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Hubert Robert Roman View with Horseman Passing Through the Arch of

Hubert Robert Roman View with Horseman Passing Through the Arch of


245870v_0001.jpg. Hubert Robert. 1733-1808. Roman View with Horseman Passing Through the Arch of Titus

Hubert Robert | Roman View with Horseman Passing Through the Arch of Titus | Drawings Online

Hubert Robert. French 1733-1808.

Le Grand Escalier (The Large Staircase) by Hubert Robert

Imaginary View of Rome with Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius, the Column of Trajan and

European Art & Old Masters

Jean-Baptiste Greuze (French, 1725-1805) The Game of Morra, 1756

Imaginary view of the gallery of the Louvre as a ruin, by Hubert Robert (1796)


Great Fire of Rome (64 AD)

Hubert Robert - Sketch of an Imaginary Roman Building. Hubert Robert, c. Material pen and brown ink and brush and brown wash over graphite; framing lines in ...

hubert robert. “

Plate Four from Evenings in Rome - 1763/64 - Hubert Robert French, 1733


There are a few sketchbooks displayed in glass cases, including this one by Edgar Degas. The book was a gift of a friend for the artist to use during the ...

February 3–April 22, 2018

Fantasy View with the Pantheon and other Monuments of Ancient Rome

Hubert Robert | Sketchbook page - MONKS CONVERSING BY A ROCKY OUTCROP

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Plate Six from Evenings in Rome - 1763/64 - Hubert Robert French, 1733

Monuments of Paris. Artist: circle of Hubert Robert (French, Paris 1733-

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An 1815 illustration of the alleged tomb of Nero; actually tomb of proconsul Caius Vibius Marianus.

Study of Hands. Date unknown. chalk. 27.7 cm (10.91 in.) x 21.9 cm (8.62 in.). Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, Canada. Robert, Hubert.

Exterior view of the remaining walls of the monastery and conventual church, Rievaulx Abbey, Rievaulx, founded in 1132.

Hubert Robert, Imaginary View of Rome with the Horse-Tamer of the Monte Cavallo

Drawing Show in Massachusetts

Charles Michel Ange Challes (1718-1778), The Coliseum, Rome

Nicholas Roerich Museum New York

Autumn view with figure

A Stage Drawing for a Vast Interior with a Temple, c. 1803-1805

Aerial view, Fountains Abbey, Ripon, founded in 1132.

View of the Cotton Mill at Oissel, near Rouen. 1898. Oil on canvas. 65.3 cm (25.71 in.) x 81 cm (31.89 in.). Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, Canada.

Horseman Attacked by a Wild Boar

San Pietro in Vaticano

A view of Rambouillet castle

First built in 1576, the Globe theatre burnt to the ground in 1613. During

(From the picture by Daniel Maclise, R.A. By permission of the Council of the Art Union of London.)

Italian School, circa 1600. View of Constantinople

Napoleon, on the eve of the Battle of Borodino, presenting the portrait of the

My life: A record of events and opinions. London: Chapman and Hall. Volume 2.

A fully illustrated catalogue, edited by Jennifer Tonkovich, accompanies the exhibition. The publication features a series of essays by leading scholars ...

MALET Guy Seymour Warre (1900-1973) 'San Mamette, Lake Lugano'. Watercolour. Circa 1930. Studio stamp. Inscribed by the artist on the backing. 9x6 inches.

J.M.W. Turner's 1839 Modern Rome – Campo Vaccino (Royal Academy, London)

St Mary's a church that always reminds me of the one in George Eliot's Adam Bede.

The Peiraeus Athena

Hubert Robert "View of Saint Peter's Square in Rome through Bernini's colonnade", oil on canvas, 33 x 33 cm (detail).

Ystrad Fawr House


Sarcophagus and lid with husband and wife with two pairs of horsemen and foot soldiers in combat, 350–300 BC, Italian/Etruscan

View of the Roman Forum from the Capitoline Hill, Looking East

The Conspiracy of Claudius Civilis, 1661, by Rembrandt, depicts a Batavian oath to

The Great Fire at the end of September 2


Setting out on a day-long walking/subway tour of St Petersburg tells us two things–we're further north than we were in Moscow, and the calendar is marching ...

Lieutenant Richemont shakes down an Albanian horseman during the battle of Nicopolis in October 1798

Attributed to Alexandre-Jean Noël (French - A View of Place Louis XV -

Pink lights and Christmas trees on Waddesdon's north front


image romeconstantine'sarch03-143883F26522F93B596-thumb for term side of card

The Meeting of Henry the Eighth and Anne Boleyn. “

For a complete history of this notable building see the earlier report of the talk given by Lt. Col. Lewinski to the Circle on May 16th, 2014.

Plate 9: the Arch of Constantine to left, seen from the side

Rossetti of Volterra]

Hubert Robert – private collection. Title: Le pont sur le torrent. Date:

River Usk and the Bridge at Pont y Goitre

Hadrians arch in Athens

Ghent, a View of the Coupure

An Archaeologist's Collection

After the Wall Cartoon by W. Bell Scott. R.H.A., at Wallington. By. "

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MALET Guy Seymour Warre (1900-1973) 'Aldbury from Ashridge', Hertfordshire. Watercolour. Circa 1930. Studio stamp. Inscribed by the artist verso.

Oversize Civil War View by a Celebrated Lithographer.

P456-Author and Copiest writing.jpg

José Luis Rey Vila - Horseman, Work on Paper

In our rambles down Royal Street we passed an open corridor, with a view beyond of a blooming bit of parterre. She paused to look in.

View of the Roman Forum from the Palatine Hill, with the Arch of Septimius Severus to the west (left) and the Colosseum to the east (right)

The White Company, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle [A Lambertville Digital Library ebook]

A view of Mission San Juan Capistrano. At left is the façade of the first

Revelation 19:3 burning of city. Robert, Hubert.

Bust of Nero at the Musei Capitolini, Rome

ARR BEN MAILE (1922-2017) St Peter's, Rome

Hubert Robert

View of the Roman Forum with the Temple of Saturn in the Background, n.d.

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by Henry Elkerton and James McKinney

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