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How to Stop Being Irritated by that dog jackhammer or crazy party

How to Stop Being Irritated by that dog jackhammer or crazy party


Whether the noise is a barking dog, loud party or jack hammer, it is not the noise that bothers us, but the negative feelings that it brings up.

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Amidst the loud chaos of our daily life, Mom single-handedly raised three wild boys and a girl (before disposable diapers, instant dinners and automatic ...

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Free: make your most difficult resolution permanent, with these four concepts.


Why do female dogs hump - Nick Hof is on Animal Radio

Can dogs laugh? Is your dog laughing at you behind your back?

They may be cute, by dogs can cause neighbours to go head to head.

My first thought was that I had just done a terrible, irreversible thing. It was done; it couldn't be changed. I was a bit overwhelmed.

Photo Courtesy Patrick Danforth Photography

Morristown bar and neighbors: Difference between night and day? | Morristown Green

These People Are Really Not Pleased With Their Neighbors | NinjaJournalist

Let's talk about the dogs that show little interest ...

Beans, The Coast office mascot and embodiment of #beanyonce, turns 2 in human

Geezer doing his hound dog thing.

... the service animal is not allowed ...

Robotic puppy helps those with Dementia

In 2009 I got to experience something I'd only yet heard about from my clients: sciatica. Wow they weren't kidding. That thing hurt.

I keep posting these social justice graphics from Andrew Marlton and there is a certain political distance involved because he's writing about and ...

Sometime later, the “leave it” and the “bah” stopped working. More training. He was perfect with the trainer. He was perfect when I worked with him.

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The Weekend Jolt

This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you'd like to have with other readers, by popular demand. (This one is truly no work and no ...

MERCURY TALES -"Sans fleurs ni couronnes" - 7'' - MASS260

Our downstairs neighbour is a noise nazi, running out of options to be quieter. : aww

Motley has roused enough to bid you all welcome. Just keep the noise down.


Ziggy went with him, evenso they only barely just tolerated each other. Summer 2000 to 2/4/2015. Aged 14 yrs

Biggest pet peeve ever-learn to chew with your mouth closed people, you're not a child or animal. Flowcharts for People with Social Anxieties: Are you ...

Me and my git repo

Dog seized by city and sold on eBay

Capital Hills winter 2017-December

How close the two dogs were to my house, our bedroom, our bed:

Craft beer always a welcome sight anywhere in the world

XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer Concrete Breaker 2 Bits w/Carrying Case


WTF - Waders for dogs - Walkee Paws on Animal Radio

Basements, Basement Stair

The best way to make a trip to Italy better – with local craft beer


Nigel and Sola rejoiced, visiting with dogs and humans, smelling fire hydrants, stalking pigeons.


... in shelters and catteries.

The book opens with a title page that says: SOLUTIONS FOR A MISSING SHOE and shows her dog running gleefully away with a shoe in his mouth.

After Virginia Beach Shooting, a Quick Pivot to Squabbling About 'Silencers' and Trump's Golf Clothes

stop-barking-training-citronella-dog-collar-rechargeable-dog -barking-solutions-dog-barking-solutions-ozdingo.jpg?v=1543375223

Boyfriend and I adopted this runty rescue kitten. She purrs like a jackhammer and farts like a man.

Seriously, who would get mad at this guy?

Vetericyn Medicated Dog Shampoo



Recovering from Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Forget Me Not


Blue Self-Portrait

We are also on track to begin Phase 1 of the resort refurbishment which will start the end of June with floors 4, 5 and 6. When the board meets in October, ...

LA 5-31-73 press

#bitter #babymamadrama

Juju pimpin' it on the bed with her new siblings, Caroline (left), Lily (center), and a bit of Mowgli there at the bottom.

This would be a great book for Valentine's Day, not only because of i


Above is my sister.

A while later, I was working a few days a week as a bartender, and knocking down three or four gigs a week, and instead of pulling in a few hundred a ...

Juju in her new digs, with Pishi looking on in the background.

Building the future. Innovative municipal projects are tackling local housing problems worldwide.

Awaken to the Wonder of the Ever-Changing World Within You


if you're relaxed you'll experience higher dopamine levels

Auction Napa Valley 2011 took place June 2nd - 5th with four days of outrageous food and wine. Revana Family Vineyard was thrilled to be a part of ...

Happy Wednesday :)

Fieldwork transcripts are divvied up among team members

This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you'd like to have with other readers, by popular demand. (This one is truly no work and no ...


LA 5-31-73 Bonzo's Birthday Party (Radio World report)

Jack Hammer

Chris Perondi is on Animal Radio


Vetericyn Hot Spot Spray


... and Screen: Queer Chicana ...

CELIA FARBER – The Truth Barrier – journalist, author, and editor based in New York City, who grew up in Sweden and New York.


“..stop digging, you don't know what you might unearth…”

It was with these kinds of questions of sound and sonic whiteness on my mind (especially this question of who hears, who doesn't hear, and then again what ...


ATTENTAT SONORE "Turbulences" - LP or CD - MASS253