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From the beginning of Apple Computing in 1976 to the release of the

From the beginning of Apple Computing in 1976 to the release of the


... 1976 as 'Apple Computers Inc.' 4. • Released ...

The Apple 1 Computer (1976)

Apple 1 Computer

Steve Wozniak's Apple I design was sold as an assembled circuit board and lacked basic features such as a keyboard, monitor, and case.

The Apple I• Released ...

The Apple I was Apple's first product, and to finance its creation, Jobs sold his only motorized means of transportation, a VW Microbus, for a few hundred ...

Apple III[edit]

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Living Computers: Museum + Labs Apple I, working and available for visitors to use

The Lisa and the Macintosh

Original 1976 Apple I computer in a briefcase. From the Sydney Powerhouse Museum collection.

Personal Computer, model Apple I

Jons and Woz


Description: In 1976, computer pioneers Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs began selling their Apple I computer in kit form to computer stores. A month later ...

Apple II computer and Steve Jobs


The ...

This Apple-1 Computer Cost $666 in 1976. Now It Could Sell for $650,000

Apple 1 Computer Apple 1 Motherboard, with label "Apple Computer 1 / Palo Alto

First Apple Computer Goes Up For Auction, Expected to Fetch More Than $300,000

Someone has bought an Apple 1 computer for an eye-watering sum of £371,000 (Image: Christies)

Xerox Alto. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Apple 1 was Apple's first product, and it was designed and hand-built by Steve Wozniak. Unlike other home computers available in 1976, the Apple 1 came ...

Apple-1 COMPUTER. Apple 1 motherboard, with label "Apple Computer 1 /

Evolution Of Apple Computers ( iMac ) 1976 - 2019

Steve Jobs Probably Spent 10 Minutes on This Piece of Paper. Today, an Auction House Thinks Someone's Going to Pay $60,000 For It

Today in Apple history: Apple-1 starts a revolution

The Apple-1 was originally modelled as a circuit board to be built on by computer enthusiasts Credit: RR Auction

Apple II computer system

An original Apple computer, now known as the Apple-1, which was designed

First Apple Computer 1976

IBM releases its PC Jr. and PC/AT

An Apple 1 computer, built in 1976, on display at the Computer History Museum

Apple I at the Computer History Museum Apple I

Apple's new iPadOS includes mouse support for iPads

Apple ][e

computer. Read More on This Topic

Apple Macintosh Classic Computer

An early Macintosh portable computer


Apple 1 from 1976 signed by Wozniak sells for $650,000

Apple Newton MessagePad 120

Mystery woman leaves 1976 Apple 1 computer worth $200,000 at California recycling center

Related Links. Apple III at Apple Retrospective ...

Apple I at the Computer History Museum

In the Beginning

My working original 1976 Apple I - finally I got it to run - Apple 1 in 2012 - YouTube

History[edit]. Introductory advertisement for the Apple I computer

1976 , Computing History Museum, Mountain View, California | by sirexkat

Apple's Latest Product The Imac.

American Icons: Apple Computer

Apple, Xerox and the one-button mouse

Apple-1 computer built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak sells for more than £560,000 | The Independent

Following the unexpected success of the first Apple computer in 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak immediately set about designing the sequel. By the time ...

Designed and hand-built by apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak,

[Nexon Computer Museum] Original Apple1 Working Video (Apple I 'Hello World') - YouTube

In 1976, one year after the release of the Altair 8800 PC, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs finished building the Apple I, a microcomputer that was based on the ...

1986 Macintosh Plus

Apple II

Apple I ...

Apple's first logo

1991 - PowerBook 100

Apple introduces the Lisa computer

1994 - Apple releases its first PowerPC-based desktop computers and notebooks.

The first Apple computer (1976) Is this true that it was in a wooden frame???

The Newton is Apple's first PDA brought to market, as well as one of the first in the industry. Though failing financially at the time of its release, ...

Apple overview• Since its beginnings in 1976 ...

The first Apple computer. Courtesy of Apple Computer, Inc.

In 2000, the Apple board removed the term “interim” from Jobs's CEO title, cementing his permanent return to the company he had co-founded.


Apple I computer

Apr.: Apple ][, the 1st PC with plastic case, color graphics, keyboard, & display, released for $1300: 4kb RAM, 1 MHz CPU, keyboard, sound, game paddles, ...

Apple-1 Sotherbys

On the Apple-1, it was necessary for the owner to supply a keyboard. A specific keyboard that Apple recommended to its customers was one made by Datanetics ...

Officially born in the garage of Steve Jobs' parents home in Los Altos, California, Apple Computer Inc. was incorporated as a company on April 1, 1976 as a ...


History of the Apple Computer.  From the beginning which was in 1976 through

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs

Major computer events in 1977. Steve Jobs with Apple ...

Computers from the 1980s

Apple-1 The first computer ever built by Steve Jobs in his garage just sold for £100,000

2006 MacBook Pro

Steve Jobs was obsessed with poets, and he and Woz both drew inspiration from one of the best, Bob Dylan. Any great folklorist will tell you that Apple's ...