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How The Left Justifies Violence Against Speech YouTube Politics

How The Left Justifies Violence Against Speech YouTube Politics


A silhouette of a person using their phone in front of the Youtube logo.

Ben Shapiro on how liberals justify violence against conservative speakers | The Daily Signal

YouTube is banning supremacist content from its platform. Photo illustration by Sean Gallup/Getty Images Recode

YouTube cracks down on white supremacist videos and conspiracies, thousands of channels will be removed

The Guardian's view on free speech online: a messy compromise

Amid harassment complaints, YouTube says it will remove more white supremacist content

How The Left Justifies Violence Against Speech

Inside YouTube's hate speech minefield

YouTube's 'alternative influence network' breeds rightwing radicalisation, report finds | Media | The Guardian

YouTube / Getty / Aurich Lawson

Opinion Journal: YouTube's Censors


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YouTube to Ban Videos Promoting Extremist, Supremacist Views


A Brief History of YouTube Censorship

YouTube to ban 'hateful,' 'supremacist' videos

YouTube and Google win lawsuit in free speech battle over anti-Muslim film

YouTube says it will remove thousands of videos pushing far-right views | Salon.com

Illustration of pixelated Youtube logo inside EU flag

YouTube Declines to Ban Comic Over Homophobic Jokes. Here's Why That's a Good Thing. - Slog - The Stranger

YouTube being opened on a phone. Photo: Omar Marques/LightRocket via Getty Images

Illustration: Konstantin Sergeyev. Source images: YouTube; Runeer/Getty Images. Last winter, in what ...

Large image on homepages

YouTube's Algorithm Wants You to Watch Conspiracy-Mongering Trash

YouTube's latest demonetization scandal is nothing to get worked up over. Photographer: Michael Short

A man promoting conservative views was punched on the campus of the University of California,

Assessment: YouTube has carried out an in-depth review of its rules on hateful

When social media inspires real life violence | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 11.11.2018

YouTube videos for kids: YouTube's algorithms are harming a generation of children — Quartz

YouTube still struggling to remove hate videos, and to avoid recommending them to users | South China Morning Post

Alex Jones was just banned from YouTube, Facebook and iTunes. Here's how he managed to survive until now

YouTube Billboard Advertisement

'YouTube Islamist' Anwar al-Awlaki videos removed in extremism clampdown

YouTube's plan to fix hate speech failed before it even started

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Is the 'Intellectual Dark Web' Politically Diverse?

Buttigieg addresses race, criticizes rival Democrats at Las Vegas gala

Transcript: President Trump's State of the Union address 2019 (full text) - Vox

How to Break Silicon Valley's Anti-Free-Speech Monopoly

Silly YouTube, Don't You Know Making the Internet Nicer Is Impossible? | WIRED

Fighting continues

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Free speech vs. censorship in Germany

Inside the Right-Wing YouTube Empire That's Quietly Turning Millennials Into Conservatives – Mother Jones

How Social-Media Trolls Turned U.C. Berkeley Into a Free-Speech Circus

The Problem with Policing 'Hate Speech' Online

Facebook Has a Right to Block 'Hate Speech'—But Here's Why It Shouldn't

A 'political hit job'? Why the alt-right is accusing big tech of censorship

A screenshot of the video when restricted mode is turned off.

This very indeterminacy and reach is key to its existence, and its implications. Its dimensionality makes it difficult to grasp, or even to really think ...

Why YouTube's Biggest Star Can't Be Canceled

Likewise, the case of the “Keep Calm and Rape A Lot” tshirts (along with the “Keep Calm and Knife Her” and “Keep Calm and Hit Her” ones) is depressing and ...

Milo Yiannopoulos's book Dangerous. Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Should We Keep Politics Out of Sports?

YouTube channel 'Unpacked' aims to teach younger generations about Israel and Judaism

Themes · Hate speech and violence ...

Esta Soler: How we turned the tide on domestic violence (Hint: the Polaroid helped)

Jordan Peterson, a University of Toronto psychology professor turned influential YouTube philosopher, at an

Journalist, teacher get caught up in YouTube's struggles with hate speech

Momo Isn't What Parents Need to Worry About on YouTube

Extremist Imam Tests F.B.I. and the Limits of the LawExtremist Imam Tests F.B.I. and the Limits of the Law

Graph contained in Mark Zuckerberg's November 15, 2018 post titled, 'A Blueprint for Content Governance and Enforcement'

The smug style in American liberalism

A cropped in view of a video editor containing a scene from The Ben Shapiro Show

Session of the German lower house of Parliament, Bundestag, in Berlin, February 1


Mehdi Hasan

YouTube Is Finally Taking a Harder Line on Hate Speech. Is It Too Little, Too Late? | Vanity Fair


#TYT #TheYoungTurks #TYTnetwork

YouTube still struggling to remove hate videos, and to avoid recommending them to users | South China Morning Post

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki speaks onstage in February 2017.

Kafka 2.0: How Youtube's Political Censorship is Exercised

Susan Wojcicki, You Tube CEO, addresses the crowd at the annual Google I/O developer conference in Mountain View, Calif., on Wednesday, May 17, 2017.

Ilhan Omar with a video of Twin Towers burning on 9/11 - The Washington Post

Hate speech covers many forms of expressions which spread, incite, promote or justify hatred, violence and discrimination against a person or group of ...

Campus clash: Students battle over what constitutes free speech


Joe Biden's evolution on abortion, explained

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