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HAHAreminds me of someone who is as dumb as a box of rocks and I

HAHAreminds me of someone who is as dumb as a box of rocks and I


HAHA...reminds me of someone who is as dumb as a box of rocks and I can't stand her! Stupidity is my pet peeve.

HAHA...reminds me of someone who is as dumb as a box of rocks and I can't stand her! Stupidity is my pet peeve. | personality types Meyers briggs | Intp ...

yeah it is, but being infuriated takes a LOT of your energy and time. If a person is stupid, no sense being right and infuriated - just don't waste your ...

Don't take me for granted, because unlike the others, I'm not afraid to walk away.


Backpack seller answers a question ...

It happens all the time

Ex Quotes, Sayings about your Ex Boyfriend, Ex Girlfriend (45 .

Kind of have feelings... But also kind of heartless... Balance is key.

They don't always go hand-in-hand.

Still stalking I see. I seriously hope your family starts to care and get you the mental help you desperately need!

Four months after launch, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 gets loot boxes - and they're awful • Eurogamer.net

funny cuz were trying to teach ryden the alphabet right now. LOL

Black Ops 4's loot boxes are called Reserve Crates, and cost 200 COD Points (£1.79) each. You can also gain reserve items through time played (you get one ...

“HEY! Shut up with those lies ya damn dirty sneakin' scientist!” : atheism

Today, I found out why we've had to replace 3 washing machines this year. My sister thinks that "huge capacity" means "load the washing machine until no.

In alcohol's defense I've done some pretty dumb shit while completly sober too Facebook: http://on.fb.me/Y86UBd Google+: http://bit.ly/10l37o8 Twitter: ...

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Black Ops 4 players have said the fact loot boxes are in the game is bad enough, but the way the loot boxes work feels particularly grubby.

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My girl Doris -

Reminds me of this

Here's one of mine.

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5 Lessons Learned from a List to Santa (All of Them Can Make You Money

Cuz, I love you I Smile, Make Me Smile

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EDIT: Here is my little "genius" (she does do some pretty dumb stuff.

Trying to get to my face Dumb And Dumber, Pets, Animals, Face,

first time play badminton for like 2 hrs! last time play in vj is like wad, 10 to 20mins?! wif waiyip yelling at me because of my radius =P


Post ...

... And this little one here is Myrtle (Not sure of the spelling!) Pretty girl right!

Welcome to Hollywood (bravotv.com)

Good morning.. This is the sum total of the rain so far

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You may have heard the joke about two men, Dave and Shamus, who are having a beer in their local pub. Shamus points out the window.

1000years.jpg ...

funny-jokes-and-quotes-for-facebook-inspirational-humari-chotti-jus-on-joke-of-the-day- one-youtube-twitter-and-facebook-will-j.jpg

The white person will tell them what game they are playing and promptly issue an invitation. To which your friend should say “I'm sorry, I'm an adult.

yeowch an paul (who took 5 pics of himself an dey all look e same so i refuse to upload onto mi blog.wasted one entire bolt of e batt la irrit shit ...

GT: ...


In case you missed this, link below(i.redd.it)

Batch Review Thread v2.0 - Page 3 - Flash Flash Revolution: Community Forums

00:46 ...

S.H.FiguArts Dragonball Z figures!!! [Archive] - Page 168 - Sideshow Freaks


What Did You Do To Your B7 Today?.. [Archive] - Page 150 - Audizine Forums


Don't take me for granted, because unlike the others, I'm not afraid to walk away. | QUOTES ♥ LOVE | Life Quotes, Love Quotes, Quotes


The trip was then proceeded to the next palace known as Puro Mangkunegaran. The thing about this palace, is that he is actually one of the kings nephews, ...



Greg Gives The Best Presents by unknownsister, 5 k, explicit. Drunk sex. “We can't have sex.” “Who says we can't?”

my contacts difference http://i.imgur.com/8OVl2wJ.jpg

Lol, don't know what Ariel's laughing at, but just seeing her laugh cracks me up, as always.

General Ed Rec pictures :) [Archive] - Page 4 - The Daft Club - Daft Punk Fansite

Haha! Reminds me of my husband.. Rage Comics, Have A Laugh,

i'll always remember this day! the last day of examsxzxz (: (:

masioc general: Funniest phrases/questions you've heard about your Subie part 397


Opinions are just like assholes - everybody has one and you should keep yours to yourself unless somebody asks to see it.

Everytime I see these I want to grab the pair of the guy who is driving the truck and tell him he's disgusting.


Get on my level


Haha..reminds me of guy in a white shirt that always yelled 'Ball'!! At the Rays games

When you write the book, hit me up and ...

Haha reminds me of ...

Eggs and sugar, someone needs to make a cake! Speaking of which, I must of lost the screenie, but had sittin in my tray. haha, reminds me of homer simpson.

Gee's handwriting - perfect for tattoos! Perfect, but I still won't get it tattooed unless he writes it on me.

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Sales of Steven Erikson's MALAZAN BOOK OF THE FALLEN pass 3 million : Fantasy

How a drone impacted airplane flight paths. (Gatwick drone incident - 2 July) : dataisbeautiful