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Have you come up against these common problems iPhones have

Have you come up against these common problems iPhones have


Phone problems? You might be able to fix them yourself.

We recently put together a guide that will show you what to do if your iPhone X battery life takes a turn for the worst. Some of these steps will take you ...

iPhone X Problems

iPhone 7 problems, bugs and glitches: All you need to know about the problems, issues and annoyances you might experience – and how to quickly fix them.

Tell You The Major Problems of iPhone 6

iPhone X

Apple iOS 12.1.2 is causing serious mobile data problems for users around the world

The iOS 12.3.1 download is getting stuck on some iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models. If this happens, you'll want to hard reset your device.

Apple has acknowledged a microphone issue affecting a limited number of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models running iOS 11.3 or later.

Have you ever discovered that your iPhone it warm to the touch? It's not common, but sometimes an iPhone can even get outright hot to the touch, ...

We get asked about this a lot. Your iPhone or iPad has been working just fine but now you can't plug your Lightning cable into it and get the phone to ...

Install iOS 12.3.1 for Better Security

Problems: Won't charge, charging slowly, or wireless charging not working. Quite a few people have ...

iPhone Battery Health explained: Why Apple throttles iPhone performance and how you can control it

Call Sound Issues with iPhone? 23 Tips to Troubleshoot & Fix iPhone Call Quality Problems

Have you come up against these common problems iPhones have?

Which iPhone Should I Get?

How to stop robocalls on iPhone and Android. Here are the ...

Tapping on delete brings up the standard app deletion interface, where you can confirm the app's deletion or select the cancel option.

Apple Face ID: Everything you need to know

Can iPhones get viruses? Here's what you need to know

Apple leak shows how it decides to repair or replace iPhones

No one wants a “cheap” iPhone

Early adopters of the iPhone XS and XS Max are reporting a number of issues with the phones, but the good news is that Apple seems to be responding swiftly.

If you've just installed, or are trying to install, macOS Mojave, you may be experiencing some issues. There are a few standard troubleshooting steps you ...

iPhone XS, XS Max charging problems: Strange issues surface on Apple's new phones

... the Galaxy S7 and larger S7 edge launched — followed a bit down the road by the rugged Galaxy S7 Active. They're great phones, and have sold in amazing ...

'Why won't my iPhone charge?': How to diagnose and fix common iPhone charging problems

... but there are some common problems #iPhone users have to deal with. https://www.celicious.com/blog/the-6-big-problems-with-apples-iphones/ ...

How To Fix iPhone 6 Plus Common Failure Issue - Everything You Need To know!

iPhone XS: 9 biggest annoyances and how to fix them

BERLIN, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 19: A shopper ltries out the new Apple iPhone 6

From email to banking, our smartphones are the main hub of our online lives. No wonder that smartphones are starting to stack up to computers as common ...

These two are the very basic and common problems that iPhone users face many times. The ways how could you manage these problems and get sorted are ...

iPhone pop-ups can be difficult or impossible to close without knowing the right tricks

iPhone battery replacement: How to tell if you need a new battery for your iphone

Repair iPhone in Singapore - Common Problems and Their Causes iPhones happen to be one of

iPhone's Face ID isn't perfect, but you can make it better

iPhone AirPods Disconnecting Calls? Sound Issues? Tips

iPhone 7 Gold

Apple isn't selling its own cases for the iPhone XR, and that's very strange

All About iPhone/Cell Phone Water Damage

Common Pokémon Go problems and how to fix them. What do you ...

How to Speed Up iPhone

When an iPhone won't charge, it's a big deal. I'm a former Apple employee, and during my time in the Apple Store, fixing iPhone charging problems was a big ...

There are a lot of ways that iPhones are secured from hacks – by default they're unable to download potentially malicious apps from non-App Store sources; ...

Performance is normal

What you'll see if your battery is OK. If your battery is worn out and in need ...

12 texting tips you didn't know the iPhone could do

Running into some issues with your Honor 8X? It's not unusual to have a hiccup or two even early on in your phone's life cycle. As good as the phone is, ...

Sony | Headphones Connect on the App Store

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL: 13 common problems, and how to fix them

Common iOS 12 Problems – A Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide

How to add iPhone X gestures to your Android phone

An Apple iPhone held next to a Huawei phone.

The biggest one being the ability to send and receive texts from your computer. And while these new features are ...

Credit: Apple

iPhone Screenshots

What you'll see if your battery is worn

iphone battery

Google fans are complaining about so many different Pixel 3 problems

How to fix a slow or frozen iPhone or iPad. How do you ...

Swollen iPhone battery. Even batteries that are ...

Common iPad problems and how to fix them

Refurbished iPhones: Everything you need to know about buying a secondhand iPhone | Expert Reviews

iphone xs max

MEMS gyroscope in the iPhone 4

Step-by-Step Tips to Set Up Your Kid's iPhone

11/9/18: Apple's low-cost iPhone will reportedly be available in short supply at launch due to "quality issues of assembly and display".

Apple iPhone 8 Plus (PRODUCT)RED 1st Photo Review: 7 Things You Need To Know

How to Fix a Water damaged iPhone?

Can iPhones get viruses? Although rare, your iPad or iPhone can be infected with malware. But you don't need a virus remover or cleaner to get rid of it; ...

iPhone 7 'Loop Disease' Is an 'Epidemic'