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If your knees bend slightly outward when you are standing straight

If your knees bend slightly outward when you are standing straight


If your knees bend slightly outward when you are standing straight, you might have a

The knees cannot do this optimally when they are not aligned vertically with the hips and ankles, like in the ideal picture below:

Knock Knees at Boston Children's Hospital

Knock-Kneed or Bow-Legged Realignment by Osteotomy

As the child grows to around 7 or 8 years, the position is self-corrected and a more normal equal weight-bearing posture is adopted.

Knock knees, normal legs and bow legs. from www.shutterstock.com

6 rules for perfect squats. If they are unable to perform them properly when standing ...

Picture of knock knees

I don't have a blog post on this yet!

Stand with legs wide and toes pointed outward slightly. Hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands with your arms straight and your palms facing down. Bend your ...

A very severe case of genu valgum of the left knee following bone cancer treatment.

Don't forget to check out other barre-inspired workouts you can do at home like this barre booty home workout, lower body barre plyo fusion, ...

Hyperextended knee - the knee bends backwards beyond neutral

standing leg lifts

On Your Knees

12 Squat Variations You Have to Try on Leg Day

patellar tracking disorder anatomy where kneecap feels loose and tracks medial or laterally

Bow Legs In Children - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim - YouTube

closeup of older man touching knee

Medically termed as crepitus, the condition is characterised by peculiar symptoms which include pain while

Under Armour

I hear this a lot from people that come to my clinic for help with their knee pain during or after they squat. I first would like to start by saying that ...

12 of the Best Hip-Strengthening Exercises

Standing Forward Bend. Uttanasana will wake up your ...

What causes knee buckling?

Thigh Exercises You Need to Know

Image titled Do Squats when You Have Knee Pain Step 1

Knee Pain When Bending

Woman running with hip muscles exposed

Genu valgum, or knock knees.
Image credit: BioMed Central,

Image titled Do a Squat Step 1

Congrats on your new knee! You're one of 600,000 Americans who get the joint replaced every year. You may be thrilled to walk again without pain or no ...

The way we sit & what it means

5 Tips for Preventing Knee Pain

Improve Your Posture: Learn the 3 Curves of the Spine

Let's talk about knees, and pain of the knee from cycling

Pronation - Dr. Axe Pronation deviations that occur at the ...

If you can't straighten your knee, you have a severe knee injury

It is the least likely knee ligament to be sprained because most LCL injuries are caused by a blow to the inside of the knee, and that area usually is ...

Standing hip hitch

Squats: What Proper Squats Look Like & Which Muscles They Work

Lying on your side with both legs straight out in front of you, gradually bend

The issue: The foot can sit naturally in a degree of external rotation – when the toes of each foot are further apart than the heels. But it can go too far, ...


Knee flexion and extension

Problems in any of the structures of the knee can cause knee pain when bending


Source: Lie faceup on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, arms by your sides (a). Squeeze your glutes as you lift your hips into the ...

Bend your knee and lift your back foot off the floor - you should feel the muscle tightening at the back of the thigh

Can't tell if she's into you? Look down below: “The legs and feet are one of the last body parts that we consciously control, so they give us invaluable ...

woman doing standing hamstring stretch

find out why your kneecap moves from side to side and how patella instability and dislocation

In the United States, a torn meniscus is the most common reason for knee surgery.

How to Correct Knee Valgus Caused by Muscle Imbalances: The Best Exercises to Fix Your Knock Knees

Knee bends starting position. Stand a ...

Shown here, the right foot drops due to paralysis of the tibialis anterior muscle, while the left foot demonstrates normal lifting abilities.

4 Yoga Mistakes that Can Cause Knee Pain

A yoga sequence of forward bends to turn attention inward and increase flexibility.

Shallow knee bend on one leg

Stretches for the Knee

desk-stretch. To do the Standing Forward Bend ...

Knee pain relief - Dr. Axe

Instructions: Whilst standing, look down at your knees. If you have ...

Your patella rests in a cozy little home called the trochlear groove, sliding up and down within the “track” as you sit and stand, flex and bend.

... control stretch; 47. ANKLES AND FEET An often neglected area of ...

normal and abnormal q angle of the knee

The rotation within the knee is relatively easy to measure, but the functional varus-position is often quite subtle and not easily identified (ref. figure ...


Cruciate Ligaments

Runner's knee is preventable

When you bend your knees to squat, do your knees turn inward?

Lift the leg as high as you can without arching your lower back or leaning.

Knee Exercises to Strengthen Muscles around the Patella to Avoid Knee Pain - YouTube

15 Hip-Opening Yoga Poses to Help Stretch and Strengthen Your Hips

Hip Dysplasia: Recognising The Signs In Your Baby And Seeking Treatment

Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip - Delayed Walking and Other Baby Foot and Leg Problems

Photo diagram of woman's knees indicating two areas of knee pain

Parent walking a small child who may have bowlegs.