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Fantastic article about riding aids to create the appropriate bend

Fantastic article about riding aids to create the appropriate bend


Fantastic article about riding aids to create the appropriate bend in the horse for riding a circle

How To Teach Your Horse to Bend

The more correctly you use your aids to communicate with your horse, the better he

The Riding Tree: Communication Through Aids

About Angela McLeod:

How to Fine-Tune Your Dressage Aids with Steffen Peters

How to Do a Flying Lead Change

When I teach clinics around the country, I find that many riders fail to get results as they train because they try to support their horses every step of ...

steffen peters the riders aids

Improve your horse's suppleness

If your horse has trouble staying straight down the centre line, or falls out on circles, try these simple exercises.

Paying attention to a horse's mental and physical development is an important part of Lisa Wilcox's

Riding a self-going horse—one who's responsive to your lightest aids—is

Riding aids

Remember Dressage is all about straightness and balance, so it makes sense that we put the work into our own body to create this also.

The Three-Second Solution: Putting Your Horse On the Bit

6 Leg Exercises To Help Improve Dressage Rider Leg Strength, including video on how to

Horse Listening

How to introduce lateral movements

The attachement ...

Anne Kenan's Easy Steps to Improve Your Horse's Topline

Image titled Do a Flying Lead Change Step 1

Flawless flatwork: Getting started

figure eight exercise


The Geometry of Rider Angles

When your aids are successful (come through) you will influence the horse to stop leaning or pushing against the left rein. The horse will suddenly accept ...

... aids are often confused. For leg-yielding, you place your leg one hand behind the girth in order to move the hindquarters as well.

Charlotte Dujardin and Windsor CDI3* winner Uthopia.

Great simple riding patterns for beginners or green horses!

Perhaps there is no single term in riding so used, so abused, and so confused as the expression: Half Halt! Most experts agree that the Half Halt is the ...

There are different degrees of collection, but in dressage it is first officially required at

An Icelandic horse moving swiftly at the tölt, a smooth four-beat, lateral


A driving seat.

The Role of the Seat and Leg -or how do I get my horse to go forward

7 Essential Aids For An Epic Canter Transition

Lunging mistake #7: the handler leaves his own circle line

Using the leg aid slightly behind the "neutral" position, to keep the horse correctly bent on a circle. Note the majority of the aids to turn are given with ...

George Morris speaks to auditors and riders at his Horsemastership Training Session in January.

Chris Hickey's Tips for Refining Your Aids


Lunging involves a handler working a horse on a circle. Although it looks easy, lunging is a skill that requires training and practice for both horse and ...

How To Train A Horse Without Force

How to build a trustworthy trail horse

rounder thanthe ideal

Are You Working on Developing Your Leg Aids?

A large part of riding problems are related to the natural crookedness of horses. Especially riders who practice hand dominated riding will encounter major ...

Like us, some horses are naturally more supple than others, but all horses can bend to a degree. When a horse lacks suppleness, he usually lacks bend around ...

A horse and rider at the canter

Even tacking up will help kick start your own warm-up by delivering vital blood

lunging a young horse with the correct bend and longitudinal stretch

A great test of a self-going horse is transitions. If he's

Thiess10 …

How to Ride First Level Leg Yields

Managing the Anxious Horse

This is what a judge looks for in a winning hunter performance: a completely relaxed

wild horses showing natural counter-bend

Optimizing Your Dressage Horse's Soundness from the Saddle

The function of the long back muscle is purely for forward movement, and not to carry a rider. This task falls to other groups of muscles that need ...

DIY Horse training aid (pool noodles) I want to make this in the summer and make my horses go through it!!

Whether you compete at dressage, do just a little bit of schooling or are just happy hacking out – bending and circling are a great gymnastic exercise for ...

Exercise 1: Poles in walk

Lungeing is a great form of exercise for your horse. Plus, 20 minutes of good work on the lunge is the equivalent of an hour's riding, so mastering this ...

The Horseman's Gazette – One Year Subscription

The rider's right direct rein bends the horse in that direction. It is supported by correct leg aids, with the inside leg at the girth and the outside leg ...


Connecting With Your Horse in the Round Pen

Routines for Balanced Horse, horse arena routines, jec aristotle ballou, arena diamond,

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Hackney horse performing its typical high-stepping trot during a driving competition.

It is important for riders to understand the physical effect that their aids have directly on the horse's body as a whole, and realise that incorrect aids ...

How To Bend Your Horse Correctly. "

IT band Stretch

Edward Gal and Glock's Undercover.

The difficulty is that all the above steps have to be executed seamlessly within the space of one or two strides. In addition, it may be necessary to apply ...

Then the rider really will be able to ride the horse, influence him, exercise, bend and model him. The horse is said to be 'in front of the rider's legs'.

A Hanoverian cantering during a dressage test

Why did Jessica McNutt lose amateur status? Jessica McNutt speaks out against Equestrian Canada,

Create a Trail Riding Survival Kit

Your outside rein can then become an active actor in the movement by either limiting how far the horse can step outwards (as in stopping a leg yield from ...

3 Ways You Are Ruining Your Transitions from Trot to Canter

Work on a circle, cantering over the middle of the poles as you reach that part of the circle. Your horse should maintain rhythm and bend, and canter the ...

How can I teach my horse to round and collect? | aprilreeveshorsetraining

Balance & the Aids

Eye Exam

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5 Steps to Prep for the Horse Show Test