sure you're making time for yourself today. 🌻 .

There is an opportunity for some Houston moms to participate in a photo shoot for the 'Warrior Mom' project in conjunction with Autism File magazine and the ...

"What you did before doesnt have to be what youre doing now. The. "

Black Girl I'm Living My Best Life T Shirt Black Cotton Ladies S-

Proud Mom Of A Son With Autism T-Shirt, Autistic, AuSome, Awareness, Spectrum

5 things, a child with autism usually needs. #IAmYou #ShowYourSupport #SupportEqualityMakeADifference

This little sweetheart is having a very good day!!! All smiles this morning

Audrey's a little over a year old and already has a shoe obsession 👠 .

House of Cards 200 pixels

Jen Ludwig

Happily obsessed

We received our diagnosis for Jaxson almost 6 years ago. We have been living this autism life blindly. Living it blindly doesn't mean that I didn't step up ...

A little fact of Motherhood that's not often advertised, you'll be lucky to


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Today is World Autism Awareness Day. Recently Ben received a diagnosis of Autism which explained

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Is it an Autism Conference or a 3 Day Vacation?

️Speech and communication are not the same thing.⠀ .⠀ If a child

... #mykids❤ #isthelittlethings #proudmomof2 #adhdparenting #adhdkidslife #austismmom #kerrvilletx #momentrepreneurs #momwarriors #singlemomsrock🤘

Save the Date: July 10, 2012 – Meeting of the IACC

I'm not quite sure how he got so big.... #

Ethan, five minutes old (and already dramatic)

We bet you did not know this about Autism #DoYouKnowMe #IAmYou .

From @hbombties "A child with Autism is not ignoring you, they are simply

Oh thank you wonderful teacher. Ill remember that when she's flipping out from the overload

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Haaapppyyy Monday! She makes it more bearable. And cute. ✨ #workingmom #

In the midst of winter, we're springing into life. Watch us bloom very soon! . . . .#Autism #AutismAwareness #autismheroes #autismparents #autismlove ...

Autism Awareness Yard Art 2013

On my birthday, allow me to share this gift with you: "Make

Amen love you just the way you are #hunterjames #family #familygoals #autism

If you got a moment please say a prayer for my wonderful mother in law.

Mom warrior 💪

So many exciting things going on in my life right now

TBT–That Parenting Manual needs updating

I have shared this before but many of you found it helpful so here it is!!! Take a look read through it and analyze xoxoxo #unapologeticautistic ...

17 Developmental Toys for Autistic Children | The ultimate gift guide for kids with autism!