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Gosamyr is a member of an ancient race of alien beings In line with

Gosamyr is a member of an ancient race of alien beings In line with


Gosamyr (Earth-616)

Gosamyr is a member of an ancient race of alien beings. In line with her

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... female called Gosamyr belongs to an unnamed race of alien beings. Her family was involved in textile manufacture, but her brother had dealings with a ...

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Gosamyr lists

Gosamyr lists


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New Mutants (vol.3) 1 cover.jpg


Admiral Dupen'th. extraterrestrial ...

Gosamyr GOSAMYR uncannyxmennet

Roberto da Costa.jpg

X-Men: Inferno

Though intended by the villain Spyder to infiltrate and destroy the New Mutants from within, Gosamyr rebelled and aided them, in return for their helping ...

Marvel X, X Men, Xmen

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They're a species of empaths, and the combination of his pureheartedness, fame, and the sheer, intoxicatingly sensual power of the Force in him makes them ...

After being shunned by his own race during his first appearance in Astonishing X-Men Vol 3 #40, he was recruited as a student after Schism and has been ...

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Gosamyr (Earth-616)

In other media[edit]

The Morlock of Gene Nation who joins the X-Men after Operation Zero Tolerance, Sarah was a member for only a short amount of time before disappearing during ...

Love Is A Battlefield0

Warlock Marvel Comic Books, Comic Books Art, Marvel Comics, X Men, Marvel

New Mutants (1983 1st Series) Mark Jewelers 70MJ

Son of Gladiator/Kallark he was sent to the school to learn more about his powers after destroying a portion of his homeworld Chandilar.


Armor - Hisako Ichiki from X-Men Gold Vol 2 #18 - 2018 Marvel

... a hit with the ladies ...

Masters of the Universe (1986 Marvel/Star Comics) 3

Descended from the Subruki, Zarstok, Kuli Ka, Cerise first met Excalibur in the final pages of issue #46 after deserting her of own races brutal army, ...

X Men 2018, Marvel And Dc Characters, Fictional Characters, Captain Marvel, Marvel

They welcome nearly anyone with great enthusiasm, sure, but especially him.

Gambit (comics) - Image: Uncanny X Men 266

... the New Mutants often found themselves grounded by Magneto but they still had one adventure after the other. When Lila Cheney was abducted by an alien ...

DM Gosamyr vy

Shatterstar Fantastic Comic Covers Comic Art Comic art and comic covers

Mad Special (1970 Super Special) 65

After being abandoned by their employer Gatecrasher, Technet became charges of Excalibur in #42 and China Doll, Bodybag, Ringtoss, Joyboy, Waxworks, ...

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Gateway (comics) - Image: Gateway genx 06 cbachalo

Cut off a limb, and two more shall take its place! We serve none but the Master—as the world shall soon serve us!

Armor - kiddoblivion.deviantart.com Xmen Comics, Marvel Fan Art, Joss Whedon


Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again (2017) 3A

Gaia (Marvel Comics)

Though not a mutant, he is classified as such by his race, as he refuses to absorb the life energies of others and doesn't comply to their edict of ...

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Magik (Illyana Rasputin) - Illyana, willing most of her armor to appear.



The character is Dax the Damned, who says, “I am a warrior. Nothing more than a pawn upon some supernatural board, in a timeless game of chess.

“full warlock piece from giant size zine! and ig my latest warlock design lol im constantly revising how i draw him.

New Mutants Vol.2 and New X-Men: Academy X

Outlanders (1988-1991 Dark Horse) 1

Rune (comics)


Marvel Age - Image: Marvel Age 01

Gordon (comics) Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Gordon (comics) At Popflock.com

There is very little focus on characterization during her run, and next to no development or change for the characters (aside from both Illyana and Dani ...


... monstrosity "shite" compared to Bob's "Smokey the Bear" variant? For SHAME, Horsenhero. I mean, you have your opinions... they just remain incorrect and ...

Originally a mutant and ward to X-Factor, Rictor joined the New Mutants after Inferno and later left to try to return Rahne to the fold after X-Tinction ...


New Mutants (1983 1st Series) 70

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Sunspot (comics) - Image: XMEN Sunspot Powerup


Hisako Ichiki/Armor/Powers-Psionic Exoskeleton Body Armor Granting Superhuman Skills, Concussive Energy Blasts, Skilled Combatant and Tactician

Originally joining X-Force in its transition from New Mutants, in return for their help in fighting his war, he eventually left in #70 to help Rictor ...


The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition Update '89 #3, September 19890

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Gosamyr ⟪WikiBook⟫

Power of the Atom (1988) 5

La respuesta que no sabía que quería: ¿Cuántos equipos ya habido de X-Men y quiénes los formaban?pic.twitter.com/eXOvaNph0H

Instagram post by Eric Canete • May 15, 2016 at 4:45am UTC

Amatsu-Mikaboshi (comics)

Hailing from the same future as her brother and fellow XSE member Lucas, Shard was afflicted with the Emplate infection so he had her essence transferred ...


Marvel Comics Character Names start with a letter "G"0

Inevitably a Magical girl either dies fighting witches or becomes one. And thanks to the way Kyubey works, there's no way to get out of being a magical girl ...

Rictor - Image: Rictor 002