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Hilarious Ted Talks for the Classroom Classroom Management Ideas

Hilarious Ted Talks for the Classroom Classroom Management Ideas


Students love these funny Ted Talks that also inspire and teach valuable lessons. Includes ideas for how to teach them in the classroom.

I've done a lot of Ted Talks with my students, but these four are the ones that have always been crowd pleasers. They are funny but still insightful ...

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Hilarious Ted Talks for the Classroom

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... The Hate U Give: Ted Talk Guide Sheets

Uma Adwani shares the joys of teaching math at TED@UPS. (Photo: Mary Anne Morgan / TED)

Watching a TED talk is like being able to pick and choose between all the best sessions at hundreds of different education conferences. You can be inspired, ...

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Check out the note someone left in a library book😁 Anyone ever leave something like

Rewarding students randomly for their behavior and achievements keeps them on their toes. They'll want to be on task just in case!

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The single, continuous classroom has no walls.


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The meme above went viral just a few weeks after Adam Savage said it on the popular science program Myth Busters. His off-the-cuff statement is funny, ...

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