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I hope Shuri becomes a bigger character as the MCU goes on

I hope Shuri becomes a bigger character as the MCU goes on


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I hope Shuri becomes a bigger character as the MCU goes on! ‪‬

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In her original incarnation, T'Challa's sister got a pretty big ...


Shuri became Queen, and after taking part in the traditional trials, took the heart-shaped herb in defiance of the Panther god Bast–who rejected her–to ...

While most Marvel Cinematic Universe characters were confirmed dead or alive either by the end of the devastating Avengers: Infinity War or in the first ...

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Shuri (Letitia Wright), nerd girl genius of my heart, might be the Avengers's best hope yet. Marvel Studios

Letitia Wright's scene-stealing performance is inspiring. We think the creative minds behind the MCU will hand Shuri the mantle in a permanent fashion.

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Shuri takes the Panther mantle and it would help if you read some comics, I also don't know who you are and why you think I'm talking about you.

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It's clear that Marvel Comics believe Letitia Wright's iteration has already come to define just who Shuri is, and that they want their version to be as ...

SPOILER WARNING: I can't imagine anyone's left that doesn't know the ending of Avengers: Infinity War, but still, I feel compelled to throw up a spoiler ...

So... what I'm getting from this is that Shuri should be the Black Panther in Infinity War. Am I following this right?

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And again, the character you're looking for is RiRi Williams. I'd suggest educating yourself on these established characters.

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Shuri as Black Panther

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With news of a standalone 'Black Widow' film heating up again, we thought

Characters. S is for Shuri

The more I think about it, the more I adore this explanation for various character development reasons. Not only does it showcase Shuri's abilities once ...

Shuri becomes the new Black Panther . Shuri MCU

Kevin Feige has been fairly hush about future movies in Phase 4 (which starts with Spider-Man: Far From Home), but we've picked up on a few movies.