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I need this Helps to make some things a bit more wearable

I need this Helps to make some things a bit more wearable


I need this! Helps to make some things a bit more wearable!

Embr Wave first look: The wearable that hacks your body temperature Review

This wearable thermostat is here to help


The new iBeat Heart Watch raises the alert if your heart rate falters

And while the company's financials are downright troubling, it's still shipping more product than every other wearable company.

Here's One Way to Keep Wearables on Wrists: Subscriptions

Best fitness tracker 2019: the top 10 activity bands on the planet

Best and worst fitness wearables of 2016: The year of the second-gen devices

ADI's GEN II latest wearable VSM platform.

Samsung is one of the unequivocal leaders in regards to Android-compatible smartwatches, and while the Galaxy Watch Active may not be its most powerful or ...

Best Fitbit 2019: which is right for you?

Wearable Technology And Digital Healthcare Strategies Should Shift Focus To Chronic Medical Illness

Top 10 Healthcare Wearables For A Healthy Lifestyle. The Medical Futurist

As technology transforms our life and our health, and healthcare trends are changing, more and more wearable devices are being developed by innovative and ...

New Apple Watch May Be Part of the Future of Wearable Heart Devices

How reliable is your wearable heart rate monitor?


Whoop gives you high-level training data you won't find anywhere else.

Where the Versa Lite really shines is with its fitness tracking capabilities. Here's a quick rundown of just a few of the Versa Lite's best fitness features ...

The hi-tech successors to the mechanical pedometer could be just the nudge you need

The Wearables Giving Computer Vision to the Blind

Video: How to become an IoT developer Want to develop for IoT devices? Here are some tips on what to do to be successful.

10 things you need to know about the security risks of wearables

The problem with wearable tech gadgets such as the Galaxy Gear is that it quickly becomes

Some of the biggest names in technology have tried and failed to find success in the space, and even those that have become synonymous with the category ...

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Best fitness trackers

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Best smartwatch 2019: the top wearables you can buy today

Reimagine what a wearable can do. Bluetooth call, File storage, Music Control,

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Earlier Teslasuit team created own wearables classification (with infographics) to shed light on the diversity of wearables. As of now, wearables market is ...

Apple Watch Sales Soar To 8 Million In Last Quarter, Apple Owned 2017 Wearables Market

Activity tracker

The Ohnut on someone's finger. Courtesy of brand

Practical, legal and ethical hurdles: can personal data gathering in the office go mainstream?

The social factors that influence whether you'll use your wearable device

Verpro Smart Watch, Waterproof Fitness Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Wearable Oxygen Blood

photo of the fitbit wearable sleep tracker watch and the accompanying phone app

Best fitness trackers for 2019

Pick the right fitness tracker from the pile.

10 examples of the Internet of Things in healthcare

Which fitness trackers have the best battery life?

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What You Don't Know About Wearable Tech Radiation Exposure

Huawei's wearable OS could be great, but it doesn't fit this $230 smartwatch.

apple watch series 4. Apple is becoming the first wearable ...

How AI Takes Wearables to the Next Level

The rapid growth of wearable technology opens up many opportunities for future innovation.

The Best Fitness Trackers

CES 2018 gets serious about health, wellness and medical tech. With the slew of ...

Most newer smartwatches can stream music to Bluetooth headphones, making it easier to go on a run or a quick errand without your phone.

Best running watch 2018 with GPS heart-rate monitoring and more

The International Workshop on Sousveillance and Point of View (POV) Technologies in Law Enforcement

Fitbit will start tracking your period in an attempt to add more value to Fitbit


At 39 years old, Eric Isakson felt he was in the best shape of his life, but his heart told a different story. It was 11 a.m. when he looked down at his ...


Fitbit's new Charge 3 looks a lot like its predecessors. But it's what's inside that might make a difference.

A wearable AI device that helps you get to know yourself better.

Popularity of wearable ...

26 Fitness Trackers Ranked from Worst to First

Sweatshirts in the summer

The Fitbit, a modern wearable device

A variety of wearable fitness devices on display.

Samsung's range of wearables have almost always had a bit of an image issue. The Apple Watch, basically by virtue of the iPhone being the default choice for ...

11 reasons you need a smartwatch: From notifications to navigation

The 10 best cheap fitness trackers: the top affordable sport bands to keep you fit

Samsung Gear 2

More Colors

Make some time for the best smartwatch deals for June 2019

The mobile apps and wearable tech tapping into users' emotions to tackle depression and anxiety | Horizon: the EU Research & Innovation magazine | European ...

From smart lights to wearable airbags, the best cycling tech to keep you safe

Is your Fitbit wrong? One woman argued hers was — and almost ended up in a legal no-man's land.

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Plenty of wearables companies make health claims that are dubious at best. It's true that companies like Fitbit and Apple are getting a bit more serious ...

Fitbit Charge 3

Amazon working on first wearables to interact with Alexa

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Management of today's worker is fueled by data and wearable tech

Lively Mobile

The Mimo Smart Baby Monitor is just one of the next generation smart nursery products available on the market today. Suitable for children from birth to 18 ...