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HealthyADHD posted to Instagram When you get really clear on your

HealthyADHD posted to Instagram When you get really clear on your


@HealthyADHD posted to Instagram: When you get really clear on your values, it's

@HealthyADHD posted to Instagram: If you have been officially diagnosed, I recommend finding

@HealthyADHD posted to Instagram: One of the things that my clients struggle with is how to respond when non-believers come at them.

@HealthyADHD posted to Instagram: I have felt shame for most of my life.

@HealthyADHD posted to Instagram: I have felt shame for most of my life. Most of us have shame… | A Dose of Healthy Distraction - The #ADHD Group Board

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Instagram Image by Craig Du Preez (@craigdp) with caption : "Perspective is

I choose self-love A #spring moment #Queens πŸ’« #NewYork ✨ #

Do you have ADHD? I'm curious to learn about this. Posts from @healthyadhd Reading some information,

@HealthyADHD posted to Instagram: I promise, life gets better when you practice Empowered

Dreams are strong at this time. The dreams I had through the night brought further clarity and healing

@HealthyADHD posted to Instagram: I don't often talk about myself as an

New blog post! 8 Things INFPs Need on the Job to Be Happy IntrovertDear.

Literally the most accurate description of motherhood I've seen yet. Cheers @unperfectparenting

Instagram Image by Craig Du Preez (@craigdp) with caption : "People will

@HealthyADHD posted to Instagram: I have felt shame for most of my life. Most of us have shame… | A Dose of Healthy Distraction - The #ADHD Group Board

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Anyone else get freaked out by making decisions? πŸ™‹πŸ» ♀ I'm torn between doing what I know and getting my work out there sooner OR taking time to learn ...

Again our ADHD got the best of our team, we totally forgot

I've seen my own child sabotaged by it, not to mention countless students. They key with perfectionism that really keeps people down is an inability ...

It's probably the biggest key to anyone's success in any field. You have got to know the people that surround you.

Real talk πŸ”₯ Post from @ubiquitousphire πŸ‰πŸπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Sure it's #admirable

10 SCW Oct2015_final

Funny that high% of the most beautiful, heartfelt hugs Ive received were from INTJs

One way to help your kids, or yourself, is to establish some key routines. It really helps to know we do 'this' on 'this' day.

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I recently joined a support group ran by @healthyadhd . πŸ’– It's great and I

β€œAs gifted instructional specialists, we need to get clear about our fears. Are you doing everything you can to advocate for the kids you teach?

A lack of self-confidence can feel like a real burden at times. A

13 days left for our puzzle piece campaign. $5 donation gets you a puzzle piece

What is emotional hyperarousal? Most people expect ADHD to create visible hyperactivity. This only

Do your research & educate yourself! πŸ“š. . . . . #livingwithadhd

Do you remember how to play and have fun? It's easy to loose that part

Instagram Image by Craig Du Preez (@craigdp) with caption : "Stay focused

I just dreamt about the death of my loved ones (turned out to be a

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It was very clear to me today that I am very much still recovering and getting back into the groove. Thank goodness for my running buddy because this was ...

Love Will Always Find You! πŸ‘‰ "I do not worry that love will not come to me. By embracing and nurturing the love I have within - the love of another will ...

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In order to change the reaction of the emotions we are feeling, we must first

Wow I took these months ago and deadass forgot I have an Instagram πŸ˜…#whoops #adhdproblems

2 ...

@HealthyADHD posted to Instagram: #adhdlife #adhd #adhdproblems #adhdmom #adhdwomen #personalg… | A Dose of Healthy Distraction - The #ADHD Group Board ...

You know what keeps me up at night? Those times when my kids are struggling and I can't figure out why. This is a simple list that will help you get to ...

I have a big fear of the unknown


You either WIN or you LEARN, there is NO losing! β€’ β€’ β€’ #

One of the first things I worked on with my coach was boundaries. Specifically,

Here's a fun way to work on self-regulation. Coping skills dice! These

Theres a certain kind of love you have for yourself when you work on your body

Hope your all having a beautiful Saturday πŸ’« It's time to drive back

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I loved watching/listening to the ADHD women's palooza last week! πŸƒπŸ» ♀ I heard a new

June 1 -Lakefield Arena @cottagecountrylifestyle June 9- All things handmade @picksandgiggles (this will be my first ...

Instructions Gather your mistakes, rinse them with honesty and self-reflection, let dry

If you have ADHD, you are most likely familiar with an ugly little something I

β€œCandy is loaded with sugar and artificial colors, which is a bad combination when it comes to children with ADHD who often need to follow an ADHD diet.

Sera Blanket ( @serablanket )

I try not to πŸ˜” #INFJ #intjfemale #infjlife #intjissues #infjtruths #

Stop wishing you felt better and start doing something about it.

This is so important! Following on from my

All things ADHD parenting


150 12 150 31 130 30 96 14 40 40 Abs: 63 36 35 25 25 PM: 73 Really focused through the cardio today. Watched my form.

@HealthyADHD posted to Instagram: I have felt shame for most of my life. Most of us have shame… | A Dose of Healthy Distraction - The #ADHD Group Board

Instagram Image by Craig Du Preez (@craigdp) with caption : "Its not

This right here πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ #targetmom #

Getting super clear on the future I am committed to creating through my research and teaching

How to Use Your Trampoline as the Ultimate ADHD Management Tool

Decisions are the hardest!! πŸ€” That said, once we can actually figure out

Reposting to bump posts already posted awhile ago but can be really handy ✌ #eotas #damianhinds #theresamay #ukmummyblogger #ukdaddyblogger #ukdadbloggers ...

Healthy Dash of Social x @britdefrankphoto content creation ⁣ ⁣ Our clients are busy running

Today is all about #workingmemory! I will post a video on Instagram tv later Β· healthyadhd

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Take your time when picking a partner, there's no rushπŸ’— β €β € β €β € β €β € β €β € It can take a while for the bravado to come down and to see the real person, ...

Recently, I had to reach out to our corporate accommodations department for help addressing some workplace issues directly resulting from my ADHD symptoms.


Here's a friendly reminder to breathe through your nose today! πŸ‘ƒ It's better for your

It's been, dare I say, weeks since I posted? This

Tfw you don't want to be rude, cuz you know they're just being nice, but you desperately wish the

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How have you demonstrated resilience recently? For me, I chose to ignore pestering thoughts

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Today's post is brought to you by @justpeachycomic We often forget that rest plays a

There really ain't any rules of engagement with this. You either roll right over your fear, or you let it make a ...

388: Dr. Ned Hallowell on Self-Esteem, Human Connection, and Finding Your Difficult β€” Nikki Kinzer

Some days I'm definitely more mighty worrier than warrior, (both sound a bit exhausting to be honest) but how can we curb the worry?

WE set the tone for our families. If we view ADHD as a positive, our children will too. The value of this cannot be underestimated in its importance to ...

13/100 10/59 20/6 20/6 30/11 15/30 15/40 19/30 Abs: 50 45 45 35 40 PM: 128 Getting that mid week extra effort! Was really dreading the power move ...

What You Should Know About The Flu Shot + (Natural Flu Shot Juice Recipe)

Important note on fidget spinners | (Check link in bio!) #randomwednesday #